Friday, April 5, 2013

Cavendish Selectboard Meeting Agenda for 4/8/13

The April 8 Cavendish Select Board meeting will take place at 6:30 pm at the Cavendish Town Office. The agenda will include:

• Selectmen, as Cavendish Local Board of Liquor Control, to consider 2013 applications for liquor licenses in Cavendish.

• Update by Town Manager on the subject of potential Community Solar participation by the Town [follow up from discussion item # 11 March 11 meeting]

• Consider resignation of Sandra Pember from the Planning Commission and the nomination of John Saydeck as candidate to fill the Pember vacancy.

• Discuss forthcoming (April 13th) Transportation Advisory Committee meeting agenda especially project priorities. Selectmen to offer TAC representative Michele Lindberg their input on those priorities especially from the Town of Cavendish standpoint. The Town manager will have hand-outs regarding the project priorities for review and reference.

• Set date for board members to visit recycling related sites

• Town manager to discuss a scheduled work period for the HCRS Y.I.P. Program in Cavendish this summer.

• Town manager to briefly discuss current town highway conditions and issues as well as highway and structures projects scheduled for the forthcoming construction season

• Town manager to update the Board on Water System financial matters and request the Board execute a short term interim finance extension (renewal) to bridge to loan closing on the permanent note for the State Revolving Loan Fund (Water Filtration Project Bond)

• Town manager updates on other town activities. 

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