Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cavendish Select Board Agenda for 9/9/13

The Cavendish Select Board will meet on Sept. 9 (Monday) at 6:30 pm in the town office. The agenda will include the following:

• Jim Toher, Waste Management Market Area Manager, and Randy Dapron, Resource Solutions Market Area Manager, for Casella will be present to provide information and answers to specific questions to help the Board of Selectmen with the informational needs so that the final decisions can be made. These decisions are necessary for equipment procurement and operational contract in order to prepare for the initiation of zero-sort recycling in Cavendish. The Town Manager will also provide information regarding necessary approvals for modification of the Cavendish operating permit for the Transfer Station.

• Town Manager to introduce information and correspondence regarding a recent application by a non-profit for a Vermont state permit for a medical marijuana dispensary.

• Jason Rasmussen, Planner at SWCRPC present to discuss with the Board a Cavendish application for a Municipal Planning Grant for the purpose of supporting preparation of an update of the Cavendish Town Plan. The plan update is proposed to include enhancement of certain plan sections and inclusion of certain required elements and updated maps. Representatives of the Cavendish Planning Commission are anticipated to be on hand for this discussion and request submission of an application for the grant.

• Town Manager provide a summary report on the 2013 Paving Program.

• Town Manager to report on the Chubb Hill Road Modification Project including work completed, work remaining and a spreadsheet of expense detail.

• Progress update on the Staley property matter regarding clean-up of the hazardous fire-damaged site.

• Progress update on the Cavendish/Soveren solar project.

• Town Manager to share submitted resumes of candidates for appointment to the position of Town Clerk/Treasurer until the next Annual Town Meeting (3/4/14). This appointment is for the vacancy to be created by the retirement of Town Clerk/Treasurer Jane S. Pixley who has served in the position since 1994.

• Announcement of an Open House afternoon at the meeting room of the Town Office from 1 -4:30 pm on Friday, Sept. 27, to honor the retiring Town Clerk/Treasurer Jane S. Pixley for her 19 years as Clerk/Treasurer, her overall 27 years of service at the Cavendish Town Office and her years of service at CTES beforehand. The open house will include light refreshments and an opportunity for any citizens, officers of the town, town employees, former town employees, friends, professional acquaintances, relatives and all others who may wish to stop by, chat, reminisce, offer congratulations and well wishes (or retirement advice) to Jane.

• Update on town counsel review of PACE Program contractual documents.

• Review and approval of FY14 Cavendish Municipal Wastewater System (sanitary sewer) Budget and Rates.

• Updates on various other town activities including the ERP grants and highway projects. 

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