Thursday, November 7, 2013

Proctorsville Fire Department Memorial

Anyone driving through Proctorsville over the last few months is likely to have noticed some changes taking place at the Fire Station.  A little over a year ago, the Proctorsville Fire Department began raising money for a Firefighter Memorial to honor those currently in the fire service as well as those who will serve no more.  In early summer of 2013, thanks to the generosity of our townspeople, our neighbors, and our visitors, work began on the project. 

A concrete retaining wall was poured to create a flat area adjacent to the station’s parking area.  On this new grassy flat, a Verde Antique memorial stone has just recently been placed with exquisite engraving thanks to Proctor Marble.  The stone itself is local, donated by the Ruby family from their quarry on Twenty Mile Stream Rd.  Work yet to be done includes the addition of an American Flag on a 25 foot pole, donated by the Ludlow American Legion Post, and lighting to go with it.  In early spring of 2014, landscaping around the memorial will be completed with flowers and bushes, as well as a safety railing on top of the concrete wall.  Dedication of this memorial is scheduled for early summer of 2014.

A great deal of hard work and generosity went into making this memorial a reality.  The Proctorsville Fire Department would like to sincerely thank the following people and businesses:  Richard Svec, the Cavendish Town Crew, Sanderson Contracting, The American Legion, The Ruby family, Katherine Starks, Nancy Brown, Douglas and Lisa Fenclau, Elsie Locke, Cindy Barber, William and Karen McNamara, Salvatore and alice Campofranco, Monica McNally and Mark Filanowski, John and Jennifer Chobor, Ossie and Douglas Spector, Anita Bean, Paul and Gloria DeVere, Michael and Katalin Welch, Edward and Jennie Kolenda, Roger and Bessie Sheehan, Kenneth and Chee-Chee Tyrrell, Mario A. Gattorna, Sandra Russo and Michael Pember, Raymond and Lucinda Fitzgibbons, Kenneth and Gayle Farrar, John and Patricia Smart, Claire and William Walker, Proctorsville Fire in Memory of Wilma Glidden, David Gallagher, Geoffrey and Cynthia Hecht, Ruby and Judith Askinazi, George Truesdale, Wilma Glidden, Cheryl Foster, Ellyn Ladd, Marin and Robert Ahrens, Dr. Stacia Spaulding, Dr. Jonathan Rice, Ronald and Bonnie Enig, Carol Baranowski, Audrey and Stanley Hoszkiewicz, Antoinette and Todd Laporte, Dean and Teresa Harrington, Richard and Korrinne Manders, Robert and Nancy Jones, Lawrence and Grace DePaolo, Seymour and Gloria Leven MD, Bernard Jacobs MD, Edward and Mildred Fitzgibbons, Floyd Blanchard and Jacqueline, Richard and Sandra Paczkowski, Wendy Lichtensteiger and Robert Zseleczky, Elsie and James Ballantine Jr., Russell and Lorraine Fitzgibbons, Pat Loeschorn, Evelyn and Dexter Lockwood, Somerset Furf LLD, VT Transco, Robert and Cynthia McGuire, Grahall Properties LLC, Oleo Corp Castle Hill Resort and Spa, Jams and Flora Burke, Timothy and Karen Rowe, Stephen and Diane Tyrrell, Joseph and Karen Sullivan, Lauren Flaherty, William Howell, Cavendish Canine Camp, Eloise and James McNulty, Jade Leven and Jane Hart, Roger and Marylee Arnow, Robert and Joyce Digianvittorio, Robert and Karlene Glidden, Kathleen and William Kalanowski, George King, Barbara Dickey, David and Cynthia Coutu, Bernard and Ali Stein, Green Mountain Fire inc., Paul and Penny Carbo, Stoneway C.O.T.S. LLC, Hans and Theresa Schrag, Harold Fass, David Lockyer, Karen Maier, Mike Caron, John Aldrich, Stewart Property Management, Joseph Nardini, Jessie Brown. George and Natalie Raymond, Karen Greenwood, Joseph and Karen Marini, Joe and Elizabeth Bammarito, Donald Davies Delaware inc., Joseph and Mary Specht, Frank and Barbara Navetta, Albert and Susan Poirier, Dennis Dieters and Chikako Suginome, Angelina Flannery, Ella Wyman, Izzet Haci, Karolina Kawiaka Studio LLC, Daniel Churchill, Joan Jansah, Simon James, Judith Prescott, Ann and Kevin Brown, Myrtle Rebekan Lodge #6, Jamie and Ginger Farquhar, Norm and Judy Spaulding, Owens, Michael Niceberg, Frank and Mildred Bogacki, Christopher and Heather Woodell, Belle McKnight, Arnold Stillwell, Jennifer Stowell, Ronald B. Shirley, Faye Miner, Yolande Mastroianni and Thomas Naclerio, Peter and Dorothy Ramsdell, Daniel and Judith Massey, Thomas Naclerio, Henry and Carol Soleski, S.A. Scholfield, Ted Zienowicz, Wayne Farrar, Robert and Susan French, Anna Spaulding, Peggy Renney, Mark Curkin, and William Buswell.

And last but not least, The Proctorsville Fire Department would like to thank our own Assistant Chief Roger Sheehan for being the vision and driving force behind making this memorial a reality. 

Please join us this summer for the dedication ceremony.

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