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Cavendish Update 6/26/09 Photo Winners/Solar group/Events

This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

The 6/26/09 Cavendish Update Contains
1. Cavendish Photo Contest Winners
2. Sustainable Cavendish: Grid Tie Solar Group
3. CHS Annual Plant Sale
4. West Coast Swing Dance Coming to Proctorsville

1. Results of the Cavendish Calendar Photo Contest
This year's Cavendish Photo contest was spectacular! The winners of the judged contest are Allyssa Ripley's “Book Leaves”in the 5 to 12 age group category with Mathew Palmer's “Good View” as the runner-up, Chris Palmer's “Historical Society” in the 13-18 age group category with Sonja Skalecki's “Darkness Falls” as the runner up, and Sandra Russo's “The Standoff” in the adult category. Congratulations! Please come to the Crows Bakery on Depot st. to collect your prizes.

Thank you to the judges for their keen eyes and expertise!

The community voted for the photos to match each month of the calendar and the following ones were chosen, although many commented on the difficulty of the task, given the wonderful selection of photographs to choose from.
January – “Ice Cave” , Quarry Rd. Proctorsville, by Wendy Regier
February –“Mountain Mama and Her Foal” Stevens Rd. looking towards little Ascutney by Ginger Wilk
March – “from the Farmhouse”,Riford farm off 20 Mile Stream Rd. by Jackie Hubbard
April – “Black River”, Gulf Rd. by Jon Owens
May – “Memorial Day” Depot St. Proctorsville by Martha Mott
June – “Green Godness” Goldfish pond on 20 Mile Stream Rd. by Ellen Parrish
July – “The Standoff” Ting's farm in Cavendish by Sandra Russo
August – “Good View”, Chubb Hill Rd. in Cavendish by Mathew Palmer
September – “Tracks of Tranquility” Densmore Rd. by Gail Verheyen
October – “Twenty Mile Stream in Autumn” Twenty Mile Stream at Davis Rd. by Richard Svec
November – “Birches on Tierney Rd” Cavendish by Svetlana Phillips
December – “Oh What Fun” South Reading Rd. Cavendish by Hans Schrag

“Owl in Owens Yard” from Cavendish is the cover photo by Winston Churchill. Last but not least, “The Ham”, a photo taken at the Johnson Farm on Hoey Road was voted Best in Show. Thanks to all who contributed to the contest. If you would like to pick up your photo it will be at Crows Bakery in July.

There was some confusion expressed this year about wether the photos were supposed to be just landscape or could they include people and animals. We have expressed our desire to see photos that show our surrounding landscape in it's great variety, but the photo may include in that landscape animals, historic buildings and persons. The less landscape a photo shows, the less likely it will be for it to represent any given month in the calendar.

The calendar is made possible by our local business sponsors and by the CCCA. Sponsors include - Castle Hill - Commercial Radio - Timothy Mott, Builder - Beacon Pest Control and Chimney Care - RDB Marketing - The Village Clipper - Cavendish Game Birds - Cavendish Canine Camp - Six Loose Ladies - Solar Store - Chittenden Bank - Raymond James - Singleton's - Mack Molding - Mary Ormrod's Feldenkrais - Crows Bakery

2. Sustainable Cavendish: Grid Tie Solar Group
Sustainable Cavendish, a committee of the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA) is forming a group of Cavendish and Proctorsville homeowners who are interested in “Grid Tie” or “On-Grid” solar.

“Grid tie” solar is an easy way to take advantage of the sun, while reducing or even eliminating your electric bills. Solar panels collect the sun and convert it to DC energy. An inverter converts the DC power to AC power making it usable for the home and the grid. The utility meter records the amount of power you produce or use. Any power not used at home is fed to the grid. Called “net metering,” the power you generate during the summer, can offset bills in the winter.

There are many advantages to such a system:
• There are no batteries so maintenance is minimal to none after the installation
• The system qualifies for state and federal incentives (you pay a lot less)
• Flexible so you can go bigger if you need to
• Longevity: The system will last for 25+ years
• Clean air replaces the need for the burning of coal or “nukes”
• It increases the value of your home. For every $1,000 you save in energy costs, the value of your home is increased by $20,000

To make this grid tie solar as affordable as possible, Sustainable Cavendish is exploring a number of options including bulk purchasing and studying what other towns are doing. One example is Plymouth (New Hampshire) Area Renewable Energy Initiative. Not only do part time staff and volunteers tour members’ homes to do energy audits and provide them with ways to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency, they have “energy raisers,” whereby they work collaboratively to install solar systems. You can learn more about the Plymouth program at

If you are interested in being part of this new initiative by Sustainable Cavendish/CCCA, please contact Karen Wilson at or 802- 226-7494.

3. CHS Annual Plant Sale
If you ask anyone in Cavendish where their beautiful hostas, and other perennials come from, chances are good they will tell you at the annual Cavendish Historical Society plant sale. They might also add, “you wouldn’t believe how cheap they were!”

In 1979, Craig and Pat Rankin retired to Cavendish, VT from Long Island, NY and quickly became involved with the Historical Society. Like most small non-profits, money was an issue. Pat made a variety of crafts, including jams and jellies, while Craig tried refurbishing old furniture and other items he picked up from the “dump.” Being a landscape architect, Craig decided that he could probably raise a lot more money by transplanting plants then repairing a chair. Thus was born the Cavendish Historical Society’s Annual Plant Sale.

When inquiring when these sales started, there is a vague response, “sometime in the 80’s.” For well more than 20 years, people try to arrive as early as possible, some even arriving the night before, as Craig would be unloading hundreds of plants in front of the Museum building on Route 131.

With the death of Craig Rankin in 2008, the plant sale torch has been passed to his granddaughter Elizabeth Rankin and Pieter Van Schak.

As part of this year’s annual plant sale, a bench will be dedicated to Pat and Craig Rankin in the same area where the plant sale is held.

Part of the Cavendish Historical Society’s Old Home Day celebration on July 4, the plant sale begins at 8:30 am in front of the Museum. The dedication of the Rankin Bench will be at 9:30, with activities on the Cavendish Green getting underway around 10. This year, there will be a special games feature starting at 11 for kids and families. The Cavendish Fire Department will also be hosting a chicken BBQ. At noon, the Winston Churchill Retrospective opens at the Stone Church, also on Main Street and in close proximity to the Museum and Green. The Churchill Retrospective continues on Sunday July 5 from noon to 4. FMI: 226-7807 or

4. West Coast Swing Dance Coming to Proctorsville
Beginner West Coast Swing Dance Lessons will be held in July above Crows Bakery and Opera House in Proctorsville. The dance lessons will take place on:

July 11 (Saturday) 7-8 pm
July 19 (Sunday) 7-8 pm
July 25 (Saturday) 7-8 pm

No partner required. Cost is $10 a lesson per person, $5 for students 18 and under. Music will be blues, funk, pop or hip hop. FMI: 226-7736

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