Sunday, February 10, 2013

Select Board Meeting Agenda for 2/11/13

The Select Board will meet on Monday, Feb. 11,  2013 at 6:30 in the Cavendish Town Office Meeting Room. The Agenda will be as follows:

1. Call the Meeting to Order

2. Consider the minutes of the meetings of: December 10th, 2012; January 7th, 2013; January 9th, 2013 and January 23rd, 2013

3. Sign Orders

4. Review Correspondence

5. Adjust agenda

6. Hear Citizens

7. Conduct a public hearing on the planned adoption of the Cavendish All Hazard Mitigation Plan. John Broker-Campbell of the Southern Windsor Regional Planning Commission will be present to help answer any questions. Local Adoption of the plan is a prerequisite for
FEMA Mitigation Grant eligibility.

8. Katharine Otto of the Southern Windsor Regional Planning Commission will be present to discuss the Regional Transportation Plan update.

9. Selectmen to consider and approve the 2013 Annual Certificate of Highway Mileage

10. Town Manager to inform the Board of the recent hiring into the position of Water and Sewer Plant Assistant Operator.

11. Update on State Highway Bridge #1 (Route 131 over the Twenty Mile Stream) reconstruction project and a forthcoming meeting on this subject.

12. Discuss the 2012 Town Report preparation and printing.

13. Confirmation of revision of the FY2013-2014 Selectmen’s Budget as recently approved by poll vote.

14. Town Manager to distribute Annual Town Meeting Reference Notebooks to Board members.

15. Town Manager to distribute copies of information regarding grant funds which have become available for home and property repairs for flood damage. This is a program through Rotary International and the Windham/Windsor Housing Trust

16. Update on various other town activities

17. Other

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