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CTES Special Board Minutes 9/17/13

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The following minutes will be voted for approval at the October 15 minutes of the School Board Meeting.

Dr. Bont, Amanda Tyrell, Stuart Lindberg and Scott Ranney
Administration: George Thomson-Principal, Bruce Williams-Superintendent
Public: Mike Ripley, Connie Kendall, Deborah
O’brien and Debbie Carleton-Recording Secretary

Call to order: Dr. Bont called the meeting to order at 5:34 p.m.

Comments from the Community: None

Approval of Minutes of August 20th and August 27th, 2013: Scott made a motion to approve the minutes of August 20th and August 27th, 2013. Stuart seconded the motion. Motion approved as presented.

Personnel Amanda submitted and read aloud her letter of resignation to the CTES Board. Amanda resigned from the CTES and TRSU Boards. Scott made a motion to accept the resignation of Amanda Tyrrell with regret. Stuart seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously

Dr. Bont explained the process to fill the board vacancy. Bruce made recommendation to advertise this position. Interested candidates need to send a letter of interest addressed to board chair and mailed to the SU office. George will advertise in the paper of choice the Vermont Journal and the Message. George will also put an ad in the Cavendish Corner school news letter. Amanda suggested including the VSBA mission statement in the advertisement. The deadline is one week prior to the next regular board meeting. Letters will be included in board packet. Candidates will be invited to next meeting where the board will interview them. The board will go into Executive Session to select a candidate.

Finance: George asked if there were any questions on the budget summary included in the packet. He said page two is inaccurate and will be corrected in the next budget summary. Dr Bont asked if there needed to be discussion on where the surplus goes if there is one. George said not until the final audit is complete.

Comprehensive Policy Handbook: Bruce reviewed the history and explained that VSBA John Nelson met with the policy committee throughout the SU transition. School Principal’s have vetted the policies as well. There are three vetted policy categories: required, recommended and to be considered. VSBA recommends get rid of old policies that reflect state law if the law changes then the policy has to be amended. These policies would become procedures. The Policy Committee recommended these policies be adopted and all existing policies be rescinded policies at a later time.

Bruce explained schools can further adopt policies as needed. This can be done in November. George pointed out to the board the policy index list has been reduced from 5 1⁄2 to 1 1⁄2 pages. George has a few policies they may want to add.

Bruce said the TRSU board recommends by formal action, that the local boards adopt this policy manual.

Bruce explained the policies in the packet are for a First Read and any questions and/or concerns can be voiced up until the October board meeting when the policies will be ready for adoption. Bruce said we have a question into the state regarding when to warn to rescind policies. The procedure will be to rescind the old policies. Bruce explained schools can further adopt policies as needed.
Two Rivers Supervisory Union Update

Bruce reported that Friday, September 27th is an In-service Day. Michael Eppolito has coordinated an SU wide Professional Development sessions led by local teachers teaching teachers.

Bruce introduced a new meeting configuration for the board to consider. At the SU Executive Committee meeting there was discussion about consolidating meetings in some way. Changing the number of board meetings would extend the availability of Linda, Bruce and Chris Adams. Currently the “carousel” meetings for Ludlow work as follows: Three schools have one meeting per month on the same day in one location. Locations rotate each month. They meet separately to discuss business that pertains directly to their school. At a designated time these three boards would then meet together with the superintendent, associate superintendent, and business manager to discuss common issues. Linda and Bruce proposed that GMUHS, CAES, and CTES meet on the same night and BRHS, LES, and MHES meet on another night. Discussion ensued about the proposal.

Stuart voiced his concern regarding the community traveling outside of their town to attend board meetings. Bruce confirmed others had voiced the same concern but now like the meetings held this way. Stuart then asked public if they thought it would be a challenge to drive to another town to attend board meetings. The public said it didn’t matter.

Principal’s Report George said lots of parents attended school opening. He reported that enrollment is down by 4 students. A bus driver resigned, his last day is September 30th. George said he has advertised in the newspaper and has posted on the sign out from but has had no applicants. George has send
School Reach inquires and still there have been no interests. Scott said may need to increase pay.
George said pay is in master contract, they are looking for health care benefits. Bruce said the contract may need to be renegotiated. Stuart said there is a shortage of all drivers in the State of Vermont. George said it is not mandatory to supply transportation. Stuart asked if transportation has to be provided for Special Education students. Bruce said he is checking into this and other avenues. He said it is important to get the word out. Discussion ensued.

George informed board that he has received a letter from HB Cummings that the building is asbestos free, no asbestos was used in the building materials. We still have to follow the Asbestos Management Plan by law to be compliant. Tim Considine is the designated person for CTES.

George reported that the fruits & vegetable grant has been granted and snacks are received every day except Tuesdays.

George said the After School Program is going well, there are 15 participating students. There is a homework club portion of the program with no additional cost. He is interviewing now for a second person to work with these students. There was an inspection yesterday in order to be a subsidized site.
Thursday is safety day. There will be emergency bus evacuation. The fire department is doing an extraction demonstration. All grades and Stepping Stones will tour fire station and viewing and explanation of the ambulance station.

George is working on getting the chips for the playground.

George said there is no heat in the building at this time as the boilers are not working. Service technicians are working on one motor that’s not working it will be replaced tomorrow.

Superintendent Report Proposal made earlier in the meeting

Other Business Scott asked if the pay orders could be moved the library instead of George’s office. George said custodian can get into his office.

Stuart asked about a roof follow up. George said it is on the backseat right now. Rolf does want to update the board. Stuart said he wants to make sure the vent gets installed.

Executive Session None

Adjournment Scott made a motion to adjourn at 6:34 p.m. Stuart seconded the motion. Motion carried unanimously.
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Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Carleton Recording Secretary 

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