Friday, September 10, 2010

Select Board Agenda for 9/13/10

This month's Select Board Meeting will take place at the Cavendish School's Art Room at 5 pm on Monday Sept. 13. The following items are on the agenda:

• Consider errors and omissions for Penn property located at 912 Twenty Mile Stream Road, Parcel I.D. #1R10-092-01 Town Manager to provide update on Twenty Mile Stream Road paving project

• Discussion on Town-wide Appraisal Update issue which will be the subject of a special town meeting scheduled to take place this evening.

• Town Manager to discuss recent activities regarding Town Highway Bridge #58

• Discuss Truck Body and Plow Bid Opening to take place September 20, 2010

• Update on status of Cavendish Ambulance

• Town Manager updates on various Town activities

• Town Manager to review status of Town Highway #51, Chapman Street

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