Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Creativity in Hiding Valuables in your Home to Prevent Theft

The following is a press release from the VT State Police.

With the increase in opiate and other drug related addictions in The State of Vermont there has been a clear spike in Burglaries where valuables to include Jewelry, Gold, Silver, Money, and Sterling Silver are stolen. These items can be quickly pawned at coin and jewelry shops for a fast cash return.

A burglar leaves the victims of their crime shaken and traumatized with a sense of insecurity. Citizens should be cognizant that burglars know the most common hiding spots in ones home. During various investigations throughout the past year it's been found that burglars typically will enter a home and go straight for the master bedroom dresser, jewelry box, or closet. If citizens have their expensive jewelry neatly organized in one of these locations it's extremely easy for the thief to locate that same organized spot and steal all of it. Typically a simple pillow case is stolen off the victim's bed and used as a sack to steal the valuables.

Citizens need to be aware burglars know the common hiding spots. There is a time frame for thieves to look around. They are not going to want to stay in your home longer than necessary to prevent detection from you the homeowner, a neighbor, or even just someone passing by the home. Because of this time restriction hiding valuables may prevent theft. In order for this to be effective you have to hide your items in an inconspicuous location essentially making them "invisible" to the searching eye.

The following are some things you can do to be creative and think outside the box to prevent valuable jewelry thefts:

Hide expensive valuables in a room other than your master bedroom. Be creative in where you put the jewelry. You could place the jewelry in a shoe box in the top shelf of a child's bedroom closet room or other location. Thieves aren't going to take extra time to look in inconspicuous locations. If you have an event coming up bring your jewelry out but hide it again if the jewelry is going to be just sitting for weeks or months at time. Hiding Jewelry in your kitchen is another option inside a box or bag. Placing it in a box or other container in one of many kitchen cabinet works well too. Thieves do not want to take the time to conduct and thorough search for your valuables.

Inexpensive security boxes containing cash and other valuable items kept in the master bedroom are practically ineffective as they are typically stolen. If you have money at home you may consider hiding your money in a creative spot or simply burying your money or other valuables in a secure location outside. Wrap the item in a plastic bag before doing so. Imitation rocks with small enclosed compartments are also available for concealing items; you can then place them in the garden along with the real rocks and stones. A thief is not going to take the time to check your property for your hidden money.

Hiding valuables in your basement or garage can be very beneficial. These areas tend can be cluttered. If the area is cluttered a thief isn't going to want to take the time to do a thorough search. The thieve is not going to want to look through 15 boxes on a shelf in your basement to find your $10,000 in jewelry or your $2,000 in cash. You will know which box your valuables are in but the thief will not.

As a community policing article the Vermont State Police New Haven Troopers want to provide this information to the citizens of Addison County to prevent family valuables from being stolen and pawned or sold. Anyone who would like more advice is asked to Contact The New Haven State Police Barracks at 1-802-388-4919.

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