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Cavendish Update 6/10/11 News/Classifieds/Events/Tag Sale

The Cavendish 6/10/11 Update Contains
1. Cavendish Related News
2. Town Wide Cavendish Tag Sale July 30
3. Cavendish 250th Anniversary Banners: Be a Sponsor
4. A Civil War Quilt Comes Home to Cavendish in Time to Celebrate Old Home Day
5. Classifieds
6. Cavendish Community Fund Announces Spring 2011 Grants
7. Cavendish Semiquincentennial: Whose Buried in the Revolutionary Cemetery?
8. Summer Reading Program at the Cavendish Library
9. Cavendish Resident Peter LaBelle Recognized by Governor Shumlin
10. Cavendish Homeworkers
11. Cavendish Community Theater Casting Call
12. Cavendish Activities 6/10-6/17/11

1. Cavendish Related News
Gov. Signs Pot Dispensary Bill: Those who suffer from chronic pain or who are seriously ill will be able to buy marijuana from a dispensary. The newly signed law will establish dispensaries in Vermont, but where they will be located has not been decided. WCAX

VT Launches “State of the art” 911: State officials say a newly installed 911 emergency call system — that will someday allow people to seek help with a text message or video — is up and running. Burlington Free Press

Southeastern VT Measles Case: The Vermont Department of Health has advised health care providers statewide of a laboratory-confirmed case of measles, identified in an unvaccinated individual from Southeastern Vermont. Press Release

VT Number 5 in Per Pupil Cost: Vermont once again leads most of the nation in public school spending. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Vermont spent $15,175 per student in 2009, the fifth-highest per pupil spending amount in the country. WCAX

VideoStop in Ludlow Closes: Video Stop, in the Shaws Plaza has closed due to lack of business.

Rummage Sale Sets Record: The Black River Good Neighbor Spring Rummage Sale, held May 21-23 at Fletcher Farm, raised over $12,000 setting a new record for the non-profit. All money raised goes to benefit neighbors in need in Ludlow, Belmont, Cavendish, Proctorsville, Mt. Holly, and Plymouth. The Fall Rummage sale dates are Friday, September 23rd to Sunday, September 25th. Press Release

Gas Prices Have Impact on VT Drivers: In Vermont right now, gas is hovering around $3.85 a gallon. While that's lower than the price a month ago, it's higher than other nearby states, and higher than the national average. And it's changing how some Vermonters are driving. VPR

Wealthy Vermonters Drive State Revenues: Just over 300,000 Vermonters file personal income tax forms every year. But the financial fortunes of the top 3,000 filers have an enormous impact on the state's overall revenue base. Vermont's income tax revenues are running more than 10 percent higher than a year ago. And the revenue resurgence is largely due to the improving financial condition of a very small number of people. VPR

All VT Highways Are Now Open: The Vermont State Agency of Transportation is announcing that all state highways that were closed due to the flooding of May 26 will all be open by June 10. Press Release

VT Has Second Highest High School Graduation Rate in U.S.: According to a report released today in national education publication Education Week, Vermont has the second highest high school graduation rate in the country (82.7%), second only to New Jersey (86.9%). This compares to the national average of 71.7%

2. Town Wide Cavendish Tag Sale July 30
As part of Cavendish 250 Anniversary activities, a town wide tag sale is slated for July 30 (Saturday), with a rain date of Aug. 6. Those living on Main Street, or close by, are encouraged to set up on their lawns. For those living in the outlying areas, the Cavendish and Proctorsville greens are available for use. While this space is free, donations are appreciated.

The Tag Sale will run from 9-3. If you are interested in a space at one of the town greens, or would like your place on the “tag sale map, “ please register with Lu Choiniere by July 15. To learn more about upcoming 250th Anniversary activities go to the Cavendish Facebook page.

3. Cavendish 250th Anniversary Banners: Be a Sponsor
Very soon banners will be waving in the villages of Cavendish and Proctorsville, proudly noting that we’re 250 years old. You can sponsor a banner for $150 and at the end of our year celebration, have one to keep. Only 16 of the banners will be available, so sponsor now. To name your banner, send a check for $150 to the 250th Anniversary Fund and mail to Cavendish 250th Anniversary Committee, PO Box 126, Cavendish, VT 05142-0126. To learn more about upcoming 250th Anniversary activities go to the Cavendish Facebook.

4. A Civil War Quilt Comes Home to Cavendish in Time to Celebrate Old Home Day
On April 22, 2011, the Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) received an e-mail about quilt squares made in Cavendish during the Civil War era from Teresa Campbell of Lancaster, California. “Several years ago, I received a gift of old hand pieced quilt squares from a friend of my husband. She later stated that her mother was friends with a descendent of one of the block makers, but is not interested in these blocks. Being a quilter, this was an extraordinary gift and being a genealogist, it was a puzzle to be solved. Each block has a name pined or sewn to it, but one also had the name of a hometown, Cavendish. So I did a family search for each of the names and found that each lady who made a block lived in Cavendish, Vermont during the Civil War era.”

To the immediate response of an emphatic “yes,” Campbell supplied how she thinks the quilt came to be in her possession, One of the blocks did not have a name on it, so I believe that was made by the owner of the blocks. Here's what I think happened. Marcia Ann Heald (paternal grandmother of Marsha Parker) or Mary Jane Dunsmore (mother of Marsha Parker) one of these ladies made this unsigned block (maybe). The blocks(never sewn together) were given to Marsha Parker Amsden, b.1874. Then given to her daughter, Grace Amsden Parmanter, Vermont, which was then given to Grace's friend, Frances Willis Turner, Florida. Given to Frances's daughter, she gave it to Ellen Turner, Connecticut, who passed it on to her friend Teresa Campbell, California. On May 9, eight quilt squares came home to Cavendish.

While it is the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, it is also the 250th Anniversary of Cavendish being chartered. In keeping with the 250th Anniversary, a group of women and men in Cavendish have been working on a quilt. When Campbell supplied the names of the quilters- Evey Kendall, Leizzie Kendall, Mrs. Maria Spaulding, Julia A. Davis, Mary Hemminway, Celia A. Davis, and Ella A. Spaulding-it was immediately noted that one of the quilters for Cavendish’s Anniversary quilt, Pang Ting, now lives in the house where the Kendall sisters once resided.

The quilt squares, along with the genealogy of the quilters, is on display at the Cavendish Historical Society Museum, which is open on Sunday’s from 2-4 pm. The Museum is located on Main Street in Cavendish. As part of Old Home Day, Saturday July 2, the squares can be seen along with the correspondence that led to their return.

5. Classifieds
Help Wanted: Small farm in Andover looking for energetic farm helper to weed whack. clean pens, stack hay, milk goats (experience preferred) and feed animals. Pay according to skills. Call 875-3159

For Rent: Four Bedrooms, 2 bathrooms house with yard in Cavendish. Rent $900 a month. Call 226-7204

Per the request of various neighbors, the Gregg’s have posted the following note about seeing their newly renovated bathroom. We recently had our tub/shower redone by Bathfitter and we are very pleased with the results. If you are considering updating a bathroom we would be delighted to have you call us to schedule a visit to see our redone master bath from Bathfitter. Kindly call us at: 802-226-7475.

6. Cavendish Community Fund Announces Spring 2011 Grants
The Cavendish Community Fund has announced that it awarded grants to two local organizations for community oriented cultural and educational events. The Fund has distributed grants twice each year for the last five years and emphasizes community building as its primary consideration.

The first grant goes to the Cavendish Community Theater for its upcoming 2011 summer production. In honor of the 250th anniversary of the land grant to Cavendish, the 2011 play will revisit the Cavendish Chronicles from prior to the land grant through the Civil War. The play is in the process of being developed, but will provide music, dance, humor and a little mystery. This is the fifth play since 2006 to be staged by the Cavendish players and the Fund has partnered with the group to sponsor several of the past theater events.

The second grant was awarded to the Proctorsville Volunteer Fire Department to defray expenses of their Junior Firefighter Training Program. The program applies to boys and girls in the community, ages 12-17. Those accepted into the program are issued firefighter gear and attend weekly training and education sessions and assist in routine duties. The program populates the department with young, capable, well-trained and knowledgeable firefighters, and engages the community, offering constructive direction and encouragement to young community members.

The Cavendish Community Fund sponsors educational, cultural and artistic projects, programs and events to benefit the citizens and residents of Cavendish. Anyone can apply for a grant so long as the project meets the criteria published by CCF on its website. Application forms and instructions are found on the website. The application deadline for the next grant round will be announced in the late summer.

7. Cavendish Semiquincentennial: Whose Buried in the Revolutionary Cemetery?
These posts are made possible by the Cavendish Historical Society and are archived at their blog.

This past week, Carmine Guica dropped off some of his binders at the Cavendish Historical Society Museum. Among them were the stories and genealogies of those buried in the various town cemeteries.

About the Revolutionary Cemetery, off of Brook Road in Cavendish, Guica notes, “The reason why it is so rough and little knolls and no grave stones, especially on the lower end is that years back a lot of the families dug up their dead either on account of religion or they wanted them moved to the new cemeteries. This has come to me by word of mouth, one generation to the next.”

While a number of Revolutionary soldiers are buried in the Cemetery, he pointed out the story of Thomas Gleason who was born before 1758 at Worcester, Mass and died at Cavendish in 1830/31. He was a Revolution soldier. The following is from “The Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society” in 1935. “Gleason could of told much more about his Military Service. As a matter of fact, he had been a deserter repeatedly and was probably a bounty-jumper. When not in uniform, he was in trouble with the civil authorities. He was brought to trial in his native Town of Worcester in 1779, charged with passing counterfeit bills. He pled guilty and was committed to jail for two months.

Following this imprisonment he re-enlisted in the Army, but soon showed in Worcester, an alleged deserter and was then in trouble over counterfeit bills. After another enlistment and desertion, he appears before the Superior Court in Cambridge charged with obtaining fraudulently a note of hand but was given “the leave of Court to depart.”

The following year, 1791, he was found guilty of burglary and put away for five years at Castle Island. Described as a man 5 and one half feet in height, dark complexion, born in Worcester, Mass 1758 ‘much given to vice and immorality, (testified his Uncle) not to be depended on because he would rather lie then tell the truth.’ He must nevertheless be put down as a Veteran and Pensioner of the Revolution.”

The oldest grave stone is for Henry Proctor (born 3/15/1729, died 6/19/1778). It is the only stone facing east. “It was believed by some at that time that the Spirit will rise from the east.”

8. Summer Reading Program at the Cavendish Library
The Cavendish Fletcher Community Library has always been the place to be in summer and never more so than with the Summer Reading Program kicking off. The theme for this year is "One World, Many Stories" and features multicultural books and art projects as well as old favorites such as the "Drive in Movie" and "Stuffed Animal Sleep Over".

The program is open to children from pre-school through high school and anyone completing the program will receive a prize. Those interested may sign up at the library through the month of June. FMI: Contact Kata at 226-7503

9. Cavendish Resident Peter LaBelle Recognized by Governor Shumlin
On Saturday, June 4th, Peter LaBelle, President of Black River Good Neighbor Services, was given the Vermont Governor’s Award for Outstanding Community Service.

The Governor’s Award honors individuals, groups, and businesses that best exemplify the spirit of volunteerism and community service in Vermont. Peter received the Award for having met a community need in an innovative and effective manner. He demonstrated exceptional service above self that has made a great impact through changed lives and community conditions as a result of his service efforts.

BRGNS is an agency serving families in Ludlow, Belmont, Cavendish, Mt. Holly, Plymouth and Proctorsville. As a Board Member of BRGNS and now President, Peter has been instrumental in fund raising. His work on the twice a year Black River Good Neighbors’ rummage sales has helped raise thousands of dollars. When BRGNS recently moved into larger space, Peter played a major role in procuring huge donations of shelving and furniture.

Peter has served as an RSVP volunteer for the past five years and in that time has performed almost 3,000 hours of volunteer service. He has been a Steward of the Public Lands for the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation; he also actively serves on the Board of Directors of the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association, The Cavendish Community Fund, and the Cavendish Town Energy Committee.

10. Cavendish Homeworkers
The Cavendish Homeworkers is a group of local women meeting the third Wednesday of each month at the Proctorsville Fire Hall. This group was originally the 'Home Demonstration Club' and our chapter broke away but basically follows the same guidelines as the original Club. Our purpose is social, but we look for interesting programs for each meeting to add an educational twist as well, followed by a potluck luncheon to which spouses are invited. We do a little fundraising during the year, primarily with bake sales, and we support such charities as Black River Good Neighbors and David's House.

The next meeting of Cavendish Homeworkers will be held Wednesday, the 15th of June, at 10:30 am at Proctorsville Fire Hall, followed by luncheon at 11:45. The theme will be a "Teacup Auction" - a silent auction of miscellaneous items. Members and guests are encouraged to bring canned or dry goods for the Black River Good Neighbors food shelf collection. FMI: Nancy Timmerman - 226-7215

11. Cavendish Community Theater Casting Call
The Cavendish Community Theater will be holding a casting call for its summer play, to be held Aug. 27 and 28. This year we are doing an original play to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Cavendish land charter. So if you enjoyed our very popular Cavendish Chronicles, come and be part of this new production. All types of parts, big and small, are available. We will be having the casting call on Tuesday, June 14th at 6:00PM at the Cavendish Town Elementary School in the Arts Room. If you cannot make it that day or have any questions contact Sandra Russo 226-7398 or email at

12. Cavendish Activities 6/10-6/17/11
June 10 (Friday): CCCA Photo Contest Deadline. FMI:
• Ludlow Farmer’s Market. On the campus of Okemo Mountain School, 53 Main Street, 4-7 pm FMI:

June 11 (Saturday): Chester/GMUHS Alumni Day. Parade begins at 11 am.
• Fish for free in Vermont. No license required today as part of Vermont’s free weekend fun sponsored by VT State Parks

June 12 (Sunday) Audubon Bird Walk, starting at 8 am in front of Crows Corner Café on Depot Street in Proctorsville. Sponsored by CCCA. This is categorized as an easy walk
• Cavendish Historical Society Museum, Main Street Cavendish, open from 2-4 pm. FMI: or 226-7807
• Facilitated meditation with Robin Timko, 4-5 pm. FMI: 226-7736

June 13 (Monday): Select Board Meeting, 6:30 pm at the Cavendish Town Office. Agenda posted to blog as soon as it is received. LPC-TV tapes meetings and makes them available on-line and Comcast Cable TV. Check the website for more information.
• Nominations close for LPC-TV Board Members. FMI:

June 14 (Tuesday): ): Bone Builders Class at the Cavendish Baptist-- Class from 10:15-11:45. FMI: Linda at Green Mountain RSVP & Volunteer Center of Windsor County at (802) 885-2083, or Anne Oakes or Andrew Ohotnicky at (802)228-5236, or Dot Ramsdell at (802)226-7870
• Calvary Church, Route 103, Prayer service for global, national, state, community, church, and personal needs! While it starts at 7pm and ends at 8pm, folks are welcome to come and go as they please. FMI: 226-7607
• CTES Sixth Grad Graduation, 6:30 pm Proctorsville Green. School rain location.
• Casting Call for Cavendish Community Play, 6 pm at the Cavendish Town Elementary School Arts Room. See item 11. FMI: 226-7398 or email at

June 15 (Wednesday): End of Year CTES Outing at Camp Plymouth
• Cavendish Homeworkers meet at the Proctorsville Fire Hall, 10:30 am. The theme will be a “Teacup Auction,” Members and guests are encouraged to bring canned or dry goods for the Black River Good Neighbors. FMI: Nancy Timmerman - 226-7215

June 16 (Thursday): CTES Move Up Day, 10 am. Dismissal for summer recess 12:30 pm
• Bone Builders Class at the Cavendish Baptist-- Class from 10:15-11:45. FMI: Linda at Green Mountain RSVP & Volunteer Center of Windsor County at (802) 885-2083, or Anne Oakes or Andrew Ohotnicky at (802)228-5236, or Dot Ramsdell at (802)226-7870
• The regular monthly Community Luncheon will be held at 11:30 am at St James United Methodist Church, Main Street, Proctorsville. This luncheon is open to all, and we welcome our regulars and visitors to join us! This month we will serve roast pork tenderloin with scalloped potatoes and green beans, a tossed salad, hot rolls, and brownies for dessert. As usual, we will have coffee, hot tea or a cold beverage. A suggested donation of $3.00 for seniors or $4.50 for those under 60 years will help defray the cost of this delicious meal. Bring a friend, and join us for an hour of good conversation and good food!
• Sit & Knit" at the Six Loose Ladies yarn shop, Pollard Building, Proctorsville Green, 2:00 -9:00 PM. Open to knitters, spinners, crocheters, hookers. Free. FMI: 226-7373

June 17 (Friday): Ludlow Farmer’s Market. On the campus of Okemo Mountain School, 53 Main Street, 4-7 pm FMI:
• GMUHS graduation 7pm at the school.

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