Thursday, October 22, 2009

SPECIAL NOTICE - Cavendish Municipal Water System - October 2009

The Iron and Manganese Removal System Is Working and Meeting or Exceeding Target Levels

The good water system news is that the manganese removal part of the new filtration system has now fully
kicked in! The levels of manganese going out into the distribution system in the past few weeks has been very
low and is averaging at about the 0.05 mg/liter level which is at the MCL (maximum contamination level) set
as a secondary standard by the EPA and Vermont Water Supply Division. We have already had several days
where the levels of manganese going out of the plant were below detection level and the system effectiveness
continues to improve. As you already know, the iron level has been reduced to well below the MCL (0.3
mg/l) since May and is now steadily below the detection level. Undoubtedly, you as a consumer have noticed
the remarkable difference. This also means that we are now cleaning the distribution system to purge the
water mains and storage tanks and to help speed the turn over to water at the target level of quality throughout
the system.

Last Tuesday, a professional underwater cleaning contractor cleaned both the Cavendish and the Proctorsville
water tanks. This removed the sediment on the tank bottoms and any mineral build-up on the walls and
fittings. This means that we are now ready to conduct system wide flushing.

The Cavendish municipal water system will be conducting flushing activities throughout the system Monday, October 26 through Wednesday, October 28 , 2009 between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Users are advised to take the normal precautions with regard to use of municipal water while flushing
activities are occurring in your neighborhood. You should be aware that on this particular occasion of
flushing we are, for the first time, using totally filtered water in our system and that this is a very important
flushing activity to help rid the system piping of residual iron and manganese which may be lining the water
main pipes.

System users are reminded that:
Flushing hydrants may cause temporary discoloration and turbidity of the water. We apologize for any
inconvenience to our users, however this very important system maintenance procedure must be conducted
at this time. The flushing program allows the pipes to be purged and the hydrants checked for proper

Users are advised to avoid drinking the water or washing clothes (especially whites) while discoloration
is in evidence.

Following hydrant flushing in your area, users should run cold water until it clears before resuming
normal use. The best procedure is to first run an outside spigot or hose bib until the water clears. Next
run water at a sink on the first floor level, again until the water clears then flush toilets and run other
sinks until they too are clear. If your house or building has upper levels, run sinks and flush toilets on
those upper levels also until they clear. It is strongly urged that you flush individual water heaters or
boiler water heating units after the household water is cleared. If you run the hot water line at your
sink or tub full force and some discoloration is still experienced, it indicates that the water heater unit
needs further purging.

This flushing should very much help to “turn over” the system water and should result in better quality water
at your tap, in your bath and in your food and beverages. We hope that you enjoy the improved water that we
are now supplying.

Thank you for your cooperation and for your patience while we were working on the system improvements.

For additional information you may call 226-7291

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