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CTES Board Minutes 8/20/13 and 8/27/13

Cavendish Town Elementary School – Art Center Tuesday, August 20, 2013

: Stuart Lindburg, Scott Ranney, Amanda Tyrell, and Sharon Huntley
Administration: George Thomson-Principal, Bruce Williams-Superintendent and Chris Adams- Business Manager
Public: Peggy Svec, Jenn Harper (6:05), Debbie Carleton-Recording Secretary and LPC-TV Video Recorder

Call to order

Stuart, acting board chair, called the meeting to order at 5:32 p.m.

Comments from the Community: None

Approval of Minutes of July 16th, 2013: Amanda made a motion to approve the minutes of July 16th, 2013. Scott seconded the motion. Motion approved as presented.

Roof Repair Report: George requested the roof repair report be tabled until Rolf was present.

Teacher / Staff Agreement
Bruce presented the final copy of the Master Teacher’s Agreement. He pointed out a few minor errors that Alison DesLauriers and Jenn Harper had found, these errors have no impact on the Agreement. Jenn asked for legal advice as how to proceed before ratifying and was advised to strike out, revise and initial. Bruce then asked Sharon to sign the agreement that had been ratified by the teachers on Monday, August 19th. Sharon agreed and explained that these are the results of a 3 year process. She hopes the errors are not substantial issues as the negotiations committee spent a lot of time on the agreement and worked well as a committee to bring contracts from all schools under one agreement. She said Alison was just amazing. Chris explained that pay scale and benefits differ between schools.
Stuart had some general concerns including Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), understands CTES didn’t make AYP again. In a different world without the union there would be no raises with this lack of performance. Stuart said he is worried about where we are going with the kind of money spent we are not seeing any great improvement in student success. Sharon said she would not comment on that piece but they did review teachers pay tied to performance. Those that are doing a great job oppose to those who are not. She said it was talked about in great length, how you judge what the parameters are in each of the different courses and decided not to pursue them at that time.

Stuart said we need more time to look it over the agreement before making any kind of judgment on it and figure out what we are doing about it. He then asked what we are doing about Professional Development. He mentioned that Jim Ballentine had great concerns about teaching staff outside of the classrooms on a regular basis and what has changed in this contract if anything to try to keep the teachers with the kids on a more regular basis.

Sharon said they are entitled to get Professional Development; we should always encourage them to continue to get new skills. Scott asked “why do they have to get professional development on our nickel”. Bruce said the basics are that it is part of the negotiated agreement. Stuart asked if this was part of the plan to address AYP. Bruce said yes among other things. Discussion ensued around Vermont standards, statistics are misleading as the bar continues to raise.

Amanda commented that the performance assessments will be changing from NECAP standards to Common Core standards. Bruce said that he and Linda would be happy to meet with staff to review this move at a later time.

George shared that we have a special education department because there are students that need the extra help; they are in special education because they are not meeting the standards. Our goals are to work with these students and to help them achieve. This question is will they meet these standards.

Sharon made a motion to approve the contract between the boards of school directors and the TRSU Association VT NEA formally Windsor Southwest Education Association 2012- 2015. Stuart asked for a second. No second motion made.

Scott made motion to table the Teachers Agreement until the next board meeting on Tuesday, August 27, 2013. Stuart seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Principal’s Report

George handed out a budget summary (attached) created by Angela Martin at Central Office. George said Angie will do these on a regular basis and everything looks fine. He reported the audit was completed on August 7th also Irene’s last day. He thought it went well.

Chris handed out a preliminary budget report. The auditors said that Jane Pixley had given out too much of the Educational Fund to the school district. The auditors said she gave $52,000 too much which causes the budget to flat line where there had been a plus in the budget overall. Chris said he was attempting to reconcile the statistical reports for the state, they disagreed with auditors also. Chris spoke with Jane yesterday and she gave back the money. The bottom line is more than what was there a week ago. Chris did a contingency fund report on the teacher contracts. Discussion ensued regarding the contingency fund. There will be more to come on the audit.

George said the Karen McNamara is adjusting very well and he is happy to have her at the


Since Rolf was there, George gave an update on construction company PKL. The roof is complete and looks very nice. They have started painting the end building and the facia has been removed. The skylights in the library were delayed but are in and look really nice. George gave an overview of the soffit issue. The soffit is the overhanging part where air is suppose to go in, they found blown in insulation was blocking the air flow. Therefore, the roof gets very hot and can cause issues such as ice buildup and other issues and they gave a proposal to take out the insulation in the amount of $9,200. Scott said we need to get another proposal. George said he will attempt to get another bid. Scott asked George who did the insulation job. George said he didn’t know it was done in 2004. Scott asked that they be contacted to let them know they didn’t do the job properly and to fix it. George agreed to investigate.

George explained by law we have to have an Asbestos Management Plan in place. We have a plan and when the school was rebuilt, all asbestos was removed. We knew we were supposed to have annual inspections but believe since all the asbestos had been removed, we chose not to pay for annual inspections. So our plan is not current. Our plan is relatively current all we need is a letter from HP Cummings that we have an asbestos free building then potentially we will not have an annual inspection. But will still have to notify parents and the supervisory union that a plan is in place. We did get a letter from HP Cummings and that letter was sent to EPA with no reply.

George said that we did get a grant that Jenn Harper applied for to get a mid morning and afternoon snack for students. And that provides fresh fruits and vegetables.

George said last year we had some interest in an afterschool program. Vanessa Dwinell White runs the afterschool program in Ludlow and has written a grant to extend the Ludlow program to CTES and the grant was approved. The program will run from 3:00p.m. to 5:30p.m. Mondays, Wednesdays, 

Thursdays, & Fridays and on Tuesdays from 12:30p.m. to 5:30p.m. There is sliding scale for parents. George said he is excited about this program. He does have a candidate for this position. Bruce reported that he has hired Zoe Lirakus for the after school program coordinator.

George informed the board that In-service Day is Monday, August 26th at GMUHS. And Tuesday teachers will be at school getting their rooms ready and going over handbooks and confidentially training. The school is in good shape for the first day of school. All families are invited in for a continental breakfast on Wednesday.

The maintenance staff has been working really hard to get school ready. There are parts of play ground need to be replaced such as cushions that are ripped and torn. They have been there 15 years. They no longer have chips. Since replacement wood chips are not in the budget, George asked for permission to spend interest on trust funds and would like to use up to 2,000 unless someone donates these items.

Sharon made a motion to allow George to access funds from the White fund to make playground repairs and improvements. Stuart seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Superintendent Report
Bruce said we are looking forward to staff returning and the board is welcome to join us at the In-service day breakfast at GMUHS starting at 8:00a.m. with Professional Development starting at 9:00a.m.

Bruce informed the board that last year the Ludlow Rotary Club wrote a grant for $10,000 and has been matched by the Dolly Parton Foundation. Any child 0 – 5 are eligible to receive a free book and will be mailed to homes every month. All children need to do is sign up. Amanda said forms are located at the library. George added that parents need to read to their children.

Bus Route

George went over the map that he created of the bus route. He said parents are flexible in dropping students off at bus stops. We cannot use Depot Street this year due to the condition of the bridge. A bus driver has been advertized. The bus is getting a new tail pipe. Overall the bus is in good shape.

Other Business

Bruce said if anyone had any further questions regarding the agreement to please contact him at his email address williamsb@rwsu.net. George added that the TRSU Administrative Council plan to meet every 2 weeks. He said the transition has been a good experience and appears to have gone pretty smooth. Chris said there have been challenges but most of the boxes are unpacked. George said he believes the orders are being signed at the supervisory union. He added that the orders can be signed at the school if time is an issue.

Executive Session: None

Adjournment: Sharon made a motion to adjourn at 6:40p.m. Amanda seconded the motion. Motion approved.
Respectfully submitted by: Debbie Carleton 

CTES: Special Board Meeting: August 27, 2013 Minutes

Board: Dr. Bont, Amanda Tyrell, Sharon Huntley, Stuart Lindberg and Scott Ranney Administration: George Thomson-Principal, Bruce Williams-Superintendent
Public: Jenn Harper, Robin Bebo-Long, Tracy Churchill, Peggy Svec, Anne Thompson, Connie Kendall and Debbie Carleton-Recording Secretary

Call to order:  Dr. Bont called the meeting to order at 5:31 p.m.

Comments from the Community: None

Ratification of Master Teachers Agreement WSEA 2012-2015
Dr. Bont requested a motion to approve the agreement. Sharon made a motion to ratify the Master WSEA Teachers Agreement for 2012–2015. Amanda seconded the motion. Stuart requested the board go into Executive session to go over the agreement the same way that Green Mountain Union High School board did last week. Stuart made a motion to go into Executive Session to discuss the Master Teachers Agreement and to invite the Superintendent and Principal. Scott seconded the motion. Motion approved.

The board came out of Executive Session at 5:50. Dr. Bont asked all in favor. 3-Ayes 2-Nays
Motion approved.

Ratification of Master Support Staff Agreement WSEA 2012-2014

Sharon made motion to ratify the Master WSEA Support Staff Agreement for 2012–2014. Amanda seconded the motion. Motion approved. 5-Ayes 0-Nays

Other Business: None
Adjournment: Scott made a motion to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 5:57 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Debbie Carleton Recording Secretary 

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