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9/3/11 Recovery Update

The Cavendish Connects website now includes much of what was included on this blog as well as a calendar of Cavendish events. The new blog, “The Dish,” includes the Cavendish Update as well as on-going information.

Information can also be posted on the Cavendish VT Facebook Page

We're into major cleanup. While it was wonderful that so many people and organizations are helping, and everyone loved Cota & Cota’s incredible BBQ, yesterday was a tough day as many are now learning that their homes are a loss or that damage is much more significant than they initially thought.

The National Guard will still be working in our town, but we will be preparing our last meal for them on Sunday night as they will be relocating to the Ludlow Community Center.

We have some incredible crews going out to help clean basements and other areas devastated by the blood. Mold is a big issue, so please be cautious. At noon there will be a post on the blog about mold specifically. In the mean there are some links below to provide you with a lot more information about clean up.

Please do not go site seeing in your car. These roads are very fragile and we don’t need them damaged any further.

Everybody was hurt by this flood, whether you have power and water back or not. Together, with much help from our surrounding towns and organizations, we have put together a variety of resources to help. Use them! There will be plenty of opportunities for each of us to give in the future, but this is the time we must be willing to receive.

So today’s tip when someone is getting on your last nerve is give them a hug and a cookie (or candy bar). Stop by the school to stock up.

Now for the basics to get you through the weekend:
Cavendish Chronicles: Definitely prepare to laugh and enjoy some respite from the aftermath of Irene. Curtain will be at 7 pm tonight but it may be a little late as we need to feed our Guard friends, who will get a chance to share this with us. This is a free event, but we are asking for donations to help with Irene Relief in Cavendish.

Dumpsters: There are now three dumpsters to help people clean up from the flooding. One is located at the Proctorsville Fire Hall, the second at the Proctorsville Green by the Brick building and the third in front of the Cavendish Historical Society Museum. There is no charge for this service.

Meal Schedule: On Saturday and Sunday, breakfast will start at 7 am, lunch at noon and dinner at 5:30. Monday’s schedule will be 10am-7pm. There will be light breakfast foods at 10 with lunch at noon and dinner at 5:30. These activities take place at CTES.

Cavendish Cupboard: We are very fortunate that we are getting some good cleaning supplies now. Lots of food and items to help with this next phase of recovery. The Cupboard hours are while the school is open for meals.

Town Office and Fire Departments: All will be operating on a 9-5 basis this holiday weekend. Last night was the first night many of the firefighters slept in their own beds. Thank a firefighter today as they keep people safe and out of harms way.

School Openings: CTES will remain closed this week due to water and sewage issues as well as the need for safe roads. GMUHS will open on Wednesday August 7. There will only be one bus to GMUHS at 7 am from CTES. There will also be only one bus returning at 3 pm.

Clean Up: We have an incredible group of workers out there cleaning out basements, lawn duty and more. Our first team will be heading out at around 7:30. If you need help, call the school at 226-7758. You can press O to be transferred to the kitchen. You can also stop by the school for help, e-mail or go to the Cavendish Facebook page.

For directions in flood clean up download Creating a Healthy Home: A Field Guide for Clean-up of Flooded Homes. Please read this as there are a lot of possible contaminants and if you are just starting this process, please use proper precautions.

Clean up is very hard work. Stop by the school for a meal or a cup of coffee. If you need food sent to your home, let us know so we can get it to you in a timely fashion.

Power and Water: While more and more people are having power restored, there are still areas that are dependent on generators if they are lucky enough to have them. Town water is still a stop and go item, with a “boil” order in place for drinking and cooking when it is working. Lots of water is available at the school, town office and the fire departments. The sewage system was severed so stuff is going directly into the Black River. There are lots of Porta Potties around-town office, fire departments, and the school. Showers are available at the Ludlow Community Center. Have heard they are very nice. If you need shampoo etc., stop by the Cavendish Cupboard.

People’s Bank/Shaws: There is an ATM and starting Tuesday, there will be a mobile bank set up. Shaws is setting up a tent where you will be able to do some limited shopping while they are rebuilding.

Federal Aid: Peter Welch issued a letter,, which explains the newly approved disaster assistance for VT. To determine your eligibility, property owners, businesses, and non-profits should contact FEMA as soon as possible at: 1-800-621-FEMA(3362) or 1-800-462-7585 (TTY) for the hearing and speech impaired. The toll-free telephone numbers will operate from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (local time) seven days a week until further notice. You can also register online at

Housing: If you have been displaced permanently from the flood, one option maybe SEVCA (Southeastern Vermont Community Action)

Replacement of fuel tanks, hot water heaters: As posted on Friday, if you qualify for Weatherization, this program would be able to replace water heaters, furnaces etc. If you have had Weatherization since 1994, they are trying to see if they can replace damaged heaters etc. Keep in mind they are trying to do this, but haven’t had it confirmed. They are keeping a list, so you may want to call and cover your bases. The contact is Marie Grey Weatherization SEVCA. 802- 722-4575.

Activities: All activities will be held at the Cavendish School
Noonish: Face painting by the fabulous Jessica. Got my “shark face” yesterday, but it did scare a few folks.

2pm: Jane Hart will be running a workshop on making flowers from plastic bottles (and don’t we all have a collection of them).

7pm: Cavendish Chronicles

Most of the churches will be holding services. Don’t know for sure what the Episcopal Church will be doing as their church was heavily damaged.

4 to 4:30: Meditation with Robin Timko. All are welcome to join me for a few moments of meditation and presence for what has unfolded and continues to unfold in our community. Bring a pillow or something comfortable to sit on. There will be time for sharing after our silence.

Help Needed/Volunteers to Help: Please make your own connections. We often have people at the school looking for a project, so stop by if you need some helpers. For new additions, or to let us know that your need is met or you are no longer able to volunteer at this time, please e-mail You can also register at the school. Please let us know your volunteer time for FEMA purposes.

- Volunteers to Help
Amy and Seth Perry: Offer chain sawing and tree work this weekend. Anyone in need can contact us through this email, the constable site on FB, or by calling 226-8181 with their name address and a phone number if they have a working phone. We will keep this offer open for as long as we have energy, time and working chainsaws over the next few weeks, on weekends. We also have a 10-15 foot long 24" new culvert for someone, free, if they need it. Perfect for a small driveway.

Antonio Antinori: Has building experience call 226-7446

Chris Blackmon Has 500 gallon non potable well water available.
Deb Harrison 802-738-5783
John Maclean 802-299-6961
Chris Power 802-279-6830
Mike Tuomisto 228-5024
Franie D'ottavio 226-7028
John Smart 226-7492
Deb Norton 802-554-0044 or cell 802-384-7297
Katie Karkowski: Can help with driving or other needs through Sunday. Text 802-353-4870 or e-mail

- Help Needed
Dumpster, and dehumidifier Our insurance has turned us down flat. Contact Amy and Seth Perry 226-8181.

Robys (Smiling Faces Daycare) on Main Street Cavendish need fill dirt.

Janet Pipkin (Depot Street): Needs dirt for her driveway

Mitch Benoit: Needs an electrician

Resources that may be useful
Questions Vermonters are Asking about Hurricane Irene Relief Efforts: Compiled by Senator Sanders has very practical and easy to read information.

Vermont Health Department’s Before and After a Flood website: Answers a lot of question people have asked including water testing and a guide for Cleanup of Flooded Homes.

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