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Cavendish Update 10/28/08

This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

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The Cavendish Update Contains

1. Cavendish Board of Water Commissioners Meeting: Low Bidder Defaults
2. Medieval Castle at the Golden Stage Inn Haunted House: All invited
3. November Cavendish Calendar

1. Cavendish Board of Water Commissioners Meeting: Low Bidder Defaults
At the Oct. 27 Water Commissioners meeting, Rich Svec, town manager, provided an update on the construction phase of the water filtration project. On October 8, four companies submitted bids to complete the final phase of the construction of the water filtration project. The companies were as follows:
• Daniels Construction $221,400
• Wright Construction $302,623
• Penta Corp $317,800
• Infrastructure Construction $353,000

Daniels Construction not only had the lowest bid, but also has been doing work on the water filtration project, making them the first choice. However, after submitting the bid, Daniels withdrew it due to omissions in cost projections. When asked to provide a revised budget, costs increased to $281,000, and were not provided in the timely manner requested by Svec. Unfortunately, Daniels is considered to have defaulted on their bid and will not be eligible for this project.

The town can call in the bid bond, five percent of the cost of the project, posted by Daniels when they submitted their proposal. This would provide the town approximately $11,000. The Board voted unanimously to seek the bid bond funds as the default by the company has created a number of costly problems for the town.

The town has $246,500 budgeted for the construction phase, which is well below all of the bids submitted, including the revised projections by Daniels Construction. Further, the connection of the second well, which produces significantly less water than the town’s primary well, but has very clean water, is considered an important component of the new filtration system. The connection cost, approximately $30,000, was not part of the $246,500 budget. This means that the actual shortfall is closer to $75,000.

Svec suggested that the town do the project “in-house,” hiring a construction manager. Using a local bid process to hire different companies to do the various aspects of the project, the town would also use some of its own crew for digging trenches for piping etc. A number of those in attendance voiced concern over this approach. Among the issues raised were liability and taking town crew away from other necessary town projects, potentially creating problems elsewhere. More than one community member present thought the approach would be “penny wise and pound foolish,” meaning that it might save some money initially, but there was a real possibility that it could end up costing the town even more money than going with one of the current bidders.

A discussion followed about how the shortfall could be met. Suggestions were made about the town borrowing money from itself-using funds set aside for the renovations and expansion of the town office-to seeking grant support.

The Water Board has decided to have a special meeting with the state to see what direction they would recommend.

2. Medieval Castle at the Golden Stage Inn Haunted House: All invited
Once again, the Golden Stage Inn is hosting their annual haunted house on Oct. 31, Halloween night; from 5-8 pm. Innkeepers Peter and Sandy Gregg have been hard at work on some special projects including taming the Proctorsville Dragon.

The Golden Stage Inn is listed as “one of 74 best places to sleep with a ghost.” Whether or not “George” will make an appearance in his traveling cloak and large brim, some other interesting characters will. This is a free community event and should not be missed. Lots of treats and goodies are for all those who venture into the Inn. FMI: 226-7744

3. November Cavendish Calendar
If you have an item you would like posted on the November Cavendish Calendar, please submit to margoc@tds.net by Oct. 30. Please note that the Calendar will be posted on Nov. 1 and there will be no posting of the Cavendish Update on Friday, Oct. 31.

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