Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cavendish Ties to The Will:Family Secrets Revealed

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, at 9pm, the Discovery Channel's "The Will: Family Secrets Revealed," will feature the story of Art Hadley's will. Hadley was an inventor and jewelry magnate (he invented the clasp bracelet) and had strong ties to Cavendish’s Glimmerstone and Gay family. He actually ran liquor during prohibition at Glimmerstone. When his will is revealed, it leads to a family battle that no one expected.

During the 250th celebration activities, the authors of "The Inventor's Fortune Up for Grabs" did a "meet the author" session at Crows Bakery. If you didn't have a chance to meet them, or want to hear them again, now's your chance. You can watch the trailer for the program at http://investigation.discovery.com/videos/the-will-estate-of-art-hadley-wed-9pm.html

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