Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Fundraising for Lindsey

In the days immediately following Irene, a young girl expressed interest in learning to play fiddle. While her mother, Sue Willis, helped staff the shelter’s kitchen, fiddler Bob Naess started teaching Lindsey the basics of fiddle 101. Sue and Lindsey, who were from Chester, were daily fixtures at the shelter. Lindsey would often be seated in the vestibule of the school practicing the fiddle. 

Last week a number of local news outlets [WCAX] carried a different story about Lindsey. This time it was about Lindsey’s send off party before she goes to Boston Children’s Hospital for intensive chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. At 5, Lindsey was diagnosed with acute myelodysplastic syndrome. While that's in remission, her body is rejecting the first bone marrow transplant and requires a second one. After the transplant in mid February, she will spend seven months in isolation to prevent infections.

The Chester Fire Department, who helped to organize last week’s party have sent up a fund to help with medical and other costs associated with Lindsey's treatment. Donations can be made to: 
Yosemite Engine Company
Lindsey’s Fund
PO Box 370

Chester, VT 05143

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