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Cavendish Update 12/11/09 Almanac/Support/News

This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

The 12/11/09 Cavendish Update Contains
1. Support the Cavendish Update this Holiday Season
2. Cavendish Almanac
3. Give the Gift of Cavendish
4. Cavendish Related News
5. CHS: Follow the Young Historians on-line
6. The Cavendish Town Elementary School Snow Sports Program needs your help.
7. Cavendish Events 12/11-12/17

1. Support the Cavendish Update this Holiday Season
The Cavendish Update is supported by the CCCA and the Cavendish Historical Society (CHS). Let these organizations know how much you appreciate the Update by sending a tax-deductible contribution this holiday season to:

• CCCA, PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142

• Cavendish Historical Society PO Box 472, Cavendish VT 05142

You can specify that your contribution be used to help with the expenses associated with the Cavendish Update.

2. Cavendish Almanac
The Orton Family Foundation and The Open Planning Project have developed the Community Almanac ( which allows anyone-businesses, organizations, residents, visitors etc. to post information about a town. The Cavendish site is more information about this initiative is posted below. Both the Cavendish Historical Society and CCCA have pages on the Cavendish site and we hope more will join.

The Community Almanac offers parents and children, entrepreneurs and artists, elected officials and teachers—who need a vehicle for expressing and sharing what they love about their towns. Community Almanac makes it possible to gather multimedia stories (photos, videos, audio clips and written text) on one accessible, easy-to-use platform.

“With this tool, residents can weave a textured digital fabric of community stories, sharing what they value and learning what others care about as well,” said Foundation President Bill Roper. “It’s a place where people can come together and celebrate their town’s heart and soul…and because it’s online and open source, it’s available for all to enjoy.”

Community Almanac was designed to be accessible to people of all ages and technical abilities, from students in the classroom to officials on the local planning board. For those without easy access to a computer, there is even a simple way for one person to post another’s content. This makes for a broad body of material that is reflective of a town’s true character.

The site also lends itself to exploration and exchange; you can swap stories with your neighbors and, through their eyes, discover a new world right in your own backyard. In this way, the platform encourages connections between people about places that matter. As more residents contribute their stories, ideas, comments and reflections, a town’s almanac becomes a natural hub for proactive decision-making about the future.

In many places today, people don’t spend much time interacting with their neighbors due to busy schedules, long commutes and poorly designed neighborhoods. As people become increasingly isolated in their own affairs, the sense of community dwindles, stories are forgotten, and the heart and soul of a town begins to fade. Community Almanac reverses this trend by engaging citizens from Victor, Idaho to Herculaneum, Missouri to Damariscotta, Maine in a grassroots movement to get reacquainted with our local communities.

3. Give the Gift of Cavendish
There are many shops, businesses and organizations in Cavendish and Proctorsville offering a wide variety of items that would make wonderful presents. Below is just a sample of what’s available this holiday season:

• Cavendish Calendar: If you haven’t picked up your 2010 Cavendish Calendar, featuring the winners of the 2009 Cavendish photography contests, you can do so at Crows’ Corner Bakery, Singleton’s Store or The Village Clipper. Calendars can also be purchased by sending a check, payable to CCCA, to PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142. Calendars are $12 a piece, $3.50 for shipping and handling. If you are interested in purchasing 5 or more calendars, contact Robin at 802-226-7736 or e-mail for bulk purchasing rates. In addition to the Calendar, CCCA is offering a wonderful selection of cards, featuring nature scenes of Cavendish, along with framed copies of the barn poster. Stop by Crows Corner Bakery to see what’s available.

• 1927 Flood Photograph: The Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) has a limited edition of the panoramic view of the flood. Take home a piece of history. These can be purchased at the Town Office, or ordered from CHS. Checks, payable to CHS, should be sent to PO Box 472, Cavendish, VT 05142. The cost is $30 a piece plus $5 for shipping and handling. You can also contact CHS 802-226-7807 or to purchase photographs. CHS also offers a number of different books about Cavendish. These are available at the Town office, or by contacting CHS directly.

• Crows Corner Bakery: Stocking stuffers - Pretty and delicious, dipped and decorated butter cookies in a variety of styles or perhaps a bag of our delicate Palmiers. House gifts for visiting special friends - A 1lb tray of Robin's special butter cookies, almond, coconut, chocolate and more, or a 12oz tin of fresh baked Palmiers tied with ribbon. For the wheat intolerant friend why not order a box of raspberry squares or an apple-cranberry crisp? The Great Snowman or Winter Cottage butter cookies, adorned with candies and the very best quality chocolates, a great gift for children of all ages. For your Holiday Feasts order their famous Yule Log, a delicate chiffon cake rolled with rich chocolate butter cream and covered in a dark ganache bark, meringue mushrooms and decorative touches. Crows Bakery and Opera House Cafe - located on Depot St. in Proctorsville - serves breakfast and lunch and is open Tuesday through Sunday from 6:30 am to 6pm (except Sunday when we close at 5). You can place orders for the holidays by calling 802-226-7007.

• Fletcher Farm: The shop in the Meadowview Building at the back of the campus (Route 103) is open from 10-3 seven days as week. Choose from a wide selection of note cards, photographs, hand painted maple sap buckets, lamp-work glass beads, 18” doll clothes, marbled scarves, candles, bags etc.

• Six Loose Ladies: Buy a knitted item, pick out a piece of jewelry or give a gift of an upcoming class. Located on the Proctorsville Green the Store is open Wednesday through Sunday from 10-6.

4. Cavendish Related News
Attorney General Warns of Charitable Fundraisers

Vermont Wood Warms Program Taking Applications

Okemo Valley Woman’s Club Tree of Remembrance

5. CHS: Follow the Young Historians on-line
The Young Historians Program, a joint project of the Cavendish Historical Society and the Cavendish Elementary School, now is posting the handouts from their various meetings. You can follow along at

6. The Cavendish Town Elementary School Snow Sports Program needs your help. This program is made possible by members of our community, family, and friends donating their time to teach our children to ski and snowboard. The C.T.E.S. Snow Sports Program is seeking monetary donations from individuals or businesses to assist in covering some of the program expenses. With the current economic situation we have seen a severe decline in our usual donations. The donations that the Snow Sports Program receives are put toward scholarships for those children that need them-we like to make it possible for every child in our Cavendish/Proctorsville Community (school age K-6) to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Also, monetary donations are used to pay for Okemo instructors to assist in teaching our beginner ski and snowboard groups. Having the Okemo instructors work with our beginners has been extremely beneficial in giving the children a solid start on the fundamental skills needed to be safe and confident skiers and riders. We hope that we can continue to offer this solid start to our beginners. The donations also help us to provide helmets, waterproof gloves, ski socks and neck gators/face masks to those children that may need them. Please consider a donation to this wonderful program. Your help is greatly appreciated.

To make a donation to the C.T.E.S. Snow Sports Program- contact Lisa Ewald at (802)484-5323 or e-mail

7. Cavendish Events 12/11-12/17
December 12 (Saturday): Christmas Tree Sales at the Cavendish Fire Department 9-5 and at the Proctorsville Fire Station from 9-4 pm. Santa will be stopping by for a special visit at 10 am, coffee and donuts provided.

December 13 (Sunday): Christmas Tree Sales at the Cavendish Fire Department 9-5 and at the Proctorsville Fire Station from 9-4 pm.
• Okemo Mountain Resort Cares and Shares Food Drive, Lift tickers are $25 plus at least three non-perishable food items, a new child’s toy or new clothing item. Black River Good Neighbor Services Christmas Basket Program will help distribute the donated items to local families. FMI 228-1600.

December 14 (Monday): Select Board Meeting, 6:30 pm at the Town Office.

December 16 (Wednesday): The Men of the Okemo Valley 2010 Calendar will be hosted at the Cool Moose Café in Ludlow from 6-8 pm. Proceeds from the calendars will benefit Black River Good Neighbor Services. The calendar is available for sale from Pleasant Valley Foods on Route 103.

December 17 (Thursday): Community Luncheon, 11:30 pm at St. James United Methodist Church, Main Street Proctorsville. Lunch will be roast pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, mixed vegetables, tossed salad, rolls and fluffy ambrosia for dessert. CTES will be sending a group of carolers. There will be other surprises as well. Suggested donation is $3 - $4.50
• Holiday Program at Cavendish Elementary School 7-8 pm FMI: 226-7758

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