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Cavendish Update 8/7/09

This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

The 8/7/09Cavendish Update Contains:
1. Cavendish Related News
2. Events
3. Sustainable Cavendish: Adult Education for “Green Employment”
4. Duttonsville School Reunion

1. Cavendish Related News
Police Investigate Homemade Pipe Bomb Blast in Cavendish

Eagle Times Owes $5 Million

VT/NH Post Offices Spared U.S. Cutbacks

Ludlow Armory meeting hears variety of use proposals

2. Events
August 10 (Monday): Select Board Meeting, 6:30 pm at the Town Office.

August 20 (Thursday): Monthly luncheon, 1:30 am at St James United Methodist Church, Main Street, Proctorsville. This month's luncheon will consist of cold platters of meat and cheese and sandwich fixin's, along with corn chowder and brownies for dessert. Coffee, hot tea or lemonade will be available. A donation of $3.00 for seniors or $4.50 for those under 60 years of age will help defray the cost of the food for this event. Visitors are encouraged to attend - come and bring a friend!

3. Sustainable Cavendish: Adult Education for Green Employment
Southeastern Vermont Community Action (SEVCA) will host a pair of weatherization certification training programs later this month. SEVCA is teaming up with the Vermont Technical College to hold two weatherization training sessions at the organization’s main office located at 91 Buck Drive in Westminster. The first program runs Aug. 24 through 26 and the second runs from Aug. 31 to Sept. 2.

The first session received funding through the Workforce Education and Training Fund; so eligible participants can attend the training free of charge. The later class is offered at the standard rate of $430 per person.

According to SEVCA Micro-Business Training Coordinator Guy Payne, this is a partnership between the nonprofit and the college in creating different levels of certification for weatherization installers. "The number of weatherization and home energy contractors in Vermont is growing, as is the need for trained and certified personnel capable of properly installing weatherization measures," said Payne. Officials say the training program is designed for entry level field technicians, who can improve the state’s weatherization workforce in the future.

There are no prerequisites for the sessions, but a good foundation is a knowledge of basic math, construction practices and hand power tools.

For more information or to apply for the training sessions, residents can contact Dana Storer at 802-728-1313 or Additional information is available at for interested applicants.

Additional resources for “green” job training include:
Job Training & Unemployment Assistance - User's Guide to Economic Recovery Resources

Efficiency Vermont/Building Performance Institute (BPI): Trains insulation, building, remodeling, heating and cooling and other contractors to become certified Home Performance with ENERGY STAR contractors. Note that this training will be held in a central location this fall. Persons who are interested should go to the website and fill out the questionnaire to determine if this program would be a good fit for them.

Center for Sustainable Practices at the Vermont Technical College: Offers trainings throughout Vermont for those interested in energy conservation, renewable and alternative energy

4. Duttonsville School Reunion
For over a100 years, the Duttonsville School served the town of Cavendish. In addition to its school function, the building was used for town meetings, plays and other activities as the basement contained a stage, kitchen and auditorium.

After the waters receded from the flood of 1927, the school hung over a cliff. Using horses and oxen, the building was moved on rollers several hundred feet back to a safer location. The building still sits on this location.

During the 1950’s, there was a heated campaign to consolidate all of the grade schools in Cavendish and Proctorsville into one school building in Proctorsville. Despite many meetings, votes and defeats, a new school for the Cavendish Township was finally dedicated in 1960. Duttonsville School remained opened for 12 more years, but eventually closed in the early 1970’s.

One of those most opposed to the school merger was Mary Churchill. Interestingly, Mary Churchill’s son, Dan Churchill, purchased the Duttonsville School in the 1980’s and turned the building into his home and business. Even though he has updated it considerably, the integrity of the school remains, right down to the dent in the banister from a student who fell down the stairs.

The Cavendish Historical Society is holding a reunion and open house at the Duttonsville School on August 23 from 1-5 pm. Churchill will be giving tours of the old school house on the half hour. This event is open to all. People are encouraged to bring their photographs and other memorabilia to share. The school is located on the Duttonsville School Road, just off Main Street (Route 131) in Cavendish.

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