Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thank you Cavendish from Krissy Stocker

As part of Cavendish’s 250 Anniversary celebrations, donations were collected for the family of Master Sgt. Shawn Stocker, a member of the Vermont National Guard, who died from an apparent heart attack, while working on Cavendish flood recovery. Many people signed the card, which was forwarded along with a money order for the amount collected.

A thank you was recently received from Krissy Stocker, Sgt. Stocker’s widow. The note reads as follows:

Dear Margo and all the wonderful people of Cavendish:

I would like to take a moment to thank you all for the wonderful prayers thoughts and monetary gifts you have all sent to our family in our time of loss. As you were aware, Shawn was an incredible man, father, husband and son. He talked fondly and often of his encounters with all the town folks during his service there. When he was pulled off duty down there, for a very brief time, he fought extremely hard to get back on orders and return to your town to continue helping. He always had great things to say about how supportive and welcoming everyone was.

We miss Shawn more than you could even imagine, but we take comfort in the fact that he was doing what he loved for people who appreciated his efforts.

Blessings and thanks again for your help and support.

Krissy Stocker

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