Friday, February 11, 2011

2/14/11 Select Board Meeting Agenda

The following items are on the Agenda for the Feb. 14 Select Board Members meeting, 6:30 pm at the Town Office in Cavendish:

• Selectmen to review and sign Annual Certificate of Highway Mileage for the state. Discussion of this item to include further discussion on Chapman Street and the Swift Road and what references will be made in the Annual Certificate submission with respect to these two historical roads.

• Town Manager to discuss the publication of this year’s Annual Town Report and to distribute the Selectmen’s Reference Books for the Annual Town Meeting. General discussion is expected to include any items relevant to the meeting.

• Discussion regarding a matter of a $250 item discussed during the budget development process but inadvertently not included in the final Selectmen’s Budget Spreadsheet and total appropriation.

• Town Manager to distribute copies of some materials recently received from Holden Engineering regarding the proposed Carlton Road development. This materials is for preview before the March 14 meeting where there will be further presentation pertaining to that project.

• Discuss the suggestion of a sidewalk ordinance with regard to snow removal issues (P. Gregg)

• Review of engineer’s report on Town Highway Bridge #58 on Depot Street and discussionregarding the courses of action to be pursued.

• Town Manager to discuss with the Board plans for 2011 town highway work activities and State Town Highway Program applications for this year.

• Discuss recent request by an abutting neighbor of the town sandpit lot for the town to consider sale of a portion of that lot to her.

• Town Manager to update the Board on various town activities.

• Other business

• Executive session requested by the Town Manager on a matters of current litigation.

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