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Cavendish Update: 7/4/14 Storm/News/Events

The Cavendish Connects website now includes much of what was included on this blog as well as a calendar of Cavendish events. The new blog, “The Dish,” includes the Cavendish Update as well as on-going information.

Parts of Cavendish have been hit hard by last evening thunderstorm. As of 5 am, July 4, 226 Green Mountain Power (GMP) customers in Cavendish and 688 in Ludlow are without power. GMP has already stated that some customers will not have it restored until Sunday.

According to the Cavendish Volunteer Fire Department, at 8:45 last night they responded to downed power lines on Hoey Rd. due to a blown down tree. Roads in that area-Town Farm, South Reading from Brook and Knapp Pond were closed at that time.

Comments being posted about conditions in Cavendish include: We lost a lot of trees and now have a fabulous view of the ridge.” “Please be advised that as of 8pm on Knapp pond road, it looks like a war zone and power is out. Will get pics out in the morn of the damage near the ponds.”

A slow moving cold front will continue to produce rain in our area tapering off overnight. Some areas have received 1-2 inches of rain. Today’s additional rain could lead to rises on streams and creeks and possible minor flooding of poor drainage and low-lying areas.

4th of July events being impacted by the weather and last night’s storm will be posted to the Cavendish VT Facebook Page.You don’t have to be a Facebook member to read the site, only to post comments.

In 1898, Cavendish/Proctorsville celebrated the 4th of July with free lemonade for all and a parade featuring horribles, the Felchville calthumpian band and small boys with firecrackers. Learn more about the “horrible and calthumpians at the Cavendish Historical Society blog.

 Information can also be posted on the Cavendish VT Facebook Page 

The 7/4/14 Cavendish Update Contains:
1. Cavendish Related News
2. Vermont Laws in Effect as of July 1
3. Town Wide Tag
4. July 16 Proctorsville Green Concert: Rick Redington
5. CTES Art’s Night on LPCTV
6. BRGNS Takes up Gardening
7. Events
8. Become a Friend of Cavendish Connects

Cavendish Crime Watch: There was another vehicle break in on Main St in Proctorsville on June 29. This vehicle was unlocked! Please lock your cars and trucks as it is a deterrent.. There also appears to be  a small silver car, with a loud muffler, casing the Atkinson Road area. If you see anything suspicious, please contact the VT State Police.

Congratulations to Zach McNaughton and Elliot Thompson: At the national video competition at SkillsUSA, former CTES student , Elliot Thompson, and son of teacher Ann Thompson, was part of a two person team from River Valley Technical Center that took home the gold. Their teacher and advisor is Proctorsville resident Zach McNaughton. Congratulations on a job well done.

Detour Problems: Many people are complaining about the lack of signage and non local drivers lost in the back roads. Please direct your concerns to the state person responsible for this project- Jacqueline Dagesse at 802-324-5522.

VT Attorney General’s Warning to Seniors: Seniors, be wary of telemarketers contacting you, requesting your information in order to issue a new Medicare card. These are scams, phishing for your information in order to gain unauthorized access to your bank accounts and steal your money! Learn more about how to stop these types of calls.

VTel Launches High Speed Wireless Broadband: Nearly four years after receiving an $81 million federal Rural Utilities Service (RUS) broadband stimulus grant and a $35 million government loan, VTel has officially launched a high speed wireless broadband system that will eventually cover nearly all of Vermont, including Cavendish. Vtel’s wireless system will have higher download limits at lower prices.  The company's top tier package will cost $90 per month for unlimited data and 50 gigabytes of downloads. The lowest monthly fee is $10 for one gigabyte. The company says all of its plans include two terabytes of free online storage. Customers will not be required to sign contracts, but will have to purchase equipment. The equipment can also be used to access other mobile broadband networks. VPR

The following laws became effect as of July 1 in Vermont:
• The first phase of a new state law goes into effect that will ultimately ban all food scraps from landfills. Anyone producing at least 2 tons of food scraps (e.g. schools, restaurants, resorts etc.) a week has to ship them to a facility that can handle them.

• Vermont trash centers and drop-off points cannot charge for recycling any longer. This is a gentle way to help ease people into the habit of recycling a year before the state adopts an outright ban on cans and bottles and the like from Vermont landfills.

• There is a further smoking ban, which forbids it anywhere inside hotels, motels and other lodgings as well as prohibits smoking on school grounds, outside of childcare facilities and in facilities caring for young children. The law also creates a 25 foot smoke free buffer zone around state buildings and requires state-owned and operated hospitals or secure facilities to have a smoke-free campus.

• The increasingly popular electronic, or e-cigarettes on school grounds and at licensed childcare facilities is prohibited.

• A permit is now required for development within 250 feet of lakes

• New fee and altered fees take effect including: increase of fees to historic sites-up to $12 in some locations; court costs have increased; Mobile home park owners will owe the state more for every occupied lot; Lobbying firms will pay more than twice as much per lobbyist as they did last year; licenses for funeral home and crematories will rise by 67%; licenses to sell lottery tickets increases while those for medical marijuana dispensaries decreases.

• Dairy farmers can sell raw milk at farmer’s markets

• Doctors can treat long-term Lyme disease without facing sanctions.

The Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) annual plant sale has been moved to July 26, the date of the 4th Annual Town Wide Tag Sale. Very soon you will see the signs for the Sale. If you wish to have space on one of the village or Museum greens, or would like your tag sale listed on the map, please e-mail or call 802-226-7807. If you have items you would like to donate to the CHS tag sale, you can drop them off at the Museum on Sunday 2-4 pm or call for a pick up (226-7807).

The Proctorsville Green Concert on Wednesday, July 16th at 6:00 p.m. will feature Rick Redington.Whether playing an intimate solo acoustic performance in a coffeehouse setting, or rocking
out with his band “The Luv” in a large concert venue, Rick’s performances have something memorable and meaningful for all to share.  Few people come away from these shows without that same warm fuzzy feeling you had at your first school dance.  Rick has recorded with legendary Rock N’ Roll Hall of Famers and has had his music used in films and in Ken Burns’ documentaries.  No strangers to the Proctorsville Green, Rick and the band have delighted the local Wednesday evening concert goers for the past several years. Concerts are free and open to the public and are made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA). FMI: 226-7736 or Vermont Summer Concert Series 

The recent Arts Night at Cavendish Town Elementary School was filmed and is presently airing on LPCTV. It includes a walk through the Art Gallery narrated by Amy Jones and also all of the musical performances. You may enjoy viewing it on the LPCTV Channel 10 (Comcast) or online. We hope you enjoy the show. 

In a new venture this year the employees at Black River Good Neighbor Services have established a “Container Garden” in their parking lot at the thrift store, 37B Main Street in Ludlow.

“The container garden came about through a ‘Green Thumbs at Work’ grant with the Vermont Department of Health and the Vermont Community Garden Network as sponsors,” said BRGNS Vice President, Robert Kottkamp. “The grant is for improving the health of our employees through increasing exercise and the amount of fresh produce in their diets.  But we at BRGNS also hope that the endeavor provides a live demonstration garden for the whole community to see.  It really is easy to grow vegetables no matter where you live and how small your space is. We hope to encourage our clients and store patrons to engage in container gardening next year.”

The containers – a couple of kiddie swimming pools, some large plastic buckets and whole lot of donated five gallon plastic containers—are scattered around the margins of the parking lot, taking advantage of the sunshine.  The soil was donated and the peat moss, plants, garden and watering implements were purchased with grant money. Charlie Nardozzi, Vermont Public Radio’s garden guru, is providing technical assistance.

Audrey Bridge, Executive Director, said “We aren’t afraid of getting a little dirt on our hands, and these plants should yield plenty of produce to improve our employees’ health and to provide some fun.”   Drop by the store and ask Audrey or other employees about how easy and how much fun it is to grow your own dinner in a bucket. FMI: 802-228-3663.

The following Cavendish related events are taking place in the coming week:

JULY 4 (FRIDAY): HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Banks, town office and most businesses will be closed.
 Ludlow Farmer’s Market featuring a number of Cavendish vendors, 4-7 pm on the front lawn of Okemo Mountain School, 53 Main Street in Ludlow. 
• 4th of July Fireworks. 9 pm Ludlow.

JULY 5 (SATURDAY): Arts & Crafts Festival at Fletcher Farm 10-4, 611 Route 103 S. 

JULY 6 (SUNDAY): The Cavendish Historical Society Museum is open from 2-4 pm.

JULY 7 (MONDAY): Yoga with Lydia Ouvaroff: 5 pm at Gethsemane Episcopal Parish Hall off Depot Street in Proctorsville. Cost is a donation. FMI: 802-299-9515 (cell) or 228-3261.
SummerStory Hour at Fletcher Memorial Library, 12:30-1:15 
• Select Board Meeting, 5 pm at the Cavendish Town Office to review tax anticipation notes with town treasurer. Review FY 2014-2015 Tax Rate Calculations with the Town Manager and Town Treasurer and set FY 2014-2015 Tax Rate and Town Energy Committee will discuss a proposed paradigm shift for the Cavendish Solar Project.
JULY 8  (TUESDAY): Bone Builders Bone Builders meeting at the Cavendish Baptist Church each Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 11:30 am.  Weighs are used to help build muscle and stave off osteoporosis for both men and women. Exercises also focus on balance.  Call Charlotte Snyder at 226-7343 or Dot Ramsdell at 226-7870 or RSVP office at 885-2083.  RSVP is the sponsor of this activity.
• Make Your Own Ice Cream at the Cavendish Library

JULY 9 (WEDNESDAY): 1ST Proctorsville Concert, Gypsy Reel: 6 pm, sponsored by Okemo Mountain Resort and CCCA. FMI: Robin at 226-7736 or Vermont Summer Concert Series 

JULY 10 (THURSDAY): Bone Builders Bone Builders meeting at the Cavendish Baptist Church each Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 11:30 am.  Weighs are used to help build muscle and stave off osteoporosis for both men and women. Exercises also focus on balance.  Call Charlotte Snyder at 226-7343 or Dot Ramsdell at 226-7870 or RSVP office at 885-2083.  RSVP is the sponsor of this activity.
• Prize Day at the Cavendish Library

JULY 11 (FRIDAY): Ludlow Farmer’s Market featuring a number of Cavendish vendors, 4-7 pm on the front lawn of Okemo Mountain School, 53 Main Street in Ludlow. 

To learn more about upcoming events in Cavendish and surrounding towns go to:
• Events listed by month 
• Events listed by day 

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