Saturday, February 4, 2012

Last Homeowners Displaced by Irene are Home

Thanks to a dedicated team, working for two days, Cavendish’s last two homeowners, displaced by Irene, moved back home on Saturday February 4. Thank you to Bill Barrows, Margo Caulfield, Lucy Greenberg, Abe Gross, Doug McBride, Mary McCallum, Bruce McEnaney, Bob Naess, Alex Provance, Sarah Stowell & Magili, Pang & Etienne Ting and Kevin. A special thanks to John Saydek for two wonderful "welcome home" signs and our postal pal Pam for the brownies and stromboli.

While road work, property repair and home repairs will continue, this is a very important benchmark to recognize. Five months ago, the town’s infrastructure was in ruins, power was out, roads were destroyed and many were stranded or flooded from their homes. Starting that first day, Cavendish continues to pull together to help rebuild our town, homes, businesses and lives.

Yes, there is more to be done, but one thing we can say is that Cavendish is a town that understands the concept of “moving it forward.”

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