Thursday, April 21, 2011

Support for LPC-TV

Dear Cavendish Update Users:

While I do my best to get to town related meetings as much as possible, I can’t always make it. Fortunately, we’re lucky to have LPC-TV that does. They film Select Board, School, Town and other related meetings every month. Not only is this available via Comcast on Channels 8 and 10, we are very fortunate that the station uses its time and resources so these same broadcasts are available at their website - it's expensive!

Regardless of what TV server you use, the time of day or where you live, you always have access to what’s going on town via the LPC website. It’s important to note that many other public access channels don’t go this extra mile.

LPC-TV has been housed in a very small room at Black River High School since it began 2001. With the town of Ludlow purchasing the Armory Building for local use, LPC-TV is planning a new home that will give them the space to pursue even more unique and creative endeavors. Among the plans will be a place for gathering and keeping in perpetuity the oral histories of the town’s they serve (Cavendish, Ludlow, Mt. Holly and Plymouth). We will have our own “story corps.”

As you can imagine, this move and renovation comes with a price tag. You can show your gratitude for what they have done and will continue to do by:
• Donating to the LPC-TV Capital Campaign today at the website.
• Purchasing a ticket to attend the Kentucky Derby Gala on Saturday May 7th from 5 pm –7 pm at the Pot Belly Restaurant and Pub in Ludlow. Great food, music and fun. Tickets are $25 in advance-you can buy them at Crows Corner Bakery and Café in Proctorsville through Saturday and at several locations in Ludlow. They are also available at the door for $30.

Your donation makes it possible to keep them on the air and on-line.


Margo Caulfield

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