Tuesday, September 6, 2011

9/6/11: Recovery Shelter is Closing

Information can also be posted on the Cavendish VT Facebook Page

Many came to enjoy an incredible meal provided by the Weathersfield Inn last night. We’ll be talking about that for a long time to come. The Cavendish Cupboard was relocated yesterday to the Proctorsville Fire Department. Those needing water, cleaning kits and food, should go there. This will be the last day that CTES will operate as a shelter. Lunch and dinner will be provided at noon and at 5:30.

School opens tomorrow at GMUHS for junior high and high school students and CTES returns to school on Monday, Sept. 12. We have moved from the immediate crisis of making people safe, fed and connected with family, friends and pets to cleaning out homes and businesses, rebuilding roads, dealing with FEMA and insurance companies. From here on out, those in need of assistance from the flood can call the Town Office 802-226-7292. The Irene Recovery Information for Cavendish VT will continue to be updated as needed, which will probably be daily for the next week. So check this blog for the most current edition. This will also be sent to the town office in PDF format so it can be printed and handed out to those who need it.

While most of us will return to life as it pretty much was before the storm, with the exception of trying to get from point A to B the way we once did, and cringing at the sound of a rain drop, there are those in our town that have lost or have severally damaged homes and businesses. There are also people who are located in areas where it will not be easy for them to get around until the roads are completely restored.

Help is needed as follows:
• Flaggers to cover the area that washed out near Glimmerstone. Volunteers need to be at least 18 years of age. There is an immediate for a flagger from 4-6 pm. It will be important to have people posted there until a repair can be made. If you can volunteer, please call the town office 802-226-7292.
• Advocates and/or workshops to help people in dealing with FEMA and their insurance companies. If you have skills in this area, contact the town office 802-226-7292.
• There are people located in parts of our town that are not easily accessible due to road quality. If you have a neighbor or friend that may be reluctant to drive because of road conditions, offer to take them to town so they can do banking and other chores, as well as activities that were part of their life prior to Aug. 28.

In comparing this flood to the ones in 1927, 1938 and 1973, one of the big advantages we’ve had was the internet and tools like Facebook. On Saturday, Mark Huntley, who was part of one of the work crews, used Facebook to let people know where to come to volunteer. This was a good approach and one we can continue to use. I know I use it to find out about roads.

Thanks to the people of Cavendish we’ve done an incredible job in pulling together and getting through this first phase. Because we are a stronger community for it, we will be able to handle the next phase with a little more assurance that we can do it. Many thanks to each of you, those that came from Chester, Reading, Stowe, Ludlow and even Texas, CTES teachers and staff , the Red Cross, the National Guard and Homeland Security.

Unless something major happens, the next Cavendish Update will be posted on Friday. Now I need to get some wash done and deal with the fact that someone didn’t turn on the dishwasher since Aug. 28. Yuck!

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~Dori said...

Good Job... I know what you mean about needing to do laundry -- YUCK!! Is there anything else you are needing right now? I am still available to help -- if needed. ~D