Monday, August 12, 2013

Cavendish Update Special Post for 8/12/13

Due to some confusion in the Cavendish Update on 8/9/13, the following information is being provided:

• Tonight Monday, Aug 12 is the Select Board meeting. An agenda was not received for this meeting, but in talking with the town office, this meeting, which starts at 6:30 pm at the town office, at the town office will include: Updates on paving; discussion of upcoming hearing on Chubb Hill; various environmental projects (Zero Sort, Solar, PACE); the burned property on Mill Street and the 911 Number Signage.

• Chubb Hill Site Visit/hearing is August 19 For more information

• Cavendish Communication Meeting: In our ever growing “information age” people have their own preference for how they wished to be reached. Since the Cavendish Update (CU) was started, we’ve consistently added new approaches to help foster communication and to reflect the changes in social networking. From a weekly e-mail, it’s now grown to include a blog, a very active Facebook page as well as interactions with other sites. Recently, Facebook, blog and e-mail were all utilized to help solve who had been robbing Black River Good Neighbor. This blog post alone had over 5,000 users.

While the CCCA (Cavendish Community and Conservation Association) has been a consistent sponsor of the CU, and through their support, has made select board meeting coverage possible, three quarters of the work involved in the CU has been volunteer. Note that the Town does not financially support this effort.

As the community and technology evolves, along with the digital age, requests are being made for new and different services. When will Twitter be available? What about an on-line calendar? There is also on-going discussion about establishing a Cavendish Lotsa Helping Hands page  to help coordinate volunteers and help where it is needed.

In September, there will be a meeting to discuss how to make the CU fiscally solvent and what new services should be added. If you are interested in participating in this meeting, or have suggestions on this topic, please e-mail

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