Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The following information was received from a resident of Depot Street in Proctorsville this afternoon:

Thought I might use your contacts to send out an alert for the town. We had Catalytic converters stolen from two cars parked in front of our house last night. So I guess our converter thieves are back and in our town right now. Please let everyone know to keep an eye out.

We have contacted the Vermont State Police and learned that this is an isolated event. Until recently, the metal from the converters was worth quite a bit of money, and so it was worth the risk for some criminals to steal and sell them. Since the price of metal has dropped recently, there has been a significant reduction in this type of crime.

When asked how to prevent this type of crime, the State Police said the only safe measure is to keep your car in a locked garage. Using a battery operated Sawzall; the criminal can cut through the metal and be on their way in short order. There is one product being marketed called Cat Clamp

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