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Cavendish Update: 5/31/13 Help 1st Responders/News

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The Cavendish Update for 5/31/13 Contains the Following:

1. Special Notice: Make Sure Emergency Responders Can Find You
2. Cavendish Related News
3. Cavendish Town Elementary School (CTES) News
4. Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) News
5. Don Dawson at Glimmerstone June 7
6. Events

This week, representatives from Ludlow Ambulance made a request that Cavendish residents-whether in a village or more rural setting-properly identify their house. Recently, there was an issue where they had difficulty finding a patient because there were no house numbers visibly displayed. In emergency situations, where a matter of minutes can make the difference, it is critical that  emergency responders can easily see your address.

Even though we’re a small town, those working for Ludlow Ambulance don’t necessarily know the roads,  let alone who someone is or where they may live or have been injured. To give first responders the best chance of finding your home:
• Know your house number. If you don’t know it, call the town office 226-7292.
• Use reflective numbers so they can be seen at night from a distance.
• Use numbers at least 4 inches high. Do not spell out the number or use italic fonts.
• If the home is set-back from the roadway, numbers should be larger and/or posted additionally on a mailbox or fence post visible to the street.
• Check your visibility by going out at night and driving by your house. Can you easily read your house number? Can a passenger read the number?

Put yourself in the position of a responder that may not know your street or neighborhood and see if you can make it easier for them. This truly can make the difference between life and death.

In Comes the Flood, and Up Goes a Great BigWall: Small town, big heart. Cavendish took a nasty hit from Tropical Storm Irene in August 2011. But when it was over, and the devastation observed, the 1,400 residents just put on their work gloves and set out to restore their town. Of particular importance to the community was Greven Field, where kids growing up spent most of their spare time playing baseball and dreaming of bigger things. Valley News 5/21/13 

Habitat for HumanityNow Accepting Home Applications: The Greater Springfield Vermont Habitat for Humanity is accepting applications for a three-bedroom home that will be available in the Springfield area soon. Completed applications must be received by May 31. Applicants must show a specific need for decent affordable housing, have a family income of no more than 60 percent of the country’s Housing and Urban Development median income and no less than 45 percent according to the size of the family. They must be a family that has lived, worked or worshiped in the towns of Andover, Baltimore, Chester, Cavendish, Grafton, Ludlow, Springfield, Weston, Weathersfield and Rockingham for the past year. Rutland Herald 

TwoRivers SU To Move to Fletcher Farm House: The merger of the Windsor Southwest Supervisory Union, of which Cavendish is a member, has merged with the Rutland-Windsor Supervisory Union (Ludlow, Mt. Holly, Plymouth) to form the Two Rivers Supervisory Union (TRSU). This change has necessitated a need for new office space. Business operations at the new supervisory union office, Fletcher Farm, 611 Route 103 in Ludlow (across from the Fletcher Farms athletic fields) will begin on July 1. Telegraph 

ProctorsvilleAuthor Publishes “Letters to My First Love:” Camille L. Latreille is a corporate executive with a passion for writing. Born in Canada and now residing in the United States, Camille makes her home in New York City and Cavendish, Vermont. Her new book has been released by Dorrance Publishing 

•  Agenda for the June 4 school board meeting, 5:30 pm in the multi-purpose room, has been posted to

• Minutes from the 4/30/13 school board meeting have been posted to

Celebrate Irene Pearson Day!: The staff at CTES is celebrating the retirement of school secretary Irene Pearson with a day of honor on June 5 (Wednesday).  ‘Irene Pearson Day’ will be a day filled with tributes to the many ‘hats’ Irene has worn during her 21 years at the school.  The morning will be reserved for students and staff.  The afternoon is open to the community from 2:00 to 3:00 pm.  The community is also invited to an evening reception in the CTES Art Center from 6:00 to 7:00 pm.  We hope to see as many people as can join in this celebration!

• School Nurse Leigh Dakin Retires: Leigh Dakin has been a school nurse for many years, most recently at CTES for five years.  For the past three years, Leigh has split her time between serving as a Representative in Montpelier and as our school nurse.  A reception in her honor is planned for Wednesday, June 12th, at 56 Main Street Restaurant in Springfield, starting at 4:30 PM.  Please RSVP to Mary Putnam at CTES 226-7758.  We hope you can join our celebration of Leigh’s retirement from school nursing.

• Phineas Gage Facebook Page: On Sept ember 13, 1848 Phineas Gage, a foreman, was working with his crew excavating rocks in preparing the bed for the Rutland and Burlington Railroad in Cavendish. An accidental explosion of a charge he had set blew his tamping iron through his head. It entered under the left cheek bone and exited through the top of the head. The rod, covered with brains and blood, was found approximately 30 yards from the site of the accident. Thus began the first documented case of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the medical literature.

Since Gage continues to be of interest, and is still being studied, the Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) receives many inquiries about him. To foster the international discussion about what happened to Gage in the eleven years he lived after the accident, CHS has established the Phineas Gage CavendishFacebook page.  This site is a place to continue the discussion, hopefully to obtain new information, and separate fact from fiction where possible. Be part of the discussion and “like us” at the Phineas Gage Cavendish Facebook page. Note that anyone can read the site, but you must subscribe and "like" the site in order to post. 

• Museum Opens June 2: This Sunday, June 2,  is the first day of the CHS Museum season. With so many different activities underway at CHS, not all of the exhibits have been finalized. The Museum will now be open every Sunday from 2-4 pm until Columbus weekend. Arrangements for touring exhibits can be made at other times by calling 802-226-7807 or e-mailing

• Solzhenitsyn Exhibit: To inquiries about the Solzhenitsyn exhibit, there will be a summer exhibit at the Museum this season, with the permanent exhibit at the Stone Church hopefully established by the summer of 2014. We will have the Stone Church open on July 6, as part of Summer Fest and again on July 27, as part of the Town Wide Tag Sale.

• Summer Fest: The annual plant sale will be July 6, and once again there will be a chance to get the best hosta at the lowest price in town. There will also be a sale of Gloria Leven quilts. If you are interested in booth space at this event, please contact Margo 226-7807 or as soon as possible. Space is going quickly.

Glimmerstone Mansion is now accepting reservations for our outdoor patio dining and music event scheduled for Friday, June 7th (rain date Saturday, June 8th). Dinner will include pub and fine dining menu selections. Bring your lawn chair and enjoy a live acoustic guitar performance by Don Dawson (music from the 60's to present) under the pergola. You can check out Don Dawson's music at Please call 802-554-0045 for reservations.

Our pub and fire pit will be open to the public during this event for those who do not want dinner and music.

To learn more about upcoming events in Cavendish and surrounding towns go to:

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