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Cavendish Update 4/17/09 Earth Week Schedule

This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

The Cavendish Update Contains
1. Chester union school budget heads back to voters
2. Cavendish Earth Week

1. Chester union school budget heads back to voters
Rutland Herald April. 13 2009 By Josh O'Gorman
CHESTER — Residents within the Green Mountain Union High School District will have another opportunity to approve or defeat its budget.

During Thursday night's meeting, the Board voted unanimously to adopt a budget of $5,508,073 for fiscal year 2009-10, which is identical to the current budget.

In March, residents defeated a proposed budget of $5,596,902, an increase of $88,829 or 1.6 percent. While residents in Cavendish approved the budget, residents in Andover and Chester did not and the budget was defeated by a 94-vote margin, 519 to 425.

Board Chairman William Bourque said the $88,829 in reductions will come from savings from a new fuel oil contract and cuts in maintenance, foodservice and long-term substitute teachers. While the board did not have exact amounts for those cuts Thursday night, they will be available prior to the budget information meeting at 7 p.m. May 4 in the school auditorium.

Residents will vote on the budget the following day, May 5.

Board members said the defeat of the budget had less to do with the amount of the budget than hard feelings toward the school.

"There's poisoned information, bad information, that people are spreading about the school," said board member Arunas Jonynas.

One audience member recounted an information meeting in Andover in which people were citing statistics about the school that were five to 10 years old.

The board will apparently take a similar approach to the vote as the Springfield School District is taking next Tuesday. The board discussed mailing an informational postcard to voters, as well as telephoning voters to target those who did not vote in March.

Board Vice Chairwoman Alison DesLauriers was confident Thursday the cuts will convince voters to pass the budget.

"It would be unbelievable to me to put out a level budget and not have it pass," she said.

Board member John Colemen said the budget had a greater chance of passing than it did on Town Meeting Day, when residents went to the polls to vote on items not related to the school.

2. Cavendish Earth Week
Earth Day is April 22 (Wednesday). In keeping with this event, a number of businesses and organizations in Cavendish have been working since January to bring a full week of sustainable living and renewable energy workshops to Cavendish. All of the activities are free and will be held at the Cavendish Town Elementary School in Proctorsville, with the exception of kite flying/Skystream on Wednesday afternoon and the Sustainable Living House Tour on Sunday. In addition, the Cavendish Update will be running a series of articles next week that tie in with the workshops. Below is a schedule of events

April 20 (Monday): Depression Era Sustainable Housekeeping Tips (Clean Green for Cheap) Sponsor Cavendish Historical Society 6:30-8 PM. FMI: 802-226-7807

April 21 (Tuesday): Patrick Parenteau, Professor of Law and Senior Counsel in the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Clinic of the Vermont Law School, will speak on the impact of climate change in Vermont. Sponsor Cavendish Community & Conservation Association (CCCA) 6:30-8 :00 PM FMI: 802-226-7093

April 22 (Wednesday): Earth Day -Windy Wednesday Celebrate all things related to wind power. Kite flying and demonstration of various wind devices, including a Skystream. 1-3 pm at Fletcher Field off of Route 103 in Proctorsville/Ludlow. In the event of bad weather, the Skystream will be parked at the Cavendish Solar Store on Route 131 in Cavendish.
• Sustainable Energy Panel Sponsor Cavendish Solar Store. 6:30-8 PM FMI: 802-226-7093

April 23 (Thursday): Gardening, composting, recycling and local foods. Sponsor Cavendish Community & Conservation Association (CCCA) 6:30-8 PM FMI: 802-226-7093

April 24 (Friday): Movie Night-The 11th Hour Sponsor Cavendish Fletcher Community Library 6:30-8 PM FMI: 802-226-7093

April 25 (Saturday): Sustainable living in Cavendish
• Sustainable building and landscaping with Calabrese Architects. Bring your questions, including photographs.
• Tax Incentives for sustainable living and renewable energy
• Group Net Metering.
• Sustainable Living Vendor display
• Food by WAWWE
Sponsored by USA Solar Store, Cavendish Community & Conservation Association, Cavendish Historical Society, Calabrese Architects, and Cavendish Solar Store. 10-2 pm at the Cavendish Elementary School. FMI: 802-226-7093

April 26 (Sunday): Sustainable Living House Tour. Meet at the Cavendish Solar Store on route 131 in Cavendish at 1 pm. Please carpool where possible. 802-226-7093

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