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Cavendish Update 6/7/13: News/Summer Guide/Vote

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 The 6/7/13 Cavendish Update Contains the Following:
1. Summer Camps/Recreation Guide for 2013
2. Cavendish Related News
3. CTES Roof Contract Awarded
4. Cavendish WWII Veterans
5. Cavendish Residents-Vote for your favorite picture
6. Shop Local for Father’s Day
7. BRGNS Says Thanks for a Successful Rummage Sale
8. Events

Per requests received, a list of camps, workshops, fitness programs, sports programs and other activities Cavendish residents and visitors can take part in has been posted to the Cavendish VT Blog. To add to this list, please e-mail information to

Discussionsof Phineas Gage Leads To New Facebook Page Creation: The public’s fascination with Phineas Gage’s life is still growing, 165 years after his accident, and his legacy has now joined the social media era with a Facebook page. Gage, as the story goes, survived a railroad construction explosion that shot an iron rod through his brain. Rutland Herald, Times Argus 

Cavendish StudentsLearn About Their Heritage: Students at the Cavendish Town Elementary School heard guest speaker Sandra Stearns tell about our Heritage of Freedom and what Memorial Day means to her. Stearns told the students about the symbols of freedom and spoke about all the men and women resting in Military Cemeteries who paid the ultimate price so we could have these freedoms. Vermont Journal

VT Ski Areas HaveBest Season Since 2001: The VT Ski Association says this past season was the best since 2001. The association said Tuesday at its annual meeting that the state's resorts had 4.5 million skier and rider visits, up 16 percent from last year. The group says that puts the season at the second best since 1992, when the association first stated gathering resort data. WCAX 

Shumlin Signs OpenPolice Records Bill: Gov. Peter Shumlin signed into law a bill requiring police agencies across Vermont to release more information about their investigations, saying it will bring transparency to the operations of the law enforcement. He also signed a law that will for the first time regulate police use of Automatic License Plate readers, which scan thousands of license plates an hour, allowing police to check if cars are associated with arrest warrants, and pools information into a statewide database that federal authorities can also access, to pinpoint the drivers. Valley News 6/5/13 

You may have noticed that the roof at Cavendish Town Elementary School looks funny.  There appears to be vertical strips going up the roof and curled up shingles.  That is because the shingles, which were installed in 2004 when the school was renovated, have failed.  For the past two years, the principal, George Thomson,  has been fighting a warranty claim with the manufacturer.  Thomson was notified that the claim was approved and CTES will be receiving a settlement to help replace the roof.  

A request for bid proposal was issued several weeks ago. Three bids were submitted, with the contract being awarded to PKL Contracting in Perkinsville, VT.  No bids were received from Cavendish contractors.

It is anticipate the project will take 6 to 8 weeks--just in time for the opening of school in the fall. It will be a very busy time and messy this summer, but well worth the effort to protect this beautiful building and keep the students and staff safe.  A fence is scheduled to be placed around the playground so that can be used this summer while the work is being done.

The Cavendish Historical Society continues to collect stories of our WWII veterans. Lidia Smentek and B. Andes Hess, Jr., have recently sent a story about Edward Kolenda, who lives in Proctorsville. Kolenda, born in Claremont, NH, returned to Poland with his parents when he was 11. Mr. Kolenda lost his American citizenship when fighting for the mother country of his parents, Poland, and also the country of his nationality. In the war he lost his youth, freedom, contact with the closest ones, the stable ground and prospects for the future especially at the point when it was unknown in which direction fate (or officials) would let him go; back to the village near Wilejka, which after the war became part of the Soviet Union, or to the country of his birth, the United States. The Cross of Valor, The 1939-45 Star and The Italy Star distinguished him in honor of his actions in the battles against the Germans, but the question remains unanswered whether all these honors and distinctions can compensate for the trauma he experienced during these years, so early in his life. Finally given that he fought bravely on several fronts during WWII, there is no question that he is a WWII hero. To read the remarkable experience of Kolenda during WWII, go to

The photos have been submitted in the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association’s annual calendar contest and it is time to start the voting.  Any full time or part time Cavendish / Proctorsville resident is eligible to vote.  Photographers compete for several prizes and for the opportunity to be published as a monthly selection in the annual calendar.

This year voting starts at the Cavendish Town Elementary School in Proctorsville for students and their parents only from Monday June 10 to Friday June 14.  Then members of the public may vote starting on Saturday, June 15 at Singleton’s General Store in Proctorsville, at the Cavendish Town Library from Tuesday June 18 to Thursday June 20, and at Crow’s Bakery on Depot Street in Proctorsville from Friday June 21 until Friday July 5.  Final voting will occur at “Summer Fest”, which will be held at the Cavendish Historical Society Museum on Saturday July 6.

This is the contest for inclusion in the 2014 calendar.  Residents will vote for their favorite pictures, selecting twelve for the calendar, and the photo with the most votes receives the Popular Choice Award.  All photographers are part or full time Cavendish town residents.

Contest guidelines and rules, and entry forms and instructions are available at the CCCA website.   FMI: Robin Timko at 226-7736.

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 16. Shop locally for a special gift for Dad. Some ideas to consider:
• Something sweet (like a special cake or cookie) try Crows Bakery
• From Ammo to specialty foods and clothes consider Singleton’s
• He might enjoy getting in touch with his artistic side at Fletcher Farms Art and Craft School
• A gift certificate from a local vendor so he can take a few of those items off the “Honey Do” list could be just the present. Check out the wide array of local businesses in the Cavendish Business Directory

Throughout the weekend of May 17, 18 and 19, the staff and volunteers of Black River Good Neighbor Services conducted their semi-annual rummage sale at Fletcher Farm in Ludlow.    The sale has come to be a well-recognized and eagerly anticipated event for the Black River Valley. This spring the weather was wonderful; the crowds were enthusiastic, and the results were gratifying.

The event raises funds needed by BRGNS to help defray the cost of food and financial assistance we distribute to our clients.  With the ever increasing cost of food today, the additional cash raised at the rummage sale goes a long way in keeping the shelves stocked.  We buy much of our distributed food from the Vermont Foodbank.  There, a one dollar purchase equals about five dollars’ worth of food from a regular grocery store.  But even with this buying power, we always need additional food; so the additional cash is a tremendous boost for our program.

The next rummage sale will be held September 27, 28 and 29, and we are already planning it.  Please consider donating goods or just giving a few hours of your time to help manage the sale.  For more information, please call Audrey at 228-3663.

Saturday is “free fishing day” in Vermont. You can fish without a license in the state’s lakes and streams. Good day to check out the fishing in the Black River.

To learn more about upcoming events in Cavendish and surrounding towns go to:

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