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CTES Board Meeting Minutes 8/15/12

The Minutes from the 8/15/12 CTES board meeting are as follows:


Board: Dr. Bont, Sharon Huntley, Stuart Lindberg and Jessica Goodman

Administration: George Thomson-Principal, Linda Waite- Superintendent and Sherri Nichols-Buckley-Curriculum Coordinator

Public: K.P. Whaley-LPCTV, Virginia Walsh Mack-Recording Secretary, Michael Ripley, Peggy Svec, Connie Kendall, Joe Vullo, Jennifer Leak, Deb O’Brien, Deborah Hryckiewicz, and Amanda Tyrrell

Call to order Dr. Bont called the meeting to order at 5:35 p.m.

Comments from the Community: What has changed since April when it was said Peggy is not qualified to teach reading. Peggy is a licensed elementary school teacher. The administration is giving Peggy training and support in reading. This was the option the administration chose. Financial information that was asked for has not been given. Financial information was brought to the May and June board meetings. The school board chose not to replace a teacher. Per pupil cost spending and the potential for a penalty phase was discussed; the two vote budget. There seems to be a disconnect with what is best for the students. How will the new configuration be assessed? The students will be assessed. The plan is training for the teacher. Peggy is an excellent teacher and has great teaching skills. The reading program is based on assessments every 2 to 4 weeks. If test scores go down is it because the structure changed? The background of the reading program was given. How can a parent help students at home? The programs will be interactive at home. The program’s first “check in” time will be in October. A letter will go out to parents.

Approval of Minutes of June 19, 2012, June 26, 2012 and July 17, 2012

Sharon made a motion to approve the minutes of June 19, June 26, and July 17, 2012 as presented. Motion approved.


Hiring Report: Linda informed the board Lisa Merrill has been hired as a Para professional and a Personal Care Attendant. George gave background on Lisa’s experience.

Memorandum of Agreement – Title I Teachers: School wide programs teachers have moved from the schools to the SU. This agreement recognizes these teachers in the collective bargaining agreement. The Teachers Association is in agreement. Linda asked the board for authorization to sign the agreement. Stuart made a motion to accept the MOA and authorize the board chair to sign. Motion approved.

Annual Yearly Progress: Sherri handed out the Annual Yearly Progress Report (attached). CTES made AYP in reading and math. Sherri gave the board background on the report. Sherri explained the consequences if a school does not meet AYP. This report is based on the NECAP tests. These tests are given once a year. 82% of schools nationally did not make AYP. A new test is being developed and all 50 states will take one of two test. The new test will be computerized and teachers will receive the results instantly.

Update on 7th Grade Math Program: George proposes to hire the librarian to teach this program. George is asking the board to allocate $2,500 for Mrs. Welch to teach this student. Mrs. Welch has taught 7th grade math and is certified. Jessica made a motion to allow $2500 for Kata Welch to teach this program with the cost to be negotiated annually. Motion approved.

Policies: The Use of Restraint and Seclusion F:26 First Read Acceptable Use of Technology G:12 First Read George gave history on these policies. There are current policies in place but are outdated. These policies are in line with the state recommended policies.

Policy Committee Membership and Date: Linda explained there will need to be a whole new set of policies in the new SU. At tomorrow’s meeting with the two SUs this will be discussed. The current policy committee will hopefully roll over to the new SU. It is recommended a policy audit take place for each of the school districts. Each school should have representation to make sure local policies continue.

Joint Supervisory Union Merger/Consolidation Update: Linda informed the board there are two meetings planned tomorrow in Ludlow. 3-6 pm of the internal planning committee (the senior management teams of both SUs). At 7p.m. there is a board meeting of the 22 members of the new SU. These meetings will be on the third Thursday of each month.

Principal’s Report: George reported: Student enrollment is 97 at the moment; there will be an opening breakfast on the 29th; Connie will be teaching the first and second graders in science; KinderKamp begins next week; the FY12 audit is set for September 24th; materials are coming in; August 29th is the first day of school. George does not have an invoice for the roof yet. George is asking the board for support in letting the contractor know they are going to seek legal advice. Jessica made motion to give the administration authority to use legal means if necessary to get the roof information. Motion approved. George gave the board the bus route for next year. Discussion: publishing the bus route; group pickups.

Superintendent Report: Linda gave the board her report (attached). August 20th Act 91 training; August 24th teachers continuation of courses that began in June. On August 27th Dr. Bill Daggett will be presenting to all teachers in a district wide in-service. The VSA/VSBA conference is scheduled for October 25 & 26 at the Lake Morey Resort and Conference Center.

School Board Member Vacancy: Jim Ballantine passed away. There is a vacancy on the board. The board meets once a month. Interested community members need to write a letter of interest to the select board. The school board sends a letter to the select board explaining the vacancy. The vacancy will be advertised. The select board will make the decision as to who fills the vacant position until the next election.

Other Business: After school programs need to be addressed for CTES. George said he would be happy to meet to discuss this subject.

Executive Session: None

Adjournment: Jessica made a motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Virginia M. Walsh Mack

Recording Secretary

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