Friday, July 12, 2013

Cavendish Town Elementary School Board Meeting 6/4/13

Board:  Dr. Bont, Sharon Huntley, Stuart Lindberg and Scott Ranney
Administration:  George Thomson-Principal, Linda Waite- Superintendent
Public:  Virginia Walsh Mack-Recording Secretary, Jane Pixley, Peggy Svec, Connie Kendall, and three members of the public

Call to order
Dr. Bont called the meeting to order at 5:33 p.m.

5:32 p.m. – Comments from the Community
Jane asked why she was not included in the discussion to change the bank for the school.  She is the school treasurer.  Linda said Chris Adams; the business manager has been out ill.  Jane was supposed to be notified two weeks ago.  There is no intention to change banks until after the audit is completed and approved.  The audit is scheduled to be done in August.  All of the bank accounts in WSWSU will remain open.  The business office will set up a meeting with George, Jane and Irene to discuss the CTES banking.  She would like advanced notice for this meeting.

The discussion to move the accounting books has been discussed for a year and there has been a lack of courtesy to keep Jane informed all along.  Stuart asked if the boards will make a choice as to what bank will be used.  Linda said she anticipates all of the accounts be with Merchants.   Jane said using more than one bank is a smart decision.  Stuart said at town meeting there were concerns regarding the timeliness of the final audit.  Linda said Chris spoke with the auditors and told them the date they received the audit last year was unacceptable.   

Approval of Minutes of April 30, 2013
Stuart made a motion to approve the minutes of April 30, 2013 as presented.  Motion approved

Nomination - Guidance Counselor
 Linda recommends Kristen Billings as the school counselor (.40 FTE) for the FY’14 school year.  Linda gave the board Kristen’s background.  Sharon made a motion to hire Kristen Billings as the CTES guidance counselor for the FY’14 school year.  George said based on the interviews Kristen is his recommendation.  Motion approved.

Linda recommends the board accept George’s salary adjustment to 82,094.00
Sharon made a motion to approve the salary adjustment for George as presented.  Motion approved.

Linda approved a contract for Tim Considine for FY’14 at a salary of $36,846.00

Linda has approved a contract for Irene for the period July 1 through August 31st in the amount of $6,952.00.

Roof Bid Award
George handed the board a copy of the summary for the roofing project (attached).  There needs to be a choice of shingles.  George recommends the color green for the shingles.  Three bids came in Jeff Milligan and Assoc for $163,833.00, McCarthy Construction for $108,500.00 and PKL Contracting for 106,650.00.  The Clerk of the Works bids were received from McCarthy for 20,500.00 and PKL Contracting for $23,370.00.  George said the PKL bid was submitted as requested and it is very clear and distinct.  The recommendation is to go into contract with PKL

Scott made a motion to accept the PKL bid as presented.  Motion approved.  Stuart made a motion to hire a Clerk of the Works for the roofing project not to exceed a $50.00/hr for 10hrs/week for 8 weeks.  Motion approved.  Richard asked about a performance bond or a bid bond.  He thinks some assurances should be in place.  Linda will check on this with VSBIT (the insurance company).  Richard said he will get the language for George. 

Project Financing
There is money due up front for the roofing project.  This will be reimbursed by BP Canada.  George is suggesting a loan be taken out for $125,000.00. Jane suggested a line of credit up to $125,000.  She said she contacts Berkshire and Peoples United.  Scott made a motion to take out a line of credit for $125,000 for 6 months without penalty for early payoff and to authorize Jane Pixley to sign the agreementMotion approved.  

Two Rivers Supervisory Union Update
The next meeting will be on June 20th at Fletcher Farm. The plan is to be moved to Fletcher Farm by June 28th.  Linda gave the board a press release from the Chester Telegraph.   

Principal’s Report
George gave the board the budget summary.  He said the budget looks o.k.  George said the Fountas and Pennell testing is complete.  George shared a chart that will go to each parent to show the child’s level.  It will show where the child started the year and ended the year. George is pleased with the progress that has been made.

Retirements:  Leigh Dakin’s get together is Wednesday, June 12th at 56 Main and Irene Pearson’s dinner is on Monday, June 17th at 56 Main.

Students went to Move Up Day at GMUHS.  Tomorrow is Irene Pearson Day to recognize Irene for her years of service at CTES.  The third grade play will have a dress rehearsal on Friday at CTES and senior citizens have been invited.  On June 9th the student will perform at the Weston Play House.  

Thursday is the annual Arts Night at 6:30 p.m.  June 13th is the end of year picnic.  The 14th is the rain date.  The 14th is 6th grade graduation.  Monday is the last day of school.  June 18th is the date the roof replacement will start.  George will be on vacation the last week of June.   
MAP Assessment Report
The testing window is closed but the results have not been completed.  George presented the percentages to the board.

George said the summer program will be targeted for specific students.  The program was not well attended last year. 

Superintendent Report
The support staff agreement is in the final stages.  The teacher’s contract is also in the final stages.  The hope is that these will be complete by June 30th.  The audit date is scheduled to begin on August 7th.  No accounts will change until the audits are final.

June 12th is the annual WSWSU board meeting at 7p.m at Chester-Andover Elementary School.  This will be the last WSWSU board meeting.

The move to Fletcher Farm is scheduled for June 26th, 27th and 28th.  Amanda asked for an agenda for the WSWSU board meeting.  The contracts for the teacher’s salaries increases are 2.25% for FY13 and 2.5% for the FY14 year.  How the increases are given on the pay scale has not been determined. 

Other Business
George asked to confirm the next meeting.  Tuesday June 11th at 5:30 p.m.  Stuart commented that it was good to see the small schools grant.

Linda gave the board a legislative update.

Executive Session

Scott made a motion to adjourn.  Meeting adjourned at 7:13 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Virginia M. Walsh Mack
Recording Secretary

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