Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Special Post 4/16/13: Help Boston/Local Prayer Service

In response to the explosions at yesterday’s Boston Marathon, the following post provides information about ways you can help and where to go for more information. Updates will posted to the Cavendish blog and the Cavendish VT Facebook page as needed with Friday’s Update containing summary information. Anyone can read the Cavendish VT Facebook page, but you must be a Facebook member to post comments.

Prayer Service at Gethsemane Church
Gethsemane Church will be open today, April 16, from 5 - 7pm for silent prayer, for those who would like to be in solidarity with the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. All are welcome

We need to stand with those who have suffered violence in our land yet one more time. Come.  Be in silence.  Pray if you wish.  In your heart be a sign that love, peace and justice are stronger than death.

Pray for peace, for those who suffer and for those who use violence to find their meaning and security.  Be in solidarity with those throughout the world who experience violence as a daily event.

Peace and hope to us all. Dick Bower, Pastor Gethsemane Church

Donations can be made to the following groups that are directly involved in helping those injured and stranded:
Blood donations can be made to local organizations. 

Information on family and friends
• It is recommended that text is used over a cell phone call.
Safe and Well program of the Red Cross 
• Call 617-635-4500 for information about family and friends. Please use other means before placing a call. 

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