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Cavendish Update 5/16/14 News/SB Mtg/Events

This issue of the Cavendish Update is made possible by the Cavendish Community and Conservation Association (CCCA), a non-profit membership organization that is dedicated to the conservation of land and natural resources and to the preservation of historic sites within the context of sustainable economic growth. FMI: PO Box 605, Cavendish VT 05142 or 802-226-7736

Information can also be posted on the Cavendish VT Facebook Page.

The Cavendish Update for 5-16-14 Contains the Following:
1. Notice from Proctorsville Fire Department
2. Select Board Meeting 5/12/14
3. Cavendish Related News
4. Free Gravestone Cleaning Workshop & The Vermont Movie
5. Cavendish Town Wide Tag Sale-July 26
6. For Sale
7. Events
8. Yes! I Want to Become a Friend of the Cavendish Update

We would like to inform everyone that we will doing Emergency Vehicle Driver Testing on Saturday May 17 starting at 8am and ending around 2pm with the VT Sate Fire Academy. PFD Firefighters will be doing vehicle maneuvers in various parking areas around town, the Mack Molding parking Lot, Catholic Church parking lot and the Village Green. Please use caution around these areas where firefighters are testing.

Select board (SB) meetings are recorded by LPC-TV and are available at their website and on Comcast Television. 

A. Sustainability/Conservation
Knapp Brook Pond: Tim Morton of VT Dept. of Forests, Parks & Recreation presented a Long Range Management Plan of Compartment 5’ of the Knapp Brook Wildlife Management Area (WMA), also known as the Evens and Turco lot. Located in Cavendish and totaling 529 acres, the land was acquired by the state starting in 1999. The primary goal of ownership is conservation and management of game and non-game species. Habitat features include hard and soft mast trees, deer wintering areas, and wetlands. The location of the parcel in a relatively un fragmented larger forest area contributes to its value for wildlife. The Evens parcel also features an important and popular VAST snowmobile trail. Management practices for all parcels in the Cavendish Management Unit are projected to 2020. At completion of this time period, it is anticipated that a new Long Range Management Plan (LRMP) will be drafted with a projected completion date of 2022. A copy of the draft plan is available on-line. Written comments about the draft plan will be accepted until June 30, 2014. They should be sent to Tim Morton, VT Dept. Of Forests, Parks & Recreation, 100 Mineral St., Suite 304, Springfield, VT 05156-3168, e-mail at or call 802-885-8825

Solar Project: In June 2013, the SB met with various solar companies in an effort to take advantage of the Community Solar Net Metering program of Green Mountain Power. Using a third party investor, municipalities, schools etc. can install solar farms at no cost to them. The SB voted to go with Soveren Solar and approved approximately one acre of town land to be the location of a solar array of approximately 500 solar panels, which would produce 150 kilowatts or $30,000 worth of electric credits (net metering) a year. Soveren was responsible for obtaining the financing for the project and the town proceeded to prepare the land for the solar panels. Over the course of the winter, changes occurred. Financing was found to be difficult because of the small size of the Cavendish project. Ultimately, the contract given to the town to sign was different than what was discussed in the fall. As town manager, Rich Svec, noted, it felt like a “bait and switch,” as the cost benefits to the town were not as promised. However, the changing market and the difficulties of funding small projects seem to be factors in the reduced benefits of the new proposal. A new investor group Next Sun Energy is willing to sign a contract with the town. Benefits still exist-reduction in town energy costs- but they will not be at the level initially promised. The SB has the choice of moving forward with Next Sun or starting over. The board agreed to continue exploring the Next Sun option.

B. Bridge Projects
# 1 Whitesville Replacement: The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) will be replacing Bridge 1 (Whitesville Bridge) along VT 131 in Cavendish. The existing two-span structure will be replaced with a single span, steel girder bridge, which is being constructed with Accelerated Bridge Construction methods. During construction the bridge will be closed from June 23 to July 25, 2014. Construction will be complete on August 22, 2014. Similar to Irene, there will be a sign on 131 indicating road closure with official detour route being VT 103, VT 10/VT 106. While no signage will be posted it is anticipated that locals will use back roads to by pass the bridge. A public meeting regarding the bridge closure will take place on May 20, 6 pm at the town office.

#37 Davis Road: Pre bid conference will be on May 20 at 11 am with the selection of the winning bid at the SB meeting on May 27 at 5 pm. Construction will take place this summer.

# 27 Brook Road: Funds for this bridge replacement must take place before Sept. 2015. Because this will be the local route for the Bridge #1 detour, it needs to be strengthened to accommodate heavy loads, including fire trucks. The SB approved Svec following up with the National Guard and State on temporary bridges, as well as a rental option. Due to the detour, the town will receive over $12,000 to help with roads. This money can be used to help with a temporary fix. After Bridge #1 is finished, Bridge #27 will be permanently replaced.

Depot Street: SB member Mike Ripley said that some residents are interested in seeing this become a covered bridge, which is what was there many years ago, and would be willing to do fundraising. While a very costly measure, if people are interested, they should put it in writing and send it to Svec at the town office.

C. Brook, Center & Atkinson Road Intersection: Stop signs were placed at the intersection of these roads in Cavendish over a year ago but were removed by vandals.  Various people from the area spoke about how the signs were not needed, created more problems then helped, tickets (costing more than $200) were costly and requested that the Stop signs not be replaced. Instead, they would like to see road names put up. These signs are at the Town office but have not been put in place until the Stop sign issue could be resolved. One member of the audience provided information on why the signs were cut down, “the wrong person was ticketed.” The SB voted to put “yield” signs at Atkinson and Center Roads along with the road names.

D. Purchase of 601 Main Street Agreement Subject to Town Vote
On May 5, a joint meeting of the Select and CTES boards agreed to work with the owners of 601 Main Street, the house next to the school that burned in January, to purchase the lot for the town/school. Since that meeting, the property owners and the town have entered into a purchase and sales agreement which includes seven conditions among them: the final sale is contingent on approval by the town voters; the site is cleared of all debris and is restored (soil added and seeded) to grade; property is free of any potential health hazards; and the water and sewer are capped off. The cost is $24,900, the assessed value listed by the town, which would add 1¢ per $100 to the taxes. A special town meeting has been scheduled for Monday, June 23, 7 pm at the Cavendish Elementary School in order for registered voters to decide whether the town should purchase the vacant lot. The SB voted to send in the $500 deposit for the property, recognizing that it will be refunded if the voters do not agree to purchase the property.

E. Capital Budget and Program Plan for FY 2014-2031
The Select Board agreed to the changes in the Capital Budget and Program Plan. This is a plan for town utilities and facilities improvements, upgrades, replacements (e.g. Water and sewer, solid waste, buildings etc.) and can serve as an important companion piece for this section of the Cavendish Town Plan. Before final adoption, it is subject to a public hearing, which has been scheduled for Monday June 9, 6:30 pm at the Town Office.

F. Planning Commission’s Letter Regarding Cavendish Gulf Road Stabilization Project: As a result of Irene, a retaining wall along the Gulf Rd-near the overpass-has become destabilized. Engineers from VHB Engineering and Vtrans have talked to the SB about the proposed repairs, which should take place this summer. The Planning Commission sent a letter to the SB regarding the proposed stonewall replacement, which would be a wall constructed from concrete blocks measuring 3 x 3 x 6. The Commission is concerned that this proposal does not fit with the historic nature and aesthetics of the town. SB members discussed similar concerns as raised by the Planning Commission and agreed to forward the their letter to VTrans.

G. Vermont 100 Mile Endurance Race: The SB gave permission for the Vermont 100 Endurance Race to once again pass through Cavendish. The race is a benefit for Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports and goes through the Brook Rd area.

H. Memorial Day Activities: Cavendish’s Memorial Day activities will take place on May 30, Friday, 10 am at the Cavendish Elementary School in Proctorsville. This year the parade is to the Hillcrest Cemetery in Proctorsville, with a wreath being tossed from the Depot Street Bridge. FMI: 226-7292.

Chester Fire Suspicious: On Monday, May 12, sirens sounded in Cavendish before 5 am. Proctorsville Fire Dept. responded with mutual aid to a house fire in Chester, route 11 and Blue Hill Road, while Cavendish Fire Dept. provided back up coverage for the town. The 1822 Field Farm house was destroyed in what is now being called a suspicious fire. Traffic was diverted during the early morning commute and GMUHS was on a 2- hour delay due to a power outage resulting from the fire.

VT Sprint Customers in VT can now text 911: The VT Enhanced 911 board says Spring customers can now use their mobile phones to send text messages to 911 for help, which is especially important for those with speech or hearing impairments.

Legislation Passed by 2014 VT General Assembly: The 2014 general assembly of Vermont legislators ended on Saturday May 10. In addition to the passage of the GMO bill and the ban on the hand use of cellphones while driving, a number of other items were passed including a 13% tax increase on cigarettes and increased property of  .98¢ per $100 of assed value for residents and a non residential rate of $1.515 per $00 of assessed value. 

The Cavendish Historical Society (CHS) begins its 2014 summer season on May 24 (Saturday) by offering a free workshop on how to clean gravestones. Whether you want to take care of your ancestors’ stones or some of the earliest settlers of Cavendish, the workshop provides hands on experience. We will be meeting at the Cavendish Cemetery on High Street in Cavendish at 10 am. Registration is required by May 22 (Thursday). Please call 802-226-7807 or e-mail

On May 25 (Sunday), the CHS Museum opens at 2 pm and will be showing Part 1 of “TheVermont Movie: Freedom and Unity.   This is the first ever documentary series about Vermont. The six-part film is a collaboration of three dozen critically acclaimed Vermont filmmakers, led by award-winning filmmaker Nora Jacobson. Part 1 deals with the founding of Vermont. Screening begins at 2 pm.

The CHS Museum, located on Main Street (Route 131) in Cavendish village, is open every Sunday from 2-4 pm until Oct. 12. For the season schedule, go to the CHS Blog. 

Planning to participate in the 4th Annual Town Wide Tag Sale as a vendor and want your location on the map? Need vendor space at one of the town greens? Please register by sending an e-mail to or calling 802-226-7807.

Southern Windsor/Windham Counties Solid Waste Management has a brand new-in the box- SoilSaver composter for sale for $50, which is half price. If interested, contact Mary O’Brien  or 802-674-9235

The following Cavendish related events will take place in the coming week:

MAY 16 (Friday): Third Grade Play: At 10:45, in the multi-purpose room, the 3rd graders at CTES will be performing their play for the community. A free luncheon of ham grinders and salad follows the performance. RSVP 226-7758
• Spring Rummage Sale at Fletcher Farms: Benefits Black River Good Neighbor 10-4

MAY 17 (Saturday): Author Carmen Tarleton Blandin at the Cavendish Library: 1 pm. Blandin from Thetford and received a face transplant to repair the damage done by her estranged husband. FMI: 226-7503
• Spring Rummage Sale at Fletcher Farms: Benefits Black River Good Neighbor 10-4
• Emergency Vehicle Driver Testing for Proctorsville Fire Department: 8-2 in various locations in town-Mac Molding Parking lot; Holy Name of Mary; Village Green. Please use caution if you are in these areas.

MAY 18 (Sunday): Spring Rummage Sale at Fletcher Farms: Benefits Black River Good Neighbor 10-2
• CCCA Walk and Talk Event-Bird Walk: 8 am with Alma Beals of Ascutney Audubon Society. Meet at Crow’s Bakery, 73 Depot Street, Proctorsville. FMI: 226-7007

MAY 19 (Monday): Yoga with Lydia Ouvaroff: 5 pm at Gethsemane Episcopal Parish Hall off Depot Street in Proctorsville. Cost is a donation. FMI: 802-299-9515 (cell) or 228-3261.

MAY 20 (Tuesday): Public Information Meeting Regarding Bridge 1 (Whitesville) Replacement This Summer: 6 pm in the Cavendish Town Office Meeting Room
• Bone Builders Bone Builders meeting at the Cavendish Baptist Church each Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 11:30 am.  Weighs are used to help build muscle and stave off osteoporosis for both men and women. Exercises also focus on balance.  Call Charlotte Snyder at 226-7343 or Dot Ramsdell at 226-7870 or RSVP office at 885-2083.  RSVP is the sponsor of this activity.

MAY 22 (Thursday): Bone Builders Bone Builders meeting at the Cavendish Baptist Church each Tuesday and Thursday from 10 am to 11:30 am.  Weighs are used to help build muscle and stave off osteoporosis for both men and women. Exercises also focus on balance.  Call Charlotte Snyder at 226-7343 or Dot Ramsdell at 226-7870 or RSVP office at 885-2083.  RSVP is the sponsor of this activity.

MAY 23 (Friday): Opening of the Ludlow Farmers Market, featuring a number of Cavendish vendors, 4-7 pm on the front lawn of Okemo Mountain School, 53 Main Street in Ludlow. FMI:

To learn more about upcoming events in Cavendish and surrounding towns go to:

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