Friday, February 15, 2013

Cavendish Town Elementary School Board Meeting Minutes 1/15/13

Board:  Dr. Bont-Chair, Jessica Goodman, Sharon Huntley and Amanda Tyrell
Administration:  George Thomson-Principal, Linda Waite- Superintendent and Chris Adams-Business Manager
Public:  LPCTV, Virginia Walsh Mack-Recording Secretary, Connie Kendall, Peggy Svec, Mike Ripley, and two members of the community. 

Call to order
Dr. Bont called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m.

Comments from the Community

Approval of Minutes of December 18, 2012
Jessica made a motion to approve the minutes of December 18, 2012 as presented.  Motion approved.

Approval of FY’ 2013 – 14 Budget
George moved the finance office costs to the principal’s office.  He increased EEE by about $6,000.  The proposed budget is $1,752,649.  Discussion ensued regarding the cost savings by moving the financial services to the SU.  Chris said he feels it is important to have the information at the central office.  It will be more efficient.  Local control will not change.  There could be some reduction in time for the Administrative Assistant position during the summer.
Sharon made a motion to approve the FY’14 budget in the amount of $1,752,649.  Discussion:  The cost shifts from the school budget to the SU budget.  The big increases to the budget were health insurance costs and the funds for teacher negotiations.  Motion approved.      

Approval of Warnings
Warning of Annual Meeting
Monday March 4th at 7:00 p.m.
Warning of Public Information Hearing
Monday March 4th after the annual meeting.
Warning of Vote by Australian Ballot
Linda read the warning.  The voting will take place on March 5th at CTES.  The board was asked if they would like to create a capital improvement fund.  Sharon made a motion to create a capital improvement fund.  Motion approved.
Jessica made a motion to approve the warnings of the Annual Meeting, the Public Information Meeting and the Vote by Australian ballot as presented.  Motion approved.

Security Update
George distributed a document with the steps taken to improve building security (attached).   George asked the board for direction.  Chris feels there will be a fund balance that could be put in the capital improvement fund.  George said he thinks he can find the money for this.  The board asked George to continue to look at quotes.  

Two Rivers Supervisory Union Update
Linda gave the board an article regarding TRSU.  The next meeting is Thursday, at 5:00 p.m. at Ludlow Elementary School.

Principal’s Report
There is a potential need for a Para professional.  George is going to hire someone as a tutor for some students; there is money in the budget for this position.  The roof situation is in process.  The fiber optics in the area is being worked on.  It was suggested that a technician from Comcast come and fix the modems in the building.  CCCA has their information meeting on Wednesday February 27th at 6:30 p.m.  Annual reports are due to the town office by January 25th.       

Superintendent Report
January 28th is an in-service day.  Post fact finding for teacher negotiations will be scheduled next month.  The principal’s survey will be sent to teachers, support staff and board members electronically.

Other Business
The GMUHS board needs a representative from Cavendish.  Sharon has agreed to fill in until the next election.  Jessica made a motion to have Sharon temporarily fill in for the GMUHS board.  Motion approved.

Executive Session 

Sharon made a motion to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 7:07 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Virginia M. Walsh Mack
Recording Secretary

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