Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sept 1: Thursday Recovery Update

The Cavendish Connects website now includes much of what was included on this blog as well as a calendar of Cavendish events. The new blog, “The Dish,” includes the Cavendish Update as well as on-going information.

Information can also be posted on the Cavendish VT Facebook Page

While there is much information to pass on, there are some moments to share. Yesterday, a little girl brought her fiddle to school so Bob Naess could give her a fiddle lesson. A very apt pupil, she then proceeded to spend quite a bit of time practicing. None of us will forget Peggy Svec’s “lecture” to the National Guard men staying in the kindergarten room. Basically, no messin’ with the toys and lights out. Still don’t know who slept in the dollhouse. Having fresh fruit delivered. Pastor Joseph and Jessica spending the entire afternoon and evening at the school. Jessica’s face painting was so fabulous, the adults as well as the children were decked out in the most amazing designs. Next time, I’m going for the shark one. Hearing “yes m’am,” and “no sir” so often that Sgt. Peters was nicknamed Sgt Sweetie Sir. He’s a great sport about it. A special thanks to the Chester American Legion who brought dinner to our town last night and to George, whose last name I’m forgetting, who made the best biscuits and sausage gravy. One of the soldiers even asked for the recipe! And a very special thanks to the many people of Cavendish, who are providing support and encouragement to each other.

In trying to answer the many questions we receive, it’s important to note that information changes rapidly. It is hard to get through to the town office, but they are working very long hours. If they don’t respond, it’s because they are helping someone. The school can be reached a lot easier since the phones have been restored. You can call 226-7758. If there isn’t an answer, press O to get transferred to the kitchen, where there are a number of people that can help.

At this stage, many people are very tired from trying to deal with insurance companies, clean, get to work, figure out new routes to work, not getting sufficient sleep and in general nerves can be easily frayed. Things aren’t going to get done quicker by trying to blame someone for the situation. So besides checking to see what your neighbor might need, be generous with the hugs, smiles and laughter. We are making progress.

Power and Water: For a while yesterday, town water was up and running. Unfortunately, it stopped late in the day. The bottom line is that the damage to the water, sewer and power system was very extensive and this is not an easy fix. As work is being done, power may have to be cut off to protect the workers. We know that many are still without power and water. The firehouses and school have plenty of water. Remember that as the water is returning, it’s on a “boil order” until further notice. Showers can be taken at the Ludlow Community Center.

Where to take trash: The clean up phase is starting to kick into high gear. Unfortunately, the lack of power made it impossible for the transfer station to operate yesterday. People are asking if they will have to pay for trash disposal. While Fire Chief Glidden, also a Select board member, said he thinks it’s important for the Select Board to wave the fees given the circumstances, the Select Board will need to make that decision.

Mary O’Brien, Recycling Coordinator from SWCRPC sent the following information about where you can take your trash: As an option, anyone can bring their trash and recycling to the Springfield Transfer Station at 135 Fairground Road. No car sticker needed. People just have to purchase coupons for the trash fee at participating stores. The following is from the District’s website:
Regular trash disposal: ticket system. $11.25 per sheet of 25 (valued at $0.45 per ticket) Trash is weighed. One ticket per 4 pounds, with a minimum of 1 ticket per visit.
As of 1/1/11, cash NOT accepted at transfer station. Before going to transfer station, purchase tickets at:
. Springfield Town Hall
. Jake's South Street Market, Springfield
. Jasinski's Park Street Market, Springfield
. Joe's Discount Beverages, Springfield
. Kwik Stop, Springfield
. Springfield Mobil (across from plaza)
. Chester Town Hall
. Chester True Value Hardware

Depot Street Bridge: STAY OFF OF IT! The Proctorsville Fire Fighters are tired and need to get back to work and sleep in their own beds. Ignoring the cones they’ve set up is resulted in their once again giving up another night to stand guard.

Help Needed/Volunteers to Help: We are working to put a website together to help with the pairing of people that need help and those that can provide it, In the mean time, this is the information we have so far:

- Volunteers to Help
Amy and Seth Perry: Offer chain sawing and tree work this weekend. Anyone in need can contact us through this email, the constable site on FB, or by calling 226-8181 with their name address and a phone number if they have a working phone. We will keep this offer open for as long as we have energy, time and working chainsaws over the next few weeks, on weekends. We also have a 10-15 foot long 24" new culvert for someone, free, if they need it. Perfect for a small driveway.

- Help Needed
Dumpster, a dehumidifier, and, although an impossible request, a new furnace. Our insurance has turned us down flat. Contact Amy and Seth Perry 226-8181.

FEMA: In order to qualify for FEMA, we need to document volunteer hours. There is a sheet at the school, but you can also e-mail them to and they’ll be added to the list. Please take photos. Again this is important documentation.

Donations: Please call the school 226-7758 before making donations. This is going to be a long recovery, so let’s spread it out. At the moment, the school is jammed with food and water. If you want to make a donation by check, it can be made payable to Town of Cavendish, with Irene Relief Fund in the memo section.

Food and Water: The “Shaws Annex,” as Peggy Svec calls it, is now open for business at the school. Come and “shop” for what you need. Meals continue at 7 (breakfast); noon (lunch) and 5:30 (dinner). Dinner tonight will be supplied by the Springfield Restaurant 56 Main in conjunction with SYSCO. Thank you Doug Haskell and Amy Jones. The Chester crew is giving a number of us a chance to sleep in this morning by making the breakfast with some Cavendish volunteers. Thanks to Jane Pixley, there is Cavendish maple syrup to go with the pancakes. Black River Good Neighbors in Ludlow is open. We’ve been asked how long the school will operate as a shelter. At this point, we’re taking it day by day.

Medical Care: The Ludlow Health Center (which I confused with BRGN yesterday and called Black River Health Center) is operational at the dental clinic site (their old location). They are accepting walk ins. You can reach them at 875-1040. Fill Rite Aid prescriptions in Springfield or take them to Ludlow Pharmacy.

There is a variety of information available at the school.
- Report individual property damage by calling 211
- Business should call the Agency of Commerce and Community Development 828-3211 to report damage, which will be collated VEM and FEMA. They can also help with financing and technical assistance.
-Farms call VT Farm Bureau 802-434-5646 å
- For latest travel information call 511 or visit
- Vermont Flooding Information: Provides information on state, town and bridge closings

For on going information: Check the Cavendish blog Information can also be posted on the Cavendish VT Facebook Page


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