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Cavendish Update 6/17/11 SB Mtg/Classifieds/Staycation/News

This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

Now that school is officially out, this edition of the Cavendish Update starts a special summer feature called “Staycationing in Cavendish.” The economy, the price of gas, and even the headache of planning a major vacationing, are keeping many people at home this summer. So to help you make the most of your “staycation,” the Update will feature a variety of local activities. If your local business or organization is running a “staycation special,” be sure to e-mail no later than Thursday noon so we can be sure to include it.

The 6/17/11 Cavendish Update Contains
1. Select Board Meeting June 13
2. Cavendish Related News
3. Check out the Cavendish 250th Anniversary Banners
4. Classifieds
5. Cavendish Semiquincentennial: 18th Century Medical Care
6. Vote for Your Favorite Photo
7. Brent Buswell in Free Concert at the Cavendish Baptist Church
8. Voting Now Open for LPCTV Elections/Annual Meeting
9. Staycationing in Cavendish (includes this week’s activities)

1. Select Board Meeting June 13
LPC-TV provides both on-line and cable TV coverage of the Cavendish Select Board Meeting, The following items were discussed at Monday’s meeting:

Chapman Street (also called Stone Church Way as it passes the west side of the Stone Church in Cavendish): Having been warned, a site visit and public meeting were held on the matter of discontinuance or reclassification of Chapman street. The majority of those in attendance were in favor of discontinuance of the road, as it hasn’t been used since the early 1980’s years and they didn’t want to see additional time and tax dollars spent on the issue. Ultimately the board voted three (Ranny, Garrow and Glidden) to two (Timko and Ballantine) for discontinue. Rich Svec, town manager, will meet with the town’s attorney to determine the division of the land between the properties impacted by the discontinuance of the Class IV road.

Signage/Town Roads: During the public comment period, there was discussion about the condition of roads as well as stop signs and speed limits. The board voted to make the intersection of Brook, Atkinson and Center Roads a four way stop. In addition, a “yield” sign will be placed at the bottom of Wiley Hill Road and 35 mph signs will be posted on Center Road.

As to the condition of the roads, particularly Center Road, Svec stated that with the Highway foreman back from medical leave, a plan for dealing with the roads will be developed. In the mean time, Joe Blanchard, former Highway foreman, has been hired to do some road grating as his time permits.

Depot Street Bridge: The Proctorsville Bridge was found to have a hole of sufficient size that the water below could be seen. The Bridge has been reduced to one-way traffic. Svec has hired Gurney Brothers to install plates (June 15 Wednesday) to cover the hole and make it safe for two-lane traffic. While the cost is estimated to be $6,500, when the bridge undergoes it’s major renovation, the plates can be removed and repurposed.

Brook crossing Twenty Mile Stream Road by Slatterly: At the May Select Board meeting, in response to the many property owners’ complaints that the source of the flooding was stemming from Patrick Spaulding’s property, Svec explained that this was not a town issue but a civil matter. The state would be the ones to discuss whether there are environmental violations due to the manner in which vehicles are being parked on the Spaulding property. A meeting date was set to discuss drafting a letter for the property owners’ signatures, to go to the state, who has authority over all rivers, streams, brooks and water ways. Only two property owners attended the meeting. However, they felt that there has been some headway in talking with Patrick Spaulding, who was recently injured in a motorcycle accident. The board hopes that Svec and the property owners, including Spaulding, can resolve this issue.

Insert in July Tax Bill: Windham and Windsor Housing,, which has taken over Rockingham Area Land Trust, has requested that they be allowed to have a small insert in the July tax bill, informing property owners of their programs. The board voted approval for a one-time insert.

Windsor County Sheriff’s Dept Contract for FY12: The board signed the contract for 40 hours of coverage by the Windsor County Sheriff in the coming fiscal year. This will be provided by rotating 12 hours one week and eight hours the next.

Carlton Road: At the March Select Board meeting, representatives from USA Properties addressed the Board about their proposed project on Carlton Rd, opposite Williams Store in Cavendish. This 250 unit project, on 75 acres, to be built over a 20 year period, would include:
- 50 individual homes-4 bedrooms per home;
- 7 multi dwelling structures, which will be 4 stories in height and contain 30 units per building for a total of 210 units. Each unit will have three bedrooms. These buildings would be as high as the Jackson Gore condominiums;
- A recreational area

An agreement was reached at this meeting whereby USA Properties will pay the town’s engineer to study the proposed site to see what type of connection for sewage would be possible. The town’s treatment facility could not begin to accommodate this project, so it would also have to be determined what type of system would work and what would be the associated costs. Svec has spoken with the town’s engineers and a proposal of work is being sent to Holden Engineering, a consultant to the developer. There has also been a request by USA Properties to attend the June Water Commissioners meeting to discuss water issues.

This project is riddled with problems including:
• New fire trucks would be needed in order to provide fire suppression services to the proposed four story structures. Bob Glidden, Fire Chief and Select Board member, estimated that the cost of such a truck would be over a million dollars and there would be need for more than one.
• The owners have discussed a combination of vacation and senior citizen as occupants. This is not viewed as a viable mix.
• The Carlton Road Bridge is in the flood plain. In the event of a major flood, this would leave people stranded, as there is no other way in or out but the bridge.
• The town’s water and waste water systems could not begin to accommodate the proposed project. Basically, the infrastructure would have to be replaced.

This project will have to go through Act 250, where the above issues, plus a number of other ones, would need to be addressed.

2. Cavendish Related News
Chester Bridge # 8 Closes on June 20: On June 20, the state will remove and replace Bridge No. 8, a narrow concrete crossing as nondescript as its name on this community’s central artery, Route 103.. VT Today/Rutland Herald

VT Blue and Blue Shield Now an App: Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (BCBSVT) announced today that two new free web-based tools are now available to members to help them manage their health care while on the go. The mobile touch applications will allow smart phone users to locate contracting Blue providers anywhere in the country through the Blue National Doctor & Hospital Finder and aid prescription management through Express Rx.

General Fund Receipts Ahead of Projections by $20 M: May is the eleventh month of fiscal year (FY) 2011. General Fund revenues totaled $63.39 million for May 2011, and were +$7.91 million or 14.25% above the $55.48 million consensus revenue forecast for the month. May year to date General Fund Revenues were $1038.39 million or +$19.82 million or +1.95% ahead of target. Compared to the same period for the prior fiscal year, FY 2011 GF results are 11.10% ahead of FY 2010, but remain below the pre-recession FY 2008 results by -4.87%. Press Release

Tax Credit for Veterans: The process for obtaining a tax credit for hiring veterans with recent military experience is now operational. The tax credit process is administered jointly between the Vermont Departments of Labor and Taxes, as well as the Vermont Office of Veterans Affairs. All veterans who wish to use the program are instructed to start the application process with the Office of Veterans Affairs, and the application is available online at

Amtrak VT, NH Stations to be Served by Bus: The Vermont Agency of Transportation says construction work on the New England Central Railroad will mean that buses will serve stations north of Springfield, Mass., on the Vermonter route from June 17 to Sept. 15. System improvements are expected to shorten travel time between Vermont and New York City by about 30 minutes. WCAX

3. Check out the Cavendish 250th Anniversary Banners
They’ll make great Holiday presents! For $150 you can name one of the banners that will be hung in the villages of Cavendish and Proctorsville shortly. A copy of the banner is posted at the Cavendish VT Blog. Please be sure to let us know if this is going to be a surprise so we can make sure to keep your donation quiet. To name your banner, send a check for $150 to the 250th Anniversary Fund and mail to Cavendish 250th Anniversary Committee, PO Box 126, Cavendish, VT 05142-0126. To learn more about upcoming 250th Anniversary activities go to the Cavendish Facebook page.

4. Classifieds
Needed: Reliable person needed to mow a lawn (possibly two) in Proctorsville. Lawn mower provided or bring your own (no riding movers). Usually takes 1-2 hours depending on individual, once a week. Please contact Alan at 226-7331 to discuss $$ and schedule.

5. Cavendish Semiquincentennial: 18th Century Medical Care
These posts are made possible by the Cavendish Historical Society and are archived at the CHS Blog.

Among the first Cavendish settlers, health care was most likely typical of late 18th century America. It would have been provided at home under the direction of women. They served as doctor, nurse, midwife, pharmacist, and therapist. Since women of this era received minimal education, their medical information was handed down within families and among neighbors and what they learned by trial and error. Kitchen gardens did double duty, offering remedies in the form of herbs.
If a woman was thought to be specifically skilled at caring for the sick, or helping with childbirth, she might take care of her neighbors. During the Revolutionary War and again in the Civil War, including Cavendish’s Aunt Lizzie Aiken, women served as nurses to the sick and wounded.

The use of vaccinations began in the 18th century, with a vaccination for smallpox. Given the outbreaks of this disease in Cavendish, it is unlikely that the early settlers would have been so treated.

The first physician came to Cavendish in 1787, when ASAP Fletcher settled near Proctorville. Physicians of this era based health on the four ancient elements: earth, air, water and fire and their corresponding “humors” blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. People became sick if the humors were unbalanced. If a patient had excess, practices such as bloodletting, purges, blistering, sweating was used, while herbal remedies; food and drugs were used to add humors. One of the most popular forms of medicine at the time was Calomel, a form of mercury.

The difference between how women treated their patients (family members, friends and neighbors) and how doctors administered care was that the women practiced what they found to work, while doctors practiced “scholarly medicine,” whether it worked or not. Most midwives washed their hands before attending to the mother. Physicians did not start washing their hands before assisting in a delivery until the mid 1800’s or later.

These women must have known what they were doing as John Coffeen was 76 and his wife Susanna 94 when they died. Salmon Dutton was 80, his wife 83 and Leonard Proctor were 93 at the time of their passing.

6. Vote for Your Favorite Photo
The 2012 Calendar photo contest will be on display in the Cavendish Fletcher Memorial Library next week on Tuesday June 21st from 9 to 4:30 and on Wednesday and Thursday from 9 to 6:30. Stay tuned for further voting opportunities!

7. Brent Buswell in Free Concert at the Cavendish Baptist Church
All are welcome and invited to attend an amazing musical performance on Sunday June 26 at 7:00 pm. Accordionist Brent Buswell will delight people of all ages in a live performance at the Cavendish Baptist Church, located at 2258 Main Street in Cavendish, VT. Light refreshments will be served following the concert. Brent Buswell enjoys playing a wide variety of music, including: jazz, polkas, Scandinavian, marches, Christian, and American standards. He especially enjoys playing the music of great composers such as Pietro Frosini, Charles Magnante, Pietro Deiro, and many others. There is no charge for admission, but a free-will offering will be received. FMI: (802) 226-7131.

8. Voting Now Open for LPCTV Elections/Annual Meeting
Voting for the LPCTV Board of Directors elections is now open. Ballots are available in paper form, throughout the community in select locations, and also in electronic form, on LPCTV’s website. This year community members will be voting for candidates to fill 5 open seats on the LPCTV Board. Anyone residing in Ludlow, Plymouth, Cavendish, or Mount Holly who is at least 18 years of age may vote. In addition to the candidates featured on this year’s ballots, voters may write-in their own candidates. Candidates for the LPCTV Board must also be at least 18 and live in one of the above-listed Towns.

Ballots will be counted during the LPCTV Annual Meeting on Thursday, June 30 at 7PM, in the LPCTV studio (behind Black River High School). Community members are encouraged to attend the meeting and participate in the activities (due to lack of space in LPCTV’s studio in the school, RSVP by calling 228-8808 or email Patrick at

The Annual Meeting marks the end of LPCTV’s 10th year of operation. A 10th anniversary celebration is being planned for later this summer.

9. Staycationing in Cavendish
For tips on “staycationing,” check out

For kids: Free playgroup in Cavendish Playgroup is a great time for kids to play and adults to connect with each other. This playgroup is for children ages birth to three years, their siblings and caregivers. Each week has a summer theme with activities and play ideas to do at home too. We will meet Fridays from 9:30 to 11:00 at the Cavendish Baptist Church, 2258 Main Street. Come join the fun!

July 1 – Sunshine and Shadows
July 8 – Bouncy Balls
July 15 – Splash! Water Fun
July 22 – The Ants Go Marching
July 29 – The Green Grass Grows All Around
August 5 – Hopping Frogs
August 12 – Rainbow Colors

For more information, call Amanda Gross at (802) 226-8113 or email

This week’s activities
June 17 (Friday): Ludlow Farmer’s Market. On the campus of Okemo Mountain School, 53 Main Street, 4-7 pm FMI:
• GMUHS graduation 7pm at the school.

June 18 (Saturday): Rigid Heddle Weaving Class at Six Loose Ladies, Proctorsville. Weave a scarf while learning the fundamentals of rigid heddle weaving. A rigid heddle loom is a simple loom with alternating slots and holes through which a warp is threaded so it can be woven into cloth. The looms are foldable, affordable and easy to use. It is easily portable even with weaving in place. Looms are available at Six Loose Ladies. Instructor: Phyllis Bont. Materials needed: 600 yards of either Cascade 220 or Brown Sheep Nature Spun. FAVT members $50, non members $55 (no cost if purchasing a loom from SLL). FMI: 226-7373.

June 19 (Sunday): Happy Father’s Day
• Cavendish Historical Society Museum, Main Street Cavendish, open from 2-4 pm. FMI: or 226-7807
• Facilitated Meditation, from 4-5 pm. FMI: Robin Timko 226-7736

June 20 (Monday): Coffee with the Okemo Valley Chamber of Commerce at the Mt. Holly Community Center (Library), Belmont Four Corners, Belmont. A free continental breakfast in each town to share with the community what the Chamber is doing and hear feedback about how we might be able to help each community. Please join us, whether you are a chamber member or non-chamber member! FMI: 228-5830

June 21 (Tuesday): Bone Builders Class at the Cavendish Baptist-- Class from 10:15-11:45. FMI: Linda at Green Mountain RSVP & Volunteer Center of Windsor County at (802) 885-2083, or Anne Oakes or Andrew Ohotnicky at (802)228-5236, or Dot Ramsdell at (802)226-7870
• CTES Board Meeting, 5:30 pm at the school.
• Calvary Church, Route 103, Prayer service for global, national, state, community, church, and personal needs! While it starts at 7pm and ends at 8pm, folks are welcome to come and go as they please.. FMI: 226-7607

June 22 (Wednesday): Cavendish Community Theatre Cast call, 6 pm, Cavendish Town Elementary School. FMI: 226-7398

June 23 (Thursday): Bone Builders Class at the Cavendish Baptist-- Class from 10:15-11:45. FMI: Linda at Green Mountain RSVP & Volunteer Center of Windsor County at (802) 885-2083, or Anne Oakes or Andrew Ohotnicky at (802)228-5236, or Dot Ramsdell at (802)226-7870
• Sit & Knit" at the Six Loose Ladies yarn shop, Pollard Building, Proctorsville Green, 2:00 -9:00 PM. Open to knitters, spinners, crocheters, hookers. Free. FMI: 226-7373
• Fletcher Memorial Library Book Discussion, 7-8 pm in the Community Room. This month’s book is Stolen Lives" by Malika Oufkir.

June 24 (Friday): Ludlow Farmer’s Market. On the campus of Okemo Mountain School, 53 Main Street, 4-7 pm FMI:

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