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Cavendish Update 5/8/09 School closed/SB Agenda

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The 5/8/09 Cavendish Update Contains
1. Press Release on closing of GMUHS & OIL on 5/8/09
2. Select Board Meeting Agenda for 5/11/09
3. Cavendish Related News
4. Auditions for The Cavendish Community Theatre
5. Classifieds
6. Spring Cleaning

1. Press Release on closing of GMUHS & OIL on 5/8/09
Three schools in the Windsor Southwest Supervisory Union canceled classes on Friday as a precautionary measure following the receipt of an unspecified threat. Green Mountain Union High School and Chester-Andover Elementary, both in Chester, VT, as well as the Opportunities in Learning program in Cavendish, VT, were impacted by the closings.

On Thursday evening, May 8, a staff member received an electronic mail message referencing possible harm that may come to individuals at the high school during the following day. Chester Police officials were notified and an investigation began immediately. The decision to close three of five supervisory union schools on Friday was made after Windsor Southwest Superintendent, Dr. Joan Paustian, collaborated with Chester Police and district personnel. Chester-Andover Elementary was included in the closures due to its close proximity to Green Mountain Union High School on Route 103 South. With transportation for these two schools suspended for the day, the Opportunities in Learning Program, in Cavendish, was also directly affected.

School officials indicate closing school was a necessary step to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff. Dr. Paustian explained, “When there is even the potential that our students are at risk, we will act accordingly; and we’ve done so in this case.”

Chester Police Chief Richard Cloud reports the individual responsible for the electronic communication has been identified. As the subject is a minor, the name is being withheld. Chief Cloud indicated, “…the investigation is on-going. We are unable to comment further, however no further threat exists regarding this matter.”

Normal operations for all three schools will resume on Monday, May 11.

2. Select Board Meeting Agenda for 5/11/09
The Cavendish Select Board will meet on Monday at 6:30 pm in the town office. Items on the agenda will include:
• Update on water filtration project construction progress.
• Follow-up on the Southern Loop/Coolidge Connector Project from last meeting and discuss proposed alternate access location using Quarry Road.
• Update on developments and activities pertaining to the Proctorsville Curb and Sidewalk Project including bid results and award for the Construction General Contractor and project start.
• Consider identity theft prevention policy (draft distributed to members last meeting)
• Consider elimination of the second constable position
• Discuss parcel map update work and consider proposal from Cartographics Associates regarding software for full utilization of the mapping data
• Discuss VTrans correspondence with specific regard to inspection of pipe and wire crossings for municipal utilities along State-owned railroad such as that which runs through Cavendish.
• Review draft of a letter to the Green Mountain Railroad regarding storage of used, waste and stockpiled materials in the village areas.

3. Cavendish Related News
Towns approve GMUHS Budget

CVPS Plans for Vermont’s Energy Future

Residents debate zoning change: Fast Food drive thru in Ludlow

4. Auditions for The Cavendish Community Theatre
Once again the Cavendish Players will be performing. The play is scheduled for August 22 and 23rd at the Cavendish Inn Barn. A casting call will be held on Thursday Mary 21 at 7 pm at the Cavendish School in Proctorsville. Residents, as well as second homeowners, 12 or older, are encouraged to participate in the play. Assistance is also needed with sets, props, and other non-acting positions. If you can’t make the audition, don’t hesitate to contact Sandra. FMI: Sandra Russo 226-7398 or

5. Classifieds
• Looking for a small couch, desk, two chairs. Call 226-7204

6. Spring Cleaning
Looking for ways to green up your spring-cleaning, consider the following:

Web resources
From Trash to Treasure (good links for recycling things like eyeglasses, prom dresses and electronics)

The Vinegar Institute

• Planet Green (Treehugger) :

Consumers Report

Greening Clean Net

• Donate to the Black River Good Neighbor Tag Sale taking place the weekend of May 15-17. Bring donations to Fletcher Farm’s Barn located at 611 Route 103 S, between Tuesday May 12th and Thursday May 14th between the hours of 11am to 3pm.

• The Cavendish Transfer Stations provides a variety of ways to recycle, including clothes, shoes, stuffed animals and other fibers. Putting worn out and stained clothing, sheets etc. in the “red shed,” not only keeps these items out of a landfill, but SEVCA makes money from this project, which in turn helps to support local residents who may be in need of fuel assistance, housing etc.

• The Cavendish Historical Society is holding a tag sale as part of its Old Home Day activities. Booth space is $5 for Cavendish residents and second homeowners. FMI: 226-7807 or

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