Thursday, August 15, 2013

Cavendish Town Elementary School Board Meeting 7/16/13

Unapproved Minutes

Gene Bont, Stuart Lindburg, and Scott Ranney
Administration: George Thomson-Principal and Bruce Williams-Superintendent
Public: Rolf van Sheik-Clerk of the Works, Peggy Svec, Connie Kendell, Karen McNamara (6:05), Debbie Carleton-Recording Secretary and LPC-TV Video Recorder

Call to order
Dr. Bont called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m.

Comments from the Community:
None Roof project to be discussed in the Principals report.

Approval of Minutes of June 4th, 2013
Stuart made a motion to approve the minutes of June 4th, 2013. Scott seconded the motion. Motion approved as presented.

Hiring: Bruce approved a contract for Karen McNamara at a salary of $29,257. George interviewed ten out of seventy applicants for the Administrative Assistant position. He said Karen had great credentials.

Bruce recommends the renewal of Michelle Golden contract as the school based clinician salary not to exceed $19,130. Stuart made a motion to renew Michelle Golden’s contract at a salary not to exceed $19,130. Scott seconded the motion. Motion approved as presented.

Principal’s Report
George said the roofers are making great progress despite the rainy weather. The roof is now two-thirds complete. Rolf complimented the contractors, said they are doing an extraordinary job. Discussion ensued.

Rolf informed the board that the skylights in the library are at the end of their life span. They are rotting and the screws pull out causing additional ceiling problems. George said the air conditioner is also not working up to par, they have replaced parts. George said PKL Contractors recommend four new skylights quoted at $4,600.00 to replace skylights. George passed out the bid (attached). Stuart asked if they could just get rid of skylights. George said the money used to install the skylights was fundraised and have been there since 1989. George has not mentioned the option of not replacing them. Rolf said the more continuous the roof the less problems there would be. The air conditioners were installed in 2004 when building was renovated. Scott says there is solar gain with skylights. Rolf says there is something to be said for the natural lighting.
page1image20720 page1image20880 page1image21040 page1image21200 page1image21360 page1image21520 page1image21680 George said the roofers will only be here another two weeks. If the skylights are to be replaced, it needs to happen now. Stuart asked for everyone’s opinion. Scott made a motion to install skylights for $4,600. Stuart seconded the motion. Motion approved as presented.

George explained Fascia needs replacing and/or painting. And the West side of the Library needs painting. He asked for four bids but only received one. George passed out the bid and a projected roof project costs list. (Attached) Rolf feels the bid is within the ballpark. Stuart made a motion to have George and Rolf to get another bid. Scott seconded the motion. Motion approved as presented.

George passed out the final budget report for FY’12-13 (attached). Auditors will be here on August 7th. He said there is positive revenue and positive expenditures and is anticipating there will be a good fund balance. George passed out a budget report for FY’ 13-14 (attached). He is not anticipating any change.
School ended with many events. Graduation was held inside due to the anticipation of bad weather. Staff is gearing up for the start of school.

After moving five times, George is finally moving back into his home after being homeless from the flood of Hurricane Irene. He will be away on July 22, 23, & 24.

Superintendent's Report
Bruce reported that the Chester and Ludlow Supervisory Union offices are completely moved into the Fletcher Farm building. It is nice to be in the same building. We had to put some things in storage as the Roost building is not yet completed. The insulation used in the new building will save on heating costs. Bruce invited everyone to stop by the new office.

VPA Leadership Academy in Killington is scheduled for July 30th & 31st. TRSU Principals are combining their planning ideas.

Other Business
George requested that board members let Bruce or himself know if they will not be attending board meetings so that business can be conducted as needed.

Executive Session: None

Adjournment: Scott made a motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 6:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Carleton Recording Secretary 

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