Saturday, November 6, 2010

Select Board Agenda for 11/8/10

The Cavendish Select Board will meet on Nov. 8 (Monday), 6:30 pm at the Cavendish Town Office. The Agenda will include the following:

• Leon “Woody” Woods present to review with the Board the request for winter 2010-11 snowmobile trail crossings

• Cemetery Commissioners Gail Woods and Kathy Rose and Cemetery Sexton Leon Woods present to discuss a matter of concern regarding Cavendish cemeteries with the Board of Selectmen and request for an article for the March 2011 Town Meeting.

• Jason Rassmussen of the Southern Windsor County Regional Planning Commission will be present to discuss a Basic Emergency Operations Plan template with the Board

• Consider resignation letter from Virginia Garrow regarding her post of Trustee of Public Funds

• Review the draft of E-Vermont application being readied for submission and consider letter of support for same

• Continuation of discussion regarding a town website and consideration of a draft RFP for procuring website services.

• Continuation of discussion (from last meeting) regarding TH #51 Chapman Street. A draft letter to the Agency of Transportation will be available for review.

• Discussion regarding schedule of FY 20011-12 budget preparation activities.

• Town Manager updates on various Town activities including: retirement of Highway Crew Member Ralph Strong; 20 Mile Stream resurfacing project work activities and finances; summary of activities to resolve the culvert/flooding problems in Proctorsville at Spaulding, Rota and Bartolotta properties; status of ambulance vehicle; Appraisal Update RFP; anticipated new truck delivery, etc.

• Other business

• Request for Executive Session by the Town manager for discussion of matters of current litigation (Coutu) and personnel matters

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