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Cavendish Update 11/18/11 SB Mtg/Thank Yous/Events

This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

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The 11/18/11 Cavendish Update Contains:
1. Select Board Meeting 11/14/11
2. Thank You Neighbors, Friends and Surrounding Communities
3. Card of Thanks
4. Golden Stage Inn Launches New Website
5. Cavendish Activities 11/18/11-11/26/11

1. Select Board Meeting 11/14/11
The Cavendish Select Board met on Monday evening, after an executive session “on a matter of litigation.” Items discussed included:

A. Windham & Windsor Housing Trust (WWHT): Representatives from WWHT spoke to the Select Board about their mission and purpose. To hold land and housing in trust in order to provide permanent access to decent and affordable housing for residents of the two-county region. The Rockingham Area Land Trust, which was responsible for the affordable housing projects around the Proctorsville Green, has merged with WWHT. They spoke about the housing units that were damaged in Irene and explained that there is a bid process for repairs to the building underway. The goal is have owners back in their homes after the first of the year. The WWHT representatives wanted the citizens of Cavendish, particularly those who were impacted by the flood, to know about their programs, which are outlined at their website,

B. Snowmobile Trails for the 2011-2012 season: Leon Woods requested approval for road traverses for the upcoming season. The Select Board granted permission.

C. Kaupinen’s response to Public Health Notice: Kaupinen responded to the letter sent to him by the town’s Board of Health, regarding his derelict building at 53 Depot Street. In the October letter Kaupinen was cited as follows “The subject building has previously been the subject of numerous prior citizen complaints to the Board of Selectmen and the Town Health officer for issues such as:
1. Fire Hazard;
2. Holes and openings to the structure, which afforded points of entry for vermin, rodents, pigeons and other birds;
3. Attractive nuisance to neighborhood children especially when potential openings for entry are in evidence;
4. Potential collapse hazard, and
5. Blight upon the neighborhood

Unable to attend the site visit and hearing, rescheduled by the Select Board from 10/17 to 10/24 so he would have time to prepare, Kaupinen said he had a funeral to attend that day. In his letter, he refuted some of the charges-such as his denial that children were entering the building- and requested that complaints be dismissed. The board voted to hold a second hearing on Dec. 12 so he could present his case to the board. Those who were in attendance at the Oct. 24 meeting will also be invited back for this hearing. The 10/28 Cavendish Update contains information about this site visit and hearing held on Oct. 24. A copy of Kaupinen’s letter will be sent to the Condo owners.

D. Draft of a Derelict or Dangerous Building Ordinance: Rich Svec, town manager, said he didn’t have time to draft something prior to the board meeting, but hopes to have a draft written well in advance of the December Select Board Meeting.

E. Energy Grant: Awarded in the spring of 2010, the original plan was to implement the grant in late June/early July of that year, with all of the work finished before winter. The grant covers energy upgrades at the Town Office and Town Garage. With the money needing to be spent by Dec. 31, 2011, the town held a pre bid meeting on 11/14 with bids due by 11/17. The town will act as the general contractor to reduce costs. A short extension period is being requested based on recovery work needed after Irene. Svec said that the meeting room will be used for storing items from the attic while insulating is being done. This means that meetings, such as the December Select Board and Planning Commission Meetings, will need to be temporarily held at the school.

2. Thank You Neighbors, Friends and Surrounding Communities
At this time of year, we pause to give thanks. For those of us in Cavendish, we have much to be thankful for this year.

On August 28, our town was abruptly changed. While the road damage and flooding made us an “island town,” so many of you came to our aid to not only reassure us that we were not alone, but to help us as we began the recovery process.

For ten days, the Cavendish Town Elementary School was our shelter. Over 85 individuals and families and 36 organizations and businesses, including Vermont Red Cross, Homeland Security and the National Guard brought food and water to sustain us, the tools to clean up our homes and businesses, as well as the equipment and talent to restore our roads. Approximately 120 people helped to keep the shelter going, and another 25 formed work crews to assist in restoring damaged property.

For several months now, as we’ve continued the work at cleaning and rebuilding, we have tried to compile a list of all those who have helped. In truth, we can’t remember everyone’s names, but we will never forget the special joy of sleeping late because a group of women from Chester came to cook breakfast and helped with lunches and dinner. From so many different places, people poured in with donations of food, cleaning supplies and basic household items that kept “the Cavendish Cupboard” stocked. We may not remember your names, but we will never forget your acts of kindness.

We would like to extend a special note of thanks to the following organizations and businesses, some of whom were dealing with their own flooding issues, for making a difference in our lives: 56 Main Street; American Legion, Chester; American Legion, Ludlow American Pie; Baba Louis (Chester); Black River Good Neighbor; Black River Produce; Cavendish Game Birds; Chester Andover Elementary School; Central VT Humane Society; Chester/Andover; Chester Family Center; Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort, Inc.; Crows Bakery; Cota & Cota; Court St. Anne #1069 CDA; Flood Brook Union School; Hair One, Ludlow; Jiffy Mart; LaValley’s; Lisais Market; Old Cavendish Products; Pleasant Valley Foods; Precision Valley Baptist Church; North Fork Bagel Co.; Singleton’s; Springfield Catholic Daughters; Springfield Donation Drive; Springfield Irene Flood Drive; Stepping Stones Preschool; SYSCO; Velco; The Weston Priory; The Wethersfield Inn Dinner; and Windham and Windsor Housing Trust.

As each day unfolded, the volunteers of the Cavendish and Proctorsville Fire Departments were on duty around the clock to keep us safe, while the Town Office worked to secure relief from governmental agencies and other sources. At the same time an incredible effort was mounted by our local guys (Johnsons, Goulds, Turcos, Palmers, Donnie Davis, Keith Varga, Jeff Stearns, Chad Devereaux, Emerys, Wyatt McAllister, Derek Gurney, Tim Mott, Daryl Stowell and Mark, whose last name we don’t know) who started putting our back roads together so people could get out.

Since the shelter was the first place many came after they were able to leave their property, we heard incredible stories of how neighbors helped one another. These stories continue to mount as help has come in many forms, from many different places, as the rebuilding continues.

As we celebrate our Thanksgiving dinners on Nov. 24, we are grateful and thankful to each and every one of you who helped to keep Cavendish a town where people can continue to live, raise their families and work.

Sincerely, Margo Caulfield and Dawn Tyrrell

3. Card of Thanks
The Helping Hand Class of the Cavendish Baptist Church wishes to thank all the people that made our October 22nd Benefit Supper for Cavendish Flood Victims of "Irene" a huge success.

Many thanks to "our own church ladies" and other community members who set up, cooked, served, cleaned up or helped in any other way. You are very much appreciated.

Our deepest thanks go to the following businesses for their generous donations of food for this event -- Singleton's Store, Crow's Bakery, Shaw's in Springfield, Baba Louis' Bakery and especially Black River Produce.

Thanks to everyone that came to the supper from near and far, God Bless You all!

4. Golden Stage Inn Launches New Website
The Golden Stage Inn has just released a new website. Be sure to check out their blog, which includes their memories of Hurricane Irene. Many people were given the incredible gift of hospitality by Julie and Mike, the owners, during that week.

5. Cavendish Activities 11/18/11-11/26/11
November 18 (Friday): Half Day of School at Cavendish Elementary
• Okemo Mountain Ski Swap at Okemo Mountain Base Lodge 4-7 pm. FMI: 228-1583

November 19 (Saturday): Okemo Mountain Ski Swap at Okemo Mountain Base Lodge, 9-5. FMI: 228-1583

November 20 (Sunday): Okemo Mountain Ski Swap at Okemo Mountain Base Lodge, 9-1. FMI: 228-1583

November 22 (Tuesday): Bone Builders Class at the Cavendish Baptist-- Class from 10:15-11:45. FMI: Linda at Green Mountain RSVP & Volunteer Center of Windsor County at (802) 885-2083, or Anne Oakes or Andrew Ohotnicky at (802) 228-5236, Dot Ramsdell at (802) 226-7870 or Charlotte Snyder (802) 226-7343

November 23 (Wednesday): Schools closed for Thanksgiving
• Stepping Stones Pre School Pie sale, 9 am until sold out (usually noon) in front of Shaws in Ludlow. This year’s sale will benefit their playground fund.

November 24 (Thursday): HAPPY THANKGIVING!

November 25 (Friday): School and town office closed.
• Last day to file for a Black River Good Neighbor 2011 Christmas Basket program. Baskets will be delivered on Thursday, December 22nd.
• Black Friday-The biggest day of the year for retailers marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Shop local!

November 26 (Saturday): Holiday Fair at the Cavendish Elementary School
• Small Business Saturday a day to support the local businesses that create jobs, boost the economy and preserve neighborhoods around the country. FMI:

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