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Cavendish Update 12/14/12 SB Mtg/Epidemics/News/Events

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This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605,  Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

NOTE: The Vermont Health Department say an epidemic of pertussis, or whooping cough, has hit the state and wants everyone over the age of 19 to get a special booster shot in the coming weeks. "Despite our best efforts to control the spread of disease this is more than ten times the number of cases we saw this time last year. More and more cases are being reported daily to the Health Department in every county." The Health Department will offer free vaccinations at their 12 district offices on Wednesday, Dec. 19, from 10-6, for anyone who is unable to get a shot from their primary care physician. No appointment is necessary. The closest office to Cavendish is in Springfield (888-296-8151). There are also offices in White River Junction and Rutland. For more information on pertussis, go to the VT Dept of Health website. 

The 12/14/12 Cavendish Update Contains the Following

1. Cavendish Select Board 12/10/12 Meeting
2. Cavendish Related News
3. Don’t Have Time for the Flu? Take Time to Prevent It.
4. Speak Up Survey
5. Cavendish Related Activities 12/14-12/23

SB meetings are recorded by LPC-TV and are available at their website and on Comcast Television. At Monday night’s Select Board (SB) meeting, the following items were discussed:

Snowmobile Trails: Approval was given for snowmobile trails and town highway crossings for the 2012-2013 as described by Leon Woods, Trail Master, for the Cavendish Snow Fleas.

Cemetery Budget: Leon Woods, Cemetery Sextant, presented the proposed FY 14 Cavendish Cemetery Commission budget and appropriations request. The board approved the $17,054 cemetery fund budget. The Hillcrest Cemetery Vault is scheduled for repair this year. They will use volunteer labor, donated supplies where possible, but will need to purchase shingles for the roof. This renovation is not included in the FY 14 budget. The Commission is looking at the creation of cremation lots, since this is the preferred burial arrangement and it also uses less space. The cremation lots would have flat stones.

PACE Energy Loan Program: Peter LaBelle and Cheryl Liener, who are members of the town’s energy committee, presented information about Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE). While not viewed as a viable option for the town in 2009, with changes in the law, this is now a program that the town should consider participating in. PACE is a voluntary mechanism allowing individuals wishing to make eligible energy improvements to opt in to a special assessment district created by their municipality. Eligible energy efficiency and / or renewable energy improvements are repaid over up to 20 years. All improvement work must be performed by appropriately qualified and licensed contractors and must be approved by an energy efficiency utility. The program is administered by Efficiency Vermont and there is no impact on taxpayers who do not participate and marginal impact on the town governance (they will be involved in collection of delinquent payments and deed research). For more information on PACE, go to

While there will be more discussions before town meeting, the following warning is being proposed for Town Meeting 2013, “Shall the voters designate the Town of Cavendish as a Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) District to enable participating property owners to access funding for eligible energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and then pay back the cost as a regular municipal assessment on that property owner’s property tax or other municipal bill as provided for by 24 V.S.A. Chapter 87, Section 3261 et seq.) and authorize the Selectboard to enter into an agreement with Vermont Energy Investment Corporation d/b/a/ Efficiency Vermont to operate the PACE program.?”

Cavendish Universalist “Stone” Church: Currently the Universalist Church of Canada has leased the Stone Church to the Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) for the long term. CHS is working with the family of Alexksandr Solzhenitsyn to establish a permanent exhibit documenting the 18 years (1976-1994) that he lived in Cavendish, while exiled from Russia and writing “The Red Wheel.” While the Stone Church would be an ideal place for the exhibit, considerable restoration and preservation is needed. In discussing funding with the representative from the Vermont Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, who recently site visited the building,  he was very clear the town needs to hold the deed to the property in order to obtain the type of funding needed. Once the deed is secured, Historic Preservation will work closely with the town/CHS to obtain necessary funds and provide guidance in how the restoration should be done and by whom. The Church, which is a major landmark in Cavendish and among its oldest buildings,  is thought to be in stable condition, and is considered a “gem,” not just for southern Vermont but also for the state as it’s one of the few of its type where the interior remains intact.

The board voted to the formation of a committee to work on transferring the deed to the town and to oversee the preservation of the building. Members of the committee will include Rich Svec, town manager, Margo Caulfield, Coordinator CHS, Dan Churchill, President CHS and Selectmen, and Rolf van Shaik. The Board also agreed with Rich Svec that this should be included in the March town warning, since it will be a new asset for the town.

FY 14 Budget: As part of the upcoming budget process, various groups and organizations are presenting requests for funds to the Select board. Among those presenting on Monday night, included Black River Good Neighbor, SEVCA, Green Mountain RSVP, Senior Solutions, LPC-TV and Black River Valley Senior Center.

Cavendish Burglary: State Police in Rockingham are investigating a Burglary that occurred to an unoccupied residence located at 1 VT Route 106 in Cavendish (Cliff Johnson property owner). The burglary most likely occurred overnight from 12/6/12 (5 pm) to 12/7/12 (2:17 pm). Anyone who may have any information or may have seen anyone in the area is asked to call the State Police at 802-875-2112.

Proctorsville Fire Department Promotions: Junior Fire Fighter (Jr FF) Captain David Barrows has been a member of the JR FF program for 5 years. He was the programs first Jr FF of the year, Awarded in 2010, as well as Fire Cadet of the year at the VT Fire Cadet Academy 2011, he was also an invite to the Fire Cadet Academy to be a company officer for a group of cadets for 2012. David has been promoted to the rank of Firefighter, as he will soon celebrate his 18th Birthday. David is currently a senior at GMUHS and is also attending a weekly class by the VT Fire Academy to achieve his State Firefighter 1 Certification. The Chief Officers and Dept Firefighters are pleased to announce David Barrows as a Proctorsville Vol. Firefighter. Jr. FF Lieutenant Jarrett Sanderson, awarded the Proctorsville Jr FF of the Year Award for 2012, has been promoted to Jr. FF Captain, and Jr FF Seth Mathlofsky has been promoted to Jr FF lieutenant. Congratulations to David, Jarrett and Seth.

Heard it at School: Consolidation Creates Two Rivers Supervisory Union (TRSU): A pioneering school consolidation in southern Vermont called the Two Rivers Supervisory Union (TRSU) recently laid out its principles and appointed its top leaders, with official operation to start July 1, 2013. The union is a consolidation of school administrative powers, combining the Rutland-Windsor Supervisory Union in Ludlow with Chester’s Windsor Southwest Supervisory Union, (this includes both CTES and GMUHS) and approved by voters. Rutland Herald 

DUI Checkpoints/Saturation Patrols: The Vermont State Police in conjunction with local and county law enforcement agencies will be participating in DUI Checkpoints and Saturation Patrols throughout Windham and Windsor Counties from 12/20/12 through 01/01/13 in support of the Governors Highway Safety Program. These agencies will be conducting aggressive motor vehicle enforcement, to apprehend impaired operators and target aggressive driving with a goal to reduce crashes.

Consumer Watch: An Eye on Gas Prices: Sen. Bernie Sanders has developed a new website to help Vermonters track gas prices in the state. The site also explains how prices are set by tracking wholesale gals prices, profit margins, taxes and transportations for fuel haulers. 

Mice Mess: There’s More of Them This Year in VT: Mice loved last winter, and the warm spring and dry summer that followed. In such favorable conditions the mice had lots of babies, which may now be trying to get into your house to escape the cold. In some parts of Vermont, there are signs there might be two or three times the normal number of deer mice running around, said C. William Kilpatrick, a University of Vermont biology professor who studies the rodents. Burlington Free Press 

University of VT Aims to be More Selective: President Tom Sullivan wants to make the University of Vermont more selective — in other words, harder for undergraduate applicants to get in to. Burlington Free Press 

Report Identifies VT Education Reforms: Campaign for Vermont, released a report on education reform across the state. "We think we spend enough in our education system. That it should be reallocated more in the classroom, less -- if you will  -- in the broader management,.” The group argues consolidating supervisory unions from more than 60 in Vermont to 15 could help save $160 million a year, money that would go a long way to introducing universal pre-K education in Vermont. The report also argues for more local control when it comes to funding schools instead of the current structure where taxpayers send money to Montpelier and it is then redistributed across the state. The report is available on-line Putting Children First: A Position Paper by Campaign for Vermont Prosperity Dec. 8, 2012 

Vermont #1 Health Ranking: Rated by the United Health Foundation, for the fourth year in a row, Vermont has been ranked as the healthiest state in the country. Governor Peter Shumlin and Health Commissioner Dr. Harry Chen say the state did well in a variety of categories, including low incidences in violent crime and low-birth-weight-babies, as well as low rates of infectious disease. Vermont's obesity rate is growing, but not as fast as those in most other states. Among the state's challenges: a relatively high rate of binge drinking and a higher rate of deaths from cancer than most other states. VPR 

Vermont Ranked #1 for Peace Corps’ Volunteers: Vermont tops the 2012 list of states with the highest per capita number of Peace Corps volunteers. In addition, the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire was nationally ranked among U.S. metropolitan areas for its per capita volunteer production.  Press Release 

Pace of Aging in VT Accelerating: The latest Census Bureau estimate for 2011 reported a little over 94,000 people over the age of 65 lived in Vermont. Until recently, the over-65 population had been growing slowly, but it is now the fastest-growing age group in the state. Burlington Free Press 

Sen. Sanders to Chair Veterans Committee: Vermont U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders is going to become chairman of the Senate Veterans' Affairs Committee. Sanders says his first order of business will be to oppose a measure to change the way cost of living adjustments are calculated. He says the largest cuts would affect young, permanently disabled veterans who were seriously wounded in combat. WCAX 



This flu update and information is provided by Chronic Conditions Information Network, a non-profit organization located in Cavendish, VT, whose mission is “To assist those affected by chronic conditions by providing tools that enhance their well-being.”

 There are now two confirmed cases of flu in Vermont, which is early. The Vermont Health Department is using the news to remind everyone to get a flu shot. The vaccine is supposed to be a good match for this year's strain, but it takes two weeks after getting the shot for the vaccine to take full effect.

Coughs or sneezes spread flu virus into the air, and then onto surfaces. You can take measurers so you don’t spread the virus to others, or so others don’t spread it to you.

You can reduce your chances of getting the flu by Cover and Wash:
• Cover your mouth and nose every time you cough or sneeze. Use a tissue and throw it away. Use your arm (not your hand).

• Observe regular cleaning habits if someone at home has the flu. Pay special attention to doorknobs, faucets, refrigerator handles, and phones.

• Vaccinate. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that everyone six months of age and older should get a flu shot. Flu vaccines are available in a number of locations, including the Rite Aid drugs stores in Ludlow and Springfield; the Ludlow Health Center and other health care providers. The Ludlow Health Center is a Federally Qualified Health Center and is required to offer care on a sliding scale fee.

• Every time you use a tissue, throw it in the trash and then wash your hands.

Remember not to share anything that goes into the mouth.
Wash your hands often and well. Use soap and water for at least 15 seconds.

• Avoid contact with sick people.

• Stay home when you are sick.

Have alcohol hand sanitizer on hand if you don’t have access to soap and water.

Call your health care provider if you think you have the flu. Flu symptoms can often be confused with the common cold, but the flu usually comes on more suddenly and is more severe.
Symptoms of flu may include fever (usually high), headache, tiredness and weakness (can be extreme), dry cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body or muscle aches, nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea (much more common among children than adults).

A person who is sick with the flu is contagious. That means they can spread viruses. Adults can be contagious from one day before having symptoms to seven days after getting sick. Children can be contagious for longer than seven days.

If you start to get flu symptoms:
- Get plenty of rest.
- Drink plenty of liquids.
- Don't use alcohol or tobacco.
- Stay home from work or school to protect others from catching your illness.
- Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue every time you cough or sneeze.

Take medication to lessen the symptoms of flu, but NEVER give aspirin to children or teenagers who have flu-like symptoms, especially fever, without first checking with your health care provider.

The Windsor Southwest Supervisory Union is participating in the National Online research “Speak up Survey” to collect feedback from students, educators and parents on important education issues. To participate go to The survey password is gmuhs. You have until Dec. 21 to complete the survey.

5. CAVENDISH EVENTS 12/14-12/23/12
December 14 (Friday): Premier of “We Need a Little Christmas, featuring Proctorsville part time residents Stan and Jane Hart., Ludlow Town Hall Auditorium, 7PM. FMI: 228-7239
December 15 (Saturday): Ludlow Winter Farmer’s Market, 9-1 at Inside Market at the corner of Main St. and Andover St. (Rt. 100 South) FMI:
  • Holiday Cookie Sale at Fletcher Farm School, 10 am. Homemade cookies are being sold by the pound. FMI: 228-8770
  • Okemo Cares and Shares Food Drive. When skiers and snowboarders donate at least five non-perishable food items (or 100 packs of ramen), a new child’s toy, or a new clothing item, they receive a coupon for a discounted lift ticket good that day. FMI: 802-228-4041
  • Proctorsville Fire Dept. is selling the last of their 12 Christmas trees. Most will be sold for $25, a couple of the larger ones will sell for $30. The sale begins at 9 am and will continue until sold out. All of their wreaths have been sold.

December 18 (Tuesday): Bone Builders Class at the Cavendish Baptist-- Class from 10-11:15. FMI: Linda at Green Mountain RSVP & Volunteer Center of Windsor County at (802) 885-2083, or Anne Oakes or Andrew Ohotnicky at (802) 228-5236, Dot Ramsdell at (802) 226-7870
  • CTES Board Meeting, 5:30 at the school.
  • Live music at Glimmerstone, Greg Brown, 6-9 pm

December 19 (Wednesday): T Tap Clinic Day in Vermont. Free vaccinations at local health departments to stop the spread of pertussis (whooping cough), which is now at epidemic levels in the state. See Note above.

December 20 (Thursday): Bone Builders Class at the Cavendish Baptist-- Class from 10-11:15. FMI: Linda at Green Mountain RSVP & Volunteer Center of Windsor County at (802) 885-2083, or Anne Oakes or Andrew Ohotnicky at (802) 228-5236, Dot Ramsdell at (802) 226-7870
  • Sit & Knit" at the Six Loose Ladies yarn shop, Pollard Building, Proctorsville Green, 2:00 -9:00 PM. Open to knitters, spinners, crocheters, hookers. Free. FMI: 226-7373
  • Monthly Community luncheon at St. James Methodist Church in Proctorsville. A Christmas holiday feast will be celebrated with delicious baked meatloaf, scalloped potatoes, peas & carrots, Paula's special coleslaw, fresh hot rolls, and our luscious fruit fluff cake.  Coffee, hot tea or a fruit drink will be available as beverages. A suggested donation of $4.00 for seniors or $5.50 for those under 60 years of age helps to defray the cost of the meal. 

December 21 (Friday): GMUHS will be open to make up for storm day in October.
• Santa visits CTES.
• Last day to participate in the “Speak up Survey.” To participate go to The survey password is gmuhs. See Article 4 above.

December 22 (Saturday): Ludlow Winter Farmer’s Market, 9-1 at Inside Market at the corner of Main St. and Andover St. (Rt. 100 South) FMI:
  • Live music at Glimmerstone, Greg Brown, 7-10 pm

December 23 (Sunday): HAPPY FESTIVUS
  • Christmas service for Calvary Church in Proctorsville will take place at 11 am. No prayer service on Dec. 25.

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