Thursday, June 21, 2012

Proctorsville’s Little Village Farm Needs Your Vote

Cavendish’s CSA, Little Village Farm, was impacted by Irene. However, they have big dreams for the farm in the coming years. They have just found out about an opportunity that could fast track their plans to build a farm stand / outdoor demonstration and canning kitchen, increase equipment, drill their own well for irrigation, update the walk-in cooler, get a dumpy trailer for soil and much more but they need your help! Mission Small Business is a partnership between Chase and Living Social. They are ready to give 12, $250,000 grants to small business around the country making a difference in their communities! With voting closing the end of June, vote now as they need a total of 250 votes to qualify. Then, they write their essay application and pray!!

To vote for Little Village Farm:
1. Go to
2. Click SUPPORT
3. Fill in the business information: Little Village Farm, Vermont, Proctorsville
4. VOTE...then tell your friends
... then tell your neighbors
...then tell your facebook friends

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