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Cavendish Update 7/25/14 News/Tag Sale/Events

The Cavendish Connects website now includes much of what was included on this blog as well as a calendar of Cavendish events. The new blog, “The Dish,” includes the Cavendish Update as well as on-going information.

Welcome Riders! This weekend is the HOG (Harley OwnersGroup) rally.  Please watch out for bikers who will be in and around our town today and tomorrow.

Information can also be posted on the Cavendish VT Facebook Page.

The 7/25/14 Cavendish Update Contains:
1. Cavendish Related News
2. Town Wide Tag Sale is Tomorrow
3. Proctorsville Green Concert Series
4. Cavendish WWII Talks Now On-line
5. Save the Date:15th Annual RiverSweep and Junk Jam
6. Events
7. Support Cavendish Connects

Whitesville Bridge Dedication: On Thursday, July 24, the Whiteville Bridge on Route 131 was officially opened. Rich Svec, on behalf of the town of Cavendish dedicated the opening of the bridge, which was damaged during Irene, to the Vermont National Guard and in memory of Sgt. Shawn Stocker, of the Air National Guard, who died while on duty during recovery efforts. This bridge replacement is the last major repair project from Irene. While seldom talked about, this is a good time to note and thank Rich Svec and the various town staff for their countless hours working with FEMA, doing road repair etc. After the 1973 flood, the town had to float a 30-year bond to help with recovery. The damage from the 2011 flood was considerably more-estimates are over $4 million. Thanks to Svec and his team, who were willing to spend countless hours on paperwork, a majority of the repairs were paid for by FEMA and the State. While Cavendish had to borrow money, it has been repaid and we have no debt. With only a few projects remaining, it is anticipated these will be completed by Sept. 2015 when FEMA funding ends. Read more about the dedication at the Cavendish VT Blog. 

Market Basket in Claremont Caught up in Family Feud: The turmoil hitting the Market Basket chain has reached Claremont, as the Washington Street grocery store location reports it is running low on stock. According to one shopper on Thursday, “All of the essentials are gone, just about.” The store is low on dairy, out of seafood, nearly out of meat, and offered little else besides bananas and the odd melon in the produce section. What started as a Demoulas family feud turned into a full-blown employee revolt when Arthur T. Demoulas was fired last month as president of the grocery store chain by a board of directors led by his cousin, Arthur S. Demoulas.

Vermont one of the Best States to Raise Children: The 25th edition of the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Kids Count Data Book,  lists Massachusetts, Vermont and Iowa as the highest ranked states, while Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico were among the lowest. VT ranks number 2 in the country for best places to raise children based on 4 indicators: economic well-being, education, health and family and community.

The 4th Annual Cavendish Town Wide Tag Sale gets underway tomorrow, July 26, at 9 am. For those setting up on one of the greens, be sure to bring your own table, chairs and canopy. Please remove trash and anything that doesn’t sell at the end of the day.

In addition to the on-line list of vendors, maps will be available at three locations-Cavendish Baptist Church, Cavendish Historical Society and the Proctorsville Volunteer Fire Dept. (PVFD) booth on the Proctorsville Green. This year, there will be a benefit car wash-$5- for the Help Jenny Heal Fund-at the Cavendish Fire Department and the Cavendish Library will have a book and movie sale. There are also a group of students who will be on the Cavendish Green raising money for the renovation of the playground on that Green. A number of non-profit groups serving our area will be on the Proctorsville Green and food is available at the Cavendish Baptist Church while the PVFD will be hosting a BBQ on the Proctorsville Green.

Where provided, the on-line information lists various items the vendors are selling. The web site will be continually updated until about 7 am on the 26th.

It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day tomorrow, so get out there and sell and/or shop!

Sometimes the weather just does not cooperate.  On Wednesday, July 23rd, faced with high winds, lightning and downpours, the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA) called off the outdoor concert featuring Sensible Shoes. Rescheduling will extend the concert season as Sensible Shoes will perform on Wednesday, August 20th .  The concert will begin at 6:00 p.m. and will be sponsored by the Golden Stage Inn and by Old Cavendish Products.

On August 6th at 6:00 p.m. Yankee Chank will appear at the Green in Proctorsville.  Black River Produce will sponsor this concert. Yankee Chank is a Vermont group that performs traditional Cajun music from the heart of southwest Louisiana. 

Why does a Vermont band play Cajun music?  Primarily because the French-speaking people of eastern Canada, our immediate neighbor to the north, was the inspiration for the southern Cajuns.  Yankee Chank has been performing both Cajun and Zydeco music around Vermont and beyond, using fiddle, accordion, guitar and bass since 1996.  The band’s performances offer a distinctive immersion into this unique regional music.

In the event of rain on Aug. 6, there will be a Cajun dance party, complete with instructions, at 6 pm at the Cavendish Town Elementary School. With any luck, there might even be some gumbo.

All concerts are free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome. FMI: Robin at 226-7736 or Vermont Summer Concert Series

In June, three of Cavendish’s WWII veterans-Carmine Guica, Jim Hasson, and Seymour Leven spoke to the sixth graders about their experiences during WWII. All three served in the Pacific theater in different branches of the military -Leven was a tail gunner on a B-29; Guica was an Army cook, spending almost a year sleeping in a foxhole in places like Okinawa, and Hasson was a Seabee, entering military service at 17. ’You can watch Leven  and Hasson on UTube.

The Black River Action Team (BRAT) invites volunteers of all ages to lend their time and elbow-grease to the 15th Annual RiverSweep! Held on the Saturday after Labor Day Weekend (this year on September 6th), RiverSweep is a trash-gathering extravaganza aimed at the bed and banks of the Black River in Windsor County, Vermont.

Stop in at one of two headquarters after 8AM on September 6th: in Springfield at the Citizens Bank drive-up by the footbridge in the Shopping Plaza on the Chester Road, or in Ludlow at the gazebo on the town green in Veterans Park by the Fletcher Memorial Library.  Sign in, pick up a little light refreshment, work-gloves and garbage bags. Pick a place to look for trash, and set off. Bring back your "haul" by 11AM so BRAT can take inventory and photos; clean up and enjoy some lunch donated by area business-folks.

In recognition of this being the 15th RiverSweep, pick a piece of trash to "play" in the first-ever "Junk Jam" -- a spontaneous music-making event in the spirit of The Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay. Cleaning up is important, but it can also be creative and fun to repurpose our junk!

RiverSweep and Junk Jam will wrap up by noon. Please contact BRAT Director Kelly Stettner for more details or with any questions: or (802) 885-1533. 

Donations are gratefully accepted sent either directly to BRAT (101 Perley Gordon Rd, Springfield VT 05156) or to BRAT's fiscal agent, Ottauquechee Natural Resources Conservation District (made out to ONRCD with a note of "BRAT" on the check, mailed to ONRCD, 28 Farmvu Dr, WRJ VT 05001).

The following Cavendish related events are taking place in the coming week:

JULY 25 (FRIDAY: Ludlow Farmer’s Market featuring a number of Cavendish vendors, 4-7 pm on the front lawn of Okemo Mountain School, 53 Main Street in Ludlow. 

JULY 27 (SUNDAY): The Cavendish Historical Society Museum is open from 2-4 pm.  

JULY 28 (MONDAY): Yoga with Lydia Ouvaroff: 5 pm at Gethsemane Episcopal Parish Hall off Depot Street in Proctorsville. Cost is a donation. FMI: 802-299-9515 (cell) or 228-3261.

JULY 29  (TUESDAY): Bone Builders Bone Builders meeting at the Cavendish Baptist Church each Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 11:30 am.  Weighs are used to help build muscle and stave off osteoporosis for both men and women. Exercises also focus on balance.  Call Charlotte Snyder at 226-7343 or Dot Ramsdell at 226-7870 or RSVP office at 885-2083.  RSVP is the sponsor of this activity.

JULY 30 (WEDNESDAY): Proctorsville Concert, Chris Kleeman 6 pm. FMI: Robin at 226-7736 or Vermont Summer Concert Series 
• Free Community BBQ at the Cavendish Library: 6 pm, 50/50 Raffle. Magic Show by Tom Joyce.

JULY 31 (THURSDAY): Bone Builders Bone Builders meeting at the Cavendish Baptist Church each Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 11:30 am.  Weighs are used to help build muscle and stave off osteoporosis for both men and women. Exercises also focus on balance.  Call Charlotte Snyder at 226-7343 or Dot Ramsdell at 226-7870 or RSVP office at 885-2083.  RSVP is the sponsor of this activity.
• Annual Tie Dye Day at the Cavendish Library: Bring a T-shirt, pillowcase or even socks and make them bright and beautiful.

AUGUST 1 (FRIDAY): LudlowFarmer’s Market featuring a number of Cavendish vendors, 4-7 pm on the front lawn of Okemo Mountain School, 53 Main Street in Ludlow. 

To learn more about upcoming events in Cavendish and surrounding towns go to:
• Events listed by month 
• Events listed by day 
• To register an event 

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