Friday, April 26, 2013

Help needed for 20 Mile Stream Tree Planting

Tree planting by the Black River Action Team is ready to roll on the banks of Twentymile Stream and the Black River during the week of May 6-9 in Cavendish VT -- we just need someone with a truck or van to drive up to the Intervale Nursery before May 6th to pick up trees and shrubs!  Gas will be paid for; these are all small trees that should fit nicely in a van or truck bed (with a tarp to keep them from drying out or blowing out), and the wonderful Joan Allen will be available to accompany you (pick her up at the Randolph park & ride just off I-89N) as the interface person at the Nursery.  She knows what we're getting and who to see, etc.  :-) If you can help call Kelly ASAP (802) 885-1533

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