Saturday, June 8, 2013

6/10/13 Select Board Agenda

The Selectmen’s meeting is Monday, June 10th, 2013 in the Cavendish Town Office
Meeting Room at 6:30 pm. The Agenda will be as follows:

  1. Call the Meeting to Order
  2. Consider the minutes of the meeting of May 13 and May 28, 2013
  3. Sign Orders
  4. Review Correspondence
  5. Adjust agenda
  6. Hear Citizens
  7. Update from Energy Committee regarding current activities, progress in having Cavendish (GMP Serviced) Streetlights replaced with fixtures using LED technology and an introduction to the two presentations to follow (items 8 & 9) on proposals for a solar farm project sited on town properties. These proposals are the is the next step in consideration of potential Community Solar participation by the Town of Cavendish and an extension of discussions of March 11th, April 8th and May 13th.
  8. Rex James of Region Solar [Saxton’s River, VT] will present a proposal regarding a solar farm project to be sited on town property.
  9. Peter Thurrell of Soveren [Putney,VT] will present a proposal regarding a solar farm project to be sited on town property.
  10. Selectmen, in consultation with Cavendish Energy Committee members, to determine the next step to be undertaken in furtherance of the solar project.
  11. Discuss plans for the 2013 Summer Concert on the Green series to be held on the Proctorsville Green.
  12. Review the FY14 Windsor Co. Sheriff’s Office contract for approval.
  13. Consider letter from Fire Warden Roger Sheehan requesting the appointment of Robert W. Glidden as Assistant Cavendish Fire Warden.
  14. Update on progress regarding the Staley property on Mill Street [Scott Ranney]
  15. Town Manager to discuss progress on the 2013 Paving/Resurfacing Project and feedback regarding the town’s application for a Class II Resurfacing Grant. Discussion will include project details for the work to be done on the Cavendish class II town highways affected.
  16. Continuation of discussions/planning regarding participation in a “Zero-Sort” Recycling program.
  17. Consider correspondence regarding nuisance Guinea hens roaming about the Center Road area.
  18. Update on various town activities including (but not limited to): Water System Permitting; a updated water Source Protection Plan; town website; water bonding financing activities/progress; E911 address signs; health care reform related issues; single audit work; Calcium Chloride application; Bridge #37, etc.
  19. Other business
  20. Adjourn 

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