Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cavendish Select Board Mtg 6/13/11

The Cavendish Select Board Meeting will take place on June 13, 6:30 pm at the Cavendish Town Office. The agenda will include:

• Chairman and Town Manager to describe statutory requirements and the procedures for site visit/inspection and hearing on the matter of discontinuance or reclassification of Chapman Street, Town Highway #51. Immediately following the procedural guidance, the chair will call for the meeting to recess and those interested in the Chapman Street site visit will move to the
site for the inspection tour (less than a two minute walk from the town office).

• Site visit at Chapman Street - the participants will reassemble at the High Street end of Chapman Street for a tour and inspection of the road. At the conclusion of the site visit, the Select Board chair will announce that the site visit is concluded and will call for the group to return to the Town Office Meeting Room in order to reconvene and conduct the hearing.

• Reconvene the Select Board Meeting and conduct the Public Hearing on the matter of discontinuance or reclassification of Chapman Street, Town Highway #51. After obtaining testimony and other evidence as may be presented by interested parties, the chair shall announce the closing of the hearing and will specify the intended time frame and manner for the Board to
render a decision in the matter.

• Open the regular Selectboard Meeting.

• Town Manager to describe recent events regarding Town Highway Bridge #58 on Depot Street in Proctorsville and provide an update on remediation plans.

• Follow-up to discussions of those portions of the April and May meetings which pertained to the matter of flooding problems with the brook which crosses Twenty Mile Stream Road by Slattery and courses along and through several properties before going under Main Street (Route 131) eventually out letting to the old canal bed and the Black River.

•  Update on Town-wide Appraisal Update activities including the informal pre-grievance meetings and the grievance hearings. Town Manager to make some general observations about the process to date and a schedule of remaining activities.

• Consider request of Winham and Windsor Housing Trust’s request to have Cavendish include a small insert piece in the July tax bill mailing.

• Review and sign Windsor County Sheriff’s Department Services contract for FY 2011 - 2012.

• Board to review and sign paperwork for two short-term loan renewals.

• Updates on various town activities including highway maintenance and staffing; curb and sidewalk inventory; progress on Rt 131 property closing; 250 Anniversary Committee, the Carlton Road development project, town website, status of ambulance vehicle, etc.

• Other business

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