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Cavendish Update 6/26/09 Photo Winners/Solar group/Events

This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

The 6/26/09 Cavendish Update Contains
1. Cavendish Photo Contest Winners
2. Sustainable Cavendish: Grid Tie Solar Group
3. CHS Annual Plant Sale
4. West Coast Swing Dance Coming to Proctorsville

1. Results of the Cavendish Calendar Photo Contest
This year's Cavendish Photo contest was spectacular! The winners of the judged contest are Allyssa Ripley's “Book Leaves”in the 5 to 12 age group category with Mathew Palmer's “Good View” as the runner-up, Chris Palmer's “Historical Society” in the 13-18 age group category with Sonja Skalecki's “Darkness Falls” as the runner up, and Sandra Russo's “The Standoff” in the adult category. Congratulations! Please come to the Crows Bakery on Depot st. to collect your prizes.

Thank you to the judges for their keen eyes and expertise!

The community voted for the photos to match each month of the calendar and the following ones were chosen, although many commented on the difficulty of the task, given the wonderful selection of photographs to choose from.
January – “Ice Cave” , Quarry Rd. Proctorsville, by Wendy Regier
February –“Mountain Mama and Her Foal” Stevens Rd. looking towards little Ascutney by Ginger Wilk
March – “from the Farmhouse”,Riford farm off 20 Mile Stream Rd. by Jackie Hubbard
April – “Black River”, Gulf Rd. by Jon Owens
May – “Memorial Day” Depot St. Proctorsville by Martha Mott
June – “Green Godness” Goldfish pond on 20 Mile Stream Rd. by Ellen Parrish
July – “The Standoff” Ting's farm in Cavendish by Sandra Russo
August – “Good View”, Chubb Hill Rd. in Cavendish by Mathew Palmer
September – “Tracks of Tranquility” Densmore Rd. by Gail Verheyen
October – “Twenty Mile Stream in Autumn” Twenty Mile Stream at Davis Rd. by Richard Svec
November – “Birches on Tierney Rd” Cavendish by Svetlana Phillips
December – “Oh What Fun” South Reading Rd. Cavendish by Hans Schrag

“Owl in Owens Yard” from Cavendish is the cover photo by Winston Churchill. Last but not least, “The Ham”, a photo taken at the Johnson Farm on Hoey Road was voted Best in Show. Thanks to all who contributed to the contest. If you would like to pick up your photo it will be at Crows Bakery in July.

There was some confusion expressed this year about wether the photos were supposed to be just landscape or could they include people and animals. We have expressed our desire to see photos that show our surrounding landscape in it's great variety, but the photo may include in that landscape animals, historic buildings and persons. The less landscape a photo shows, the less likely it will be for it to represent any given month in the calendar.

The calendar is made possible by our local business sponsors and by the CCCA. Sponsors include - Castle Hill - Commercial Radio - Timothy Mott, Builder - Beacon Pest Control and Chimney Care - RDB Marketing - The Village Clipper - Cavendish Game Birds - Cavendish Canine Camp - Six Loose Ladies - Solar Store - Chittenden Bank - Raymond James - Singleton's - Mack Molding - Mary Ormrod's Feldenkrais - Crows Bakery

2. Sustainable Cavendish: Grid Tie Solar Group
Sustainable Cavendish, a committee of the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA) is forming a group of Cavendish and Proctorsville homeowners who are interested in “Grid Tie” or “On-Grid” solar.

“Grid tie” solar is an easy way to take advantage of the sun, while reducing or even eliminating your electric bills. Solar panels collect the sun and convert it to DC energy. An inverter converts the DC power to AC power making it usable for the home and the grid. The utility meter records the amount of power you produce or use. Any power not used at home is fed to the grid. Called “net metering,” the power you generate during the summer, can offset bills in the winter.

There are many advantages to such a system:
• There are no batteries so maintenance is minimal to none after the installation
• The system qualifies for state and federal incentives (you pay a lot less)
• Flexible so you can go bigger if you need to
• Longevity: The system will last for 25+ years
• Clean air replaces the need for the burning of coal or “nukes”
• It increases the value of your home. For every $1,000 you save in energy costs, the value of your home is increased by $20,000

To make this grid tie solar as affordable as possible, Sustainable Cavendish is exploring a number of options including bulk purchasing and studying what other towns are doing. One example is Plymouth (New Hampshire) Area Renewable Energy Initiative. Not only do part time staff and volunteers tour members’ homes to do energy audits and provide them with ways to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency, they have “energy raisers,” whereby they work collaboratively to install solar systems. You can learn more about the Plymouth program at

If you are interested in being part of this new initiative by Sustainable Cavendish/CCCA, please contact Karen Wilson at or 802- 226-7494.

3. CHS Annual Plant Sale
If you ask anyone in Cavendish where their beautiful hostas, and other perennials come from, chances are good they will tell you at the annual Cavendish Historical Society plant sale. They might also add, “you wouldn’t believe how cheap they were!”

In 1979, Craig and Pat Rankin retired to Cavendish, VT from Long Island, NY and quickly became involved with the Historical Society. Like most small non-profits, money was an issue. Pat made a variety of crafts, including jams and jellies, while Craig tried refurbishing old furniture and other items he picked up from the “dump.” Being a landscape architect, Craig decided that he could probably raise a lot more money by transplanting plants then repairing a chair. Thus was born the Cavendish Historical Society’s Annual Plant Sale.

When inquiring when these sales started, there is a vague response, “sometime in the 80’s.” For well more than 20 years, people try to arrive as early as possible, some even arriving the night before, as Craig would be unloading hundreds of plants in front of the Museum building on Route 131.

With the death of Craig Rankin in 2008, the plant sale torch has been passed to his granddaughter Elizabeth Rankin and Pieter Van Schak.

As part of this year’s annual plant sale, a bench will be dedicated to Pat and Craig Rankin in the same area where the plant sale is held.

Part of the Cavendish Historical Society’s Old Home Day celebration on July 4, the plant sale begins at 8:30 am in front of the Museum. The dedication of the Rankin Bench will be at 9:30, with activities on the Cavendish Green getting underway around 10. This year, there will be a special games feature starting at 11 for kids and families. The Cavendish Fire Department will also be hosting a chicken BBQ. At noon, the Winston Churchill Retrospective opens at the Stone Church, also on Main Street and in close proximity to the Museum and Green. The Churchill Retrospective continues on Sunday July 5 from noon to 4. FMI: 226-7807 or

4. West Coast Swing Dance Coming to Proctorsville
Beginner West Coast Swing Dance Lessons will be held in July above Crows Bakery and Opera House in Proctorsville. The dance lessons will take place on:

July 11 (Saturday) 7-8 pm
July 19 (Sunday) 7-8 pm
July 25 (Saturday) 7-8 pm

No partner required. Cost is $10 a lesson per person, $5 for students 18 and under. Music will be blues, funk, pop or hip hop. FMI: 226-7736

Friday, June 19, 2009

6/19/09 Cavendish Update Theft/Events/Classifieds

This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

The 6/19/09 Cavendish Update Contains
1. Canoe Stolen in Cavendish
2. Classifieds
3. Be Creative and Express Yourself at the Cavendish Library
4. Cavendish Historical Society Trip to Old Sturbridge Village
5. Winston Churchill Retrospective
6. Cavendish Historical Society Blog

1. Canoe Stolen in Cavendish
Reward is being offered for the return of our 16 foot, red, fiberglas Old Town canoe stolen from our property in Cavendish. An additional reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of person or persons responsible for stealing the canoe. Pete and Dot Ramsdell 226-7870

2. Classifieds
• Kenmore Dyer for Free. Call: 226-7820

• Free Plants-Perennial Swap: If you have a garden wish list or “volunteers to share,” contact Mercury Ripley who has organized a local plant database. She can be reached at 226-7933 or

3. “Be Creative” and “Express Yourself” at the Cavendish Library
Once again, the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library is participating in the state summer reading program called “Be Creative@ Your Library. The program will feature an open ended ongoing art program where patrons of any age are invited to come in any time and make an art project. The materials will be changed every few days. Along with the art table, there will be specific art days such as “Tie Dye Day” where patrons can bring in a T-shirt or other item any time during the day and dye it, and “Henna Tattoo and Hair Streak Day” where patrons can come in for washable hair streaks and tattoos at any time.

Children participate by coming to programs, if possible and by reading for 15 minutes 35 times. Anyone completing the program will win a prize. The prizes will vary from an iPod shuffle to funky pencils and other cool things. There will be a special prize for the person who reads the most.

Family events will include two “drive in theatre” nights on July 18 at
8:30 and August 8 where the movies “Yellow Submarine” and “Clash of the
Titans” respectively, will be projected on the back of the library and
patrons can bring chairs or blankets and sit outside to watch it. There
will also be an end of the season barbeque on August 12 at 6:00 where
master of “Stuntology”, Peter Burns, will perform. For more information
or to sign up for a program, please contact Kata at 226-7503.

Mark your calendar:
7/7/09 Stuffed Animal Slumber Party- Drop off your animals by 6:00 PM

7/18/09 Family Program 8:30 PM “Drive in Theatre” “Yellow Submarine”

7/21/09 Tie Dye Day

7/30/09 Hair Streaks and Tattoo Day

8/06/09 Summer reading program reading records due

8/08/09 Family Program 8:30 PM “Drive in Theatre” “Clash of the Titans”

8/12/09 End of summer barbeque and Peter Burns 6:00

4. Cavendish Historical Society Trip to Old Sturbridge Village
The Cavendish Historical Society is sponsoring a trip to Old Sturbridge Village on Saturday, September 19th. Cost is $43 a person, which includes roundtrip bus, gratuity and entrance to Old Sturbridge. Price is based on 55 people so book your reservation early. Tickets will be on sale at Cavendish Old Home Day-July 5- and at the Museum on Sundays from 2-4 pm. Payment is due prior to August 1, 2009. For reservations contact Sandra Russo 226-7398 or email

5. Winston Churchill Retrospective
Considered by many of his peers as quite possibly the greatest American gun engraver of all time, Winston Churchill was born on a farm in Cavendish Vermont, where he still practices his artistry today. This farm was given to his ancestors for their service in the Revolutionary War.

With a love of wildlife, Churchill grew up artistically talented painting, drawing whittling their likeness in wood, and finally with a set of professional set of tools, carving

Joining the Navy did not diminish his interest in art. Churchill carved delicate and varied designs of ship insignia bas-relief into mahogany plaques, which were then cast in bronze. Fascinated with engraving, he sought out examples of work by other engravers and eventually found employment with Joe Fugger who was with Abercrombie and Fitch in New York. It was here that Churchill learned the fine European techniques, eventually leading to more opportunities to learn additional engraving styles and techniques from other masters.

One of Churchill’s specialties is his realistic treatment of animal and bird scenes. These serve to illustrate his obsession for accuracy and detail, which he is famous for.

In addition to his talent as an engraver, Churchill is also a sculpture and a photographer. On July 4 and 5, there will be a retrospective of Winston Churchill’s work, primarily featuring his photography, at the Old Stone Church in Cavendish VT. The show, sponsored by the Cavendish Historical Society, will be from noon to 4 pm both days.

The Churchill Retrospective is part of Cavendish Old Home Day, which begins at 8:30 on July 4 (Saturday) with the annual Plant sale in front of the Cavendish Historical Society Museum. Games, vendors and a chicken BBQ, take place on the Cavendish Green, a short walk from the Museum, starting at 10 am. The Stone Church is in close proximity to the Cavendish Green, also on Route 131, or Main Street.

6. Cavendish Historical Society Blog
Want to know about upcoming events, or are interested in some aspect of Cavendish history? The Cavendish Historical Society has started a blog not only to let people know about what CHS is doing but also to invite people to share their memories and information about Cavendish. You can go directly to or use the CHS website and select calendar/upcoming events.

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Cavendish Update 6/12/09 H20/Events/Transfer St

This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

The 6/12/09 Cavendish Update Contains
1. Select Board Meeting
2. Upcoming Events
3. Great deals at the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library this summer!
4. Cavendish Community Fund Awards Three New Grants
5. Healthy Choices Quilt
6. Transfer Station Beautification
7. Summit Soapworks Seeking Artists

1. Select Board Meeting
At the June 8 Select Board meeting, the following items were discussed:
A. Water
The new filtration system is starting to show water quality improvement in many areas of town. This is largely due to the reduction of iron in the water. It was anticipated that the iron levels would reduce quickly, which has been the case. The manganese (Mn), was projected to take 7-8 weeks for significant reduction. To date there has been a 20% reduction down to 1.7 mg/L. This is still well above the FDA standard of 0.05mg/L. The Health Advisory issued by the Vermont Department of Health remains in effect until levels are brought down to standard. The Health Advisory issued October 2006 states the following: “The Cavendish Public Water System has concentrations of manganese which exceed the Environmental Protection Agency and Vermont Department of Health lifetime Health Advisories of 0.3 mg/L. In 2005 and 2006, the levels of manganese in the Cavendish system were 2.5 mg/L and 2.1 mg/L, respectively.

Manganese is an essential element. However, most of the manganese needed on a daily basis comes from the food we eat. Long-term consumption of high concentrations of manganese in drinking water may cause adverse neurological health effects. Children and people with liver disease are more susceptible to the health effects of manganese. If you have specific health concerns, consult your doctor.”

Town wide flushing will take place later in June. Richard Svec, town manager, hopes to have the dates for the flushing, as well as recommendations for home pipe cleaning, by mid June.

B. Cavendish Historical Society
• When the pipes were being laid for the new water system, the electric line to the Stone Church in Cavendish was cut. The town has dug a trench for the new line. CVPS wants the meter off the pole, but because the Stone Church is an historic building, it can’t be placed there. There was discussion about refilling the trench until issues with CVPS and the electrician are finalized. The Historical Society would like this resolved as soon as possible as the Winston Churchill Retrospective will take place at the Stone Church the weekend of Old Home Day July 4-5 from noon to 4 pm.

• CHS explained how allocated town funding is used for building maintenance. Since 1973, CHS has received $2,000 per year for this purpose. Last year, the total building costs were $3,167. This year, the town voted to reduce the customary $2,000 to $1,800. To date, CHS has already spent close to $2,500 to make repairs on the Museum Building. The anticipated cost for the year is about $5,000. CHS pointed out that they do not have the funds to provide the upkeep on the many historic buildings and war memorials. The Select Board asked that CHS prepare a report on the needs and bring it back to them at a later date. CHS has agreed to do this and plans to discuss this with the Planning Commission, as the Town Plan recommends, “Provide management and protection guidelines to insure the conservation of cultural and historic resources.”

• CHS asked the Select Board to address the issue with the Proctor Cemetery, which is accessed from Main Street. While a survey has been done, which gives the town the right of way, the owner of the property keeps the access road blocked. Given that summer is a time when many people visit the town looking for genealogy information, and want to visit the graves of their ancestors, this is a problem that needs resolution sooner rather than later. Svec indicated that the current owner does not agree with the town survey about the access road. To that end, the Select Board has scheduled a site visit prior to their next meeting and plans to send a letter to the property owner asking them to demonstrate why they think the survey is incorrect. The owner will have 30 days to respond to this request.

C. Yard Sales and Junk Yard Ordinance
There is an increasing number of what appears to be permanent yard sales in the various towns. Svec indicated that the Town Office is receiving calls about this. There was a discussion of whether this is covered under the town’s Junk Yard Ordinance, which appears not to be the case.

2. Upcoming Events
June 13 (Saturday): The Cavendish Town Elementary School PTO is having a community sale which will include all kinds of items from new & unique to used & practical. It will be held at the school from 8:00 a.m. to 3 p.m. Rain or shine. The gym will be available if it rains. 10'x10' space is still available to rent for $20. Contact Tracy Churchill for more info at 226-7758 or 226-8106. Come and see what's for sale and support the Parent Teacher Organization at CTES!

June 17 (Wednesday): The CTES 6th grade graduation will be held at the Proctorsville Park at 6:30 pm or at CTES gym in case of rain. According to the Search Institute, a big part of helping youth become responsible citizens and healthy, caring adults is that they sense the support of a caring neighborhood and that their community values youth. Show your support and honk on the way by the park if you see the graduates!

June 17-20 (Wednesday-Saturday): ITS TIME TO CAST YOUR VOTE! The 2009 photo competition has brought in an awesome array of photographs showing our landscape, our historic buildings, animals and more. Now it's time to select your favorite photos for next year's Cavendish Community Calendar. The Photographs will be on display in the Cavendish Town Elementary School from 3 to 6 pm Wed-Friday and 1-4 on Saturday. Voting is open to all Cavendish residents, full and part time.

July 4 (Saturday): Cavendish Old Home Day, events are as follows:
8:30 Annual Plant sale opens on the Museum Green
9:30 Dedication of the Craig and Pat Rankin Bench in front of the Museum
10:00: Cavendish Green will include a variety of booths, food sales, Chicken BBQ and more
11:00 Games for children and families on the Cavendish Green
Noon: Winston Churchill Retrospective opens at the Stone Church

July 5 (Sunday): The Winston Churchill Retrospective continues at the Stone Church from noon until 4 pm. FMI: or 802-226-7807

3. Great deals at the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library this summer!
The Cavendish Fletcher Community Library is pleased to announce the availability of two free or discount passes to area attractions. The first is the Vermont State Parks Pass. It entitles up to eight people in one vehicle to free entry to any Vermont State Park. The second pass is to the Echo Center on the Burlington waterfront. It allows up to five people to get into the Echo Science Center at a highly reduced rate. Both passes are available free of charge at the library circulation desk as are thousands of books and hundreds of DVDs and VHS tapes.

4. Cavendish Community Fund Awards Three New Grants
The Cavendish Community Fund announced today the award of three grants for education, music and dance in Cavendish this summer. The first grant, to Fiber Arts in Vermont, Inc. will sponsor a class at the Six Loose Ladies fiber arts store on Depot Street in Proctorsville. The class will be taught by Alice Vogel of Alstead, NH and will challenge participants to redesign, repurpose and generally to wake up their imagination to create something new from something old. Students bring in gently used clothing and embellishments, contribute the articles to a pool of items, and in turn each student is allowed to select items from the pool to create a completely new and uniquely original garment. The class will be offered this summer free of charge at a time to be announced by Six Loose Ladies.

The second grant, to the Cavendish Fletcher Community Library, will help fund the annual summer concert series on the Proctorsville Green. This is the fourth year of the concerts, but the first year in which the Library sponsors them. The concerts will be held on consecutive Wednesday evenings beginning July 15th. Exact times and performing artists will be publicized in the local press.

The third grant will enable Ashley Hensel-Browning and Rebecca Salem to explore choreography and yoga in a summer session with Cavendish Children at no cost to their families. Classes will focus on encouraging children to educate themselves exploring dance and choreography as art forms and participating in active art making. A Friday family day will allow students to incorporate their families into their learning. Hensel-Browning and Salem have both worked as teachers in their fields for several years, with studios in Springfield and Chester respectively. Hensel-Browning recently completed teaching a series of workshops on dance and choreography at the Cavendish Town Elementary School. FMI: Barbara Dickey at (802) 226-7187.

5. Healthy Choices Quilt
During the school year 2002-03, the CTES students all participated in creating a quilt where they drew pictures on 12"x12" squares of fabric showing what they thought were healthy choices for their lives. They created beautiful works depicting them dancing, playing sports, and eating healthy. Under the leadership of Doris Eddy, Ann Stewart, and Paulette Martel, volunteers spent several nights sewing the quilt together until there was one huge quilt representing over 100 CTES students versions of healthy choices.

The students who are now high school seniors were then in the 6th grade and the present 6th graders were then in kindergarten. Since the students who are represented on the quilt will all soon be gone from CTES and the quilt just sits in a closet, we decided to give it new life. The PTO will sell the individual squares for $20 each and use the money to help with the playground improvements. To receive your child’s quilt square ( sometime this summer) please contact Martha Mott at 226-7092 or

6. Transfer Station Beautification
Norma is beautifying the Transfer Station and is looking for donations of flowers. She also has given new life to some old birdhouses and birdfeeders and would appreciate donations of birdseed. Please take items to Norma or Bill at the transfer station during their regular hours of operation.

7. Summit Soapworks Seeking Artists
Summit Soapworks at 106 Main Street in Ludlow is owned by Proctorsville resident Craftspeople & artists can place their work on consignment at Summit Soapworks Gift Shop. Summer Hrs: Open Wed & Fri 11-5, Thurs 11-6, Sat 10-5 and Sun 10-4. By chance on Tuesdays. FMI: 802-228-4900 or

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Cavendish Update 6/5/09 SB Agenda/News

This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

The June 5, 2009 Cavendish Update Contains
1. Cavendish Related News
2. Wallet Found
3. Cavendish Historical Society Museum is open for the Season
4. Proctorsville Community Luncheon
5. 2010 Cavendish Calendar Photo Contest Extended
6. Cavendish Business Directory
7. Select Board Meeting Agenda June 8

1. Cavendish Related News
The Ludlow Select Board voted unanimously to let voters decide a proposed zoning bylaw change that would allow a fast-food restaurant with a drive-thru window.

• Ludlow Farmers Market Open from June 12-Oct 9: The Ludlow Farmer’s Market will be open at 4 pm every Friday, rain or shine, in front of Okemo Mountain School.

• The Cavendish Community Library’s Artist of the Month for May is Patricia Burleson

2. Wallet Found
A wallet was recently found on High Street and turned into the Cavendish Post Office. If you are missing one, please stop by the Post Office.

3. Cavendish Historical Society Museum is Open for the Season
The Cavendish Historical Society Museum opens this Sunday, from 2-4 pm. This year, the Historical Society will be focusing on the 1930s. Come see the new 30’s exhibit. FMI: 226-7807 or

4. Proctorsville Community Luncheon
The monthly Community Luncheon will be held Thursday, June 18, at 11:30 am at St James United Methodist Church, Main Street, Proctorsville. The menu will include home-baked beans and franks, Paula's coleslaw, copper penny carrots and hot rolls. We'll have cupcakes for dessert. As always, coffee, hot tea or lemonade will be offered. A suggested donation of $3.00 for seniors or $4.50 for those under 60 years of age will help us continue to provide these delicious lunches.

5. Cavendish Community Calendar Photo Contest Extends Deadline
The deadline for submission for photos for the Calendar contest has bee extended to June 10 (Wednesday). All photographs should be submitted to the Town Office before the close of business. FMI: 226-7736

6. Cavendish Business Directory
The Cavendish Historical Society is preparing the 2009 Cavendish Business Directory, which will be distributed at Old Home Day and will appear in PDF format at the CHS website. The directory includes businesses that are owned by Cavendish/Proctorsville residents and/or are businesses that are located within the township. If you would to add your business, or change how you are currently listed, please contact Margo no later than June 15. She can be reached at 802-226-7807 or If you are not sure if you are listed, please download a copy by going to

7. Select Board Meeting Agenda for June 8
The Select Board will meet on June 8, 6:30 pm at the Town Office in Cavendish. The agenda will include the following:
• Update on water filtration project.
• Follow-up on the Southern Loop/Coolidge Connector Project and proposed alternate access location using Quarry Road.
• Update on developments and activities pertaining to the Proctorsville Curb and Sidewalk Project including project start up.
• Town Manager to update Select Board on the possibilities for highway grants especially
regarding an application for replacement of TH Bridge #21 on Greenbush Road
• Continue discussion of identity theft prevention policy
• Consider letter from property owners Brian Veysey and Robin Priebe pertaining to the
Proctorsville canal which abuts their property.
• Continue discussion regarding VTrans correspondence pertaining to inspection of pipe and wire crossings for municipal utilities along State-owned railroad such as that which runs through Cavendish.
• Update on response to the letter to the Green Mountain Railroad regarding storage of used, waste and stockpiled materials in the village areas.
• Continue discussion on parking ordinance including prohibition of parking on sidewalks.
• Consider draft of the FY 2009-2010 municipal wastewater system budget
• Town Manager to discuss road gravel procurement with the Board