Wednesday, November 13, 2013


On Saturday November 2, two members of the Proctorsville Volunteer Fire Department (PFD) were injured, though not in the line of service. According to PFD, “PFD received a tone for a man that was hit by a tree during logging operations. Ludlow Ambulance Service and PFD responded to find it was our 1st Lt Seth Perry. [Seth is also the Cavendish Town Constable.] He was transported to Greven Field to be air lifted to DHMC by Boston Med Flight. Seth sustained a broken collarbone, concussion, and severe muscle bruising. ....“While PFD Firefighters were on scene for Seth there was another tone for Ludlow Ambulance to respond to Cavendish for male in his 30s that had fallen from a roof about 12 ft. high. Ludlow Ambulance responded to find our 2nd Lt Nate Rose with a severe leg injury. Nate was transported to Springfield and later transferred to DHMC with a shattered heel. Both Lt's look to have a long recovery ahead of them. Nate is being told that he will never be able to walk the same again as he not only shattered his heel but also displaced several other bones in his foot.

To help Seth, Nate and their families, please consider doing one of the following:

• Contributing to a fund established by PFD. Checks, payable to Proctorsville Fire Department and earmarked for Seth and Nate, can be sent to PFD, PO Box 81, Proctorsville, VT 05153. The money will be divided between the 2 families.

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