Saturday, December 4, 2010

Local Programming Highlights on LPCTV

Below are programming notes from LPCTV, community TV for the Black River Valley, for the upcoming week. LPCTV is on local cable TV channels 8 and 10 in the Towns of Ludlow, Plymouth, Cavendish, and Mount Holly. Local shows can also be viewed online. Complete program schedule listings are also found on LPCTV’s website and can be seen on the TV Bulletin Board.

Fatty’s Jib Jam: The jams keep coming from Stalker Image Productions. In this edition, they travel from Ludlow to Connecticut to produce a pre-season snowboard rail jam.

Walk for Local History: Sharon Bixby presents her coverage of the November 13th walk sponsored by Black River Academy Museum.

That Was the Week That Was special: Leslie Stuart of the Wine & Cheese Depot joins Ralph Pace to discuss the upcoming “Oregon Beer & Wine Tasting Event” in Ludlow on December 9th.

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