Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flood Photographs Needed

The fourth grade class of the Cavendish Town Elementary School and the Cavendish Historical Society are working on a variety of projects pertaining to Irene. The fourth grade is creating a website and will be helping with the exhibit at the CHS Museum this summer. You can help by providing photographs and/or videos of various aspects of the flood.

A Flickr account for community members has been created to upload flood
photos and videos for the website/exhibit. The URL is It says only members can join. It takes a few clicks to be a member and then you can upload the photos.

You can also put photos onto a CD or flash drive, or bring copies of the photographs and drop them off at the school for the 4th grade.

If you have already created a YouTube video relating to the flood, please provide permission so the video can be embedded into the Irene webpage.

FMI: Jen Harper 802-226-7758 or

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