Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday Mid Day Update

The Cavendish Connects website now includes much of what was included on this blog as well as a calendar of Cavendish events. The new blog, “The Dish,” includes the Cavendish Update as well as on-going information.

Many people are coming in now as they are able to actually get here. However, everyone seems to believe that water and supplies should be saved for those who need it most. The fact is, we all need it and we have sufficient amounts for everyone. So please stop by the school, fire stations to pick up water. The "Cavendish Cupboard" is open for business at the school starting at 7 am and going through dinner.

We now have teams of people heading out into the outreaches of town bringing water and supplies. Please let us know if you need something or if you think someone in your area does.

The Proctorsville Post Office is back open. Depot street now has sufficient gravel in front of the bridge to stop people from driving over it.

The Cavendish Baptist Church will be holding a prayer service tonight at 7pm.

Many of you may have seen the helicopter land in Proctorsville. Yes, the Governor has come for a visit.

The Ludlow Medical Center says that they will be out of their location for about a month. They have temporary headquarters at the new Dental Office. Use their regular number to reach them. They will let you know if your provider is working out of another space.

People are looking tired today and a bit overwhelmed. That's too be expected. If we take it a day at a time we'll be okay.

Help Needed/Volunteers to Help: Please make your own connections. For new additions, or to let us know that your need is met or you are no longer able to volunteer at this time, please e-mail

- Volunteers to Help
Amy and Seth Perry: Offer chain sawing and tree work this weekend. Anyone in need can contact us through this email, the constable site on FB, or by calling 226-8181 with their name address and a phone number if they have a working phone. We will keep this offer open for as long as we have energy, time and working chainsaws over the next few weeks, on weekends. We also have a 10-15 foot long 24" new culvert for someone, free, if they need it. Perfect for a small driveway.

Warren Garfield: four wheel pick up truck, chain saws and is a wood worker. He has the next five days to help out. He can be reached at 802-885-4203 or 802-376-8818

Antonio Antinori: Has building experience call 226-7446

Chris Blackmon Has 500 gallon non potable well water available.
Deb Harrison 802-738-5783
John Maclean 802-299-6961
Chris Power 802-279-6830
Mike Tuomisto 228-5024
Franie D'ottavio 226-7028
John Smart 226-7492
Deb Norton 802-554-0044 or cell 802-384-7297
Katie Karkowski: Can help with driving or other needs through Sunday. Text 802-353-4870 or e-mail

- Help Needed
Dumpster, a dehumidifier, and, although an impossible request, a new furnace. Our insurance has turned us down flat. Contact Amy and Seth Perry 226-8181.

Robys (Smiling Faces Daycare) on Main Street Cavendish need fill dirt.


BlackRiverBRAT said...

Margo -- you are a power-house. Thank you for keeping everyone in the area updated so efficiently!

Chambers Champions said...
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Chambers said...

Thank you to all those working so hard to rebuild our community and keep us all safe...we might be going through a hard time but we truly live in a gold mine community.